On my way!

Well, I’m at TPA and on my way to ORD, then LAX, then SFO. I’ve managed to get waitlisted for the later LAX-SFO flight I need in order to make the Captain Flanagan dinner, although it’s looking quite full. I’m hoping I can find an agent to confirm me on the flight in Chicago. Sadly my favorite agent wasn’t here this morning in TPA. šŸ™

Anyway, there’s a potential concern: ORD-LAX is F8Y0, which means it’s pretty darn full. There are lots of sold out flights before that as well, so who knows, it might just get even fuller. That being said, I don’t think I want a bump since I’ll be flying with Captain Flanagan, so….

Don’t tempt me, United!

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  1. If you can, take the bump and fly into SAN with a connection up to LAX. You would arrive at 7:13p–still time for dinner.

    UA679 <> UA6339

  2. You’ll get there…nothing will stop you. I can see you talking your way on someone’s Gulf V if that’s what it takes (of course, you’d ask for some type of mileage credit).

    The best of luck!

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