Oh, TSA….

There’s never a dull moment with the TSA, is there? I’ve seen them do the “random” checks at gates where they pull people over and search their bags, but my flight from Los Angeles to San Francisco this evening had a new one for me. They were checking the ID’s of every passenger!!! Seriously? What utter crap. Up until about a year ago you didn’t need an ID to fly domestically (technically), and now they need to do ID checks at the gates for domestic flights? The agent was a total pain about it too, shining that fancy flashlight thing at my driver license for a good five seconds. She could tell I was pissed, and as I passed her she said to me “oh, you should have told me you were crew.” Ehhh….

So is this how the TSA is countering the decline in air travel? Instead of laying people off, staffing the security lines to minimize wait times, or making the agents do something efficient, they’re just trying to find ways to keep them busy?

I think the guy in this video sums up the attitude of the TSA pretty well at 1:30:

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