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I have a lot of opinions on how people should redeem points. And that’s not to say I’m right, but it won’t stop me from having opinions. šŸ˜‰

As a very general rule of thumb (there are exceptions), I tend to think there are two ways to “best” redeem points:

  • Airline miles should be redeemed for flights, and hotel points should be redeemed for hotels
  • Points should be redeemed in a way which brings you the most happiness, ideally for an experience you couldn’t otherwise afford or attain

For example, while you can redeem your Starpoints for everything from gift cards to charitable donations, I don’t think those are efficient uses of points. I’d much rather redeem Starpoints for hotel stays or convert them into airline miles. Except…

SPG Moments

Unarguably the coolest non-hotel/airline redemption that Starwood offers is SPG Moments. Through SPG Moments you can redeem Starpoints for tickets at sold out events including concerts, sporting events, cultural activities, etc.


This really isn’t a gimmick. SPG Moments not only represents a great value in many cases compared to what you’d pay for a similar experience in cash, but in many cases it can get you VIP access to otherwise sold out events.

There are two “types” of SPG Moments you can redeem Starpoints for — some have set prices, while others require bidding, where the highest bidder wins.

Taylor Swift tickets… FINALLY!

For example — and I’m being 100% sincere here — I’m a huge Taylor Swift man. HAH-UGE. For months I’ve been checking on a semi-weekly basis to see if there were any Taylor Swift concerts available through SPG Moments.

Truth be told up until a couple of weeks ago I was also looking for One Direction tickets, but since they lost Zayn I’m just not really feeling them as much anymore.

Lo and behold, SPG Moments relaunched yesterday with a bunch of new events, and guess what you can score tickets to?



For 35,000 Starpoints (the equivalent of 105,000 Marriott points) you can get two seats in the SPG Luxury Suite and access to the Hyde Lounge at Taylor Swift’s Staples Center performances in August.

Best I can tell there’s not actually a way to buy these types of seats and/or they’re sold out, so that’s a really cool experience.

Meanwhile if your taste in music isn’t quite as good as mine, there are plenty of other packages you can bid on, including VIP Backstreet Boys tickets and Katy Perry tickets. šŸ˜‰


Bottom line

SPG Moments isn’t just potentially a great use of points in terms of value, but can also offer an unforgettable experience. After all, what better use of points than making your 12 year old daughter/favorite 20-something year old blogger happy?

If you haven’t recently taken a look at SPG Moments, be sure to take a look, as dozens upon dozens of new events have gone “live.”

Have you ever redeemed Starpoints for SPG Moments, and do you see any event on the list which interests you?

  1. 35k is an excellent value for this concert.

    what i don’t like about SPG moments tho is that some are auctions and some are just a plain redemption… it’s confusing.

  2. @Lucky — I think you might have a bipolar personality. I’m being serious! šŸ™‚ It’s amazing how much I have in common with you, while at the same time how much we can be complete opposites. Finding good value in award redemptions? Check. Traveling the world and visiting exotic places? Check check! A love for Taylor Swift and Hello Kitty? Not so much. šŸ˜‰ All in all, though, still a thoroughly enjoyable relationship! Have fun at the Taylor scream-fest…

  3. SPG Moments is intended for frequent business traveler and consultant types who are already on the road 200+ days each year and who when given time off the last time they want to do is take another flight or stay in another hotel. Taking your child, spouse, SO, friend to an event like this for some would be a great use of points.

  4. This should be your sweepstakes of the year. I see it is for two tickets. Something on terms of join Lucky for an all expenses paid trip. Package includes 1 night at the SLS hotel, first class tickets, silver car pick up and most importantly join Lucky for a one time super experience screaming with hello Kitty (sorry had to insert that there) at the tunes of Taylor Swift.

  5. This is absolutely awesome! When you have a ten year old daughter being able to get cool Tay Tay tickets makes you the best Dad in the world šŸ˜‰ Now when you are a grown adult male… LOL šŸ™‚ (I gotta admit I’m hooked on her music too though…)

    Some of the SPG moments deals are amazing value for really unique stuff….

  6. “OMFG” is extremely offensive. I’m guessing you don’t know that or don’t care? Ruined an otherwise good post for me.

  7. Not trying to be a jerk, but could someone explain why Taylor Swift / One Direction are popular? I’ve been in the music biz on and off for a little fewer years than Ben has been alive and I’ve struggled to figure these two out.

  8. Ben, if you had a ‘like’ button on your website, I’d click it. This was a funny and information article!

  9. I’ve done the softball game at wrigley both years and by far the best value for points I’ve ever spent. Incredible access to a truly unique experience that we still talk about (we won the first year).

    Also have done the wrigley suite and they do such a good job taking care of their guests. As one of those
    Consultant types who is on the road 200 days a year, can’t find cooler redemptions than Spg moments.

  10. Thank you for the FYI! You have made my 12-year-old extremely happy!!! My husband redeemed his points for tickets for A and me…okay, I’m excited too!!

  11. If you’re offended by “OMFG” you shouldn’t plug in your modem. The world is too scary a place.

    What would TayTay say?

  12. I spent 50,000 for 2 tickets to the SPG Suite in NYC for Billy Joel for next month. A little pricey but I’ve wanted to go to see him again for a long time and this is worth much more than the value of those points. Seats alone this close would scalp for $500+ each and that doesn’t include the suite or food. Also used 15,000 points to a Cirque du Soleil in NY that was in my opinon a steal. The tickets themselves would sell for nearly $300 each and it included a 1 hour reception with cast members before the show that wouldn’t be available anywhere else. Truly the definition of priceless.

  13. Gotta love the offer for the Katy Perry concert in Shanghai, where the SPG luxury Suite “comes fully stocked with complimentary snacks and soft drinks”. No paying for potato chips and diet cokes when you spend 7,500 Starpoints per person.

  14. Not going to redeem my SPG points for Taylor Swift concert but I did buy tickets for my 3 duaghters for her concert at Levy Stadium in August. My wallet still hurt from the day of purchase, though it would be a great sweet 16 gift to one happy girl!

    I have been eyeing the package for Formula One races as my husband is a race fan. But all events for sale are far far away! I guess I will keep looking…

  15. They have some great 50,000 point packages at Madison Square Garden where they just list the date. Compare that to the Garden’s schedule and you’ll find tickets for Bette Midler, U2, Rush, J.Cole and more. Most only have two packages available, so act quickly.

  16. for those who don’t fly overseas weekly, SPG points are the hardest to come by and the most valuable! will look to youtube playing on my giant TV (some benefits to not living in hotels full time!) for concerts on any band I like, at any time, with my favorite friends, food, drinks, avoid parking and in fact going anywhere at all! enjoy Taylor Swift!

  17. I love that some supposedly adult readers are so fragile that the initial letter of a word gives them the vapors. Do you think it’s the O or the M?

  18. I Love SPG Moments!

    I got to see Michael Buble and Phil Mickelson just using my SPG points. That’s one of my favorite use of my points!

  19. OMFG: I can’t believe people here need to diss Taylor Swift. She’s an intelligent and talented singer/songwriter/musician, as well as a sharp (and attractive) business woman, who apparently puts on a fantastic show.
    I’m an old dude (not fuddy-duddy) and I think her tunes are catchy and fun to listen to, especially as opposed to the rap crap and country whining music.
    Nothing wrong with Katy Perry, Britney, or One Direction either.
    Go for it Lucky. I’m envious.

  20. When you get tickets to this sort of thing–are they transferable? I’d like to get tickets to a Lakers game for my brother as a gift. If he can’t go, can I give/sell them elsewhere?

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