One Direction’s Music Video Sells Hotel Rooms

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This past week One Direction came out with their newest music video, “Perfect:”

It’s filmed at the InterContinental New York Times Square, and apparently the video is having a real impact on bookings at the hotel. Via TMZ:

The manager at the hotel tells us the free ad has been a bonanza. The penthouse, where Harry Styles laid on the bed, is booked solid for the rest of the week at $5k a night.

Same for the Manhattan suites, which will only set fans back $1,500 a night. Sold out.

The hotel had no idea it would score prime real estate in the music video … they insist they didn’t pay for the plug.

Man oh man! Having recently been to a One Direction concert in London, I have a better appreciation than ever before of how serious One Direction fans take the band. But goodness, spending $5,000+ per night to stay in the same room a video was filmed in… well, those are some supportive parents!

  1. “well, those are some supportive parents!”

    …or there might be other fans in your age group, Ben, that don’t have to rely on their parents’ financial support. 😉

  2. IC Times Square was a great location for our last tip to NYC. Used an Ambassador Weekend Cert. Booked the Jr Suite which has windows on 3 sides – up & down 8th Av. + east to TImes Square. Since this was apparently the highest room type, so there was no upgrade, they gave us Breakfast. I asked if that could be room service, and the nice clerk said yes. So 2 $100.00 BFast later, we left wanting to go back . BTW. Nice, fun song.

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