Oh boy, tomorrow looks exciting!

My mom called me a few minutes ago to ask if I was flying this weekend. I said “yes, I’m flying to Seattle via Washington.” I guess I live in my own little world (at least this week), as I hadn’t heard of the crazy snow storm that was supposed to hit Washington tomorrow. Of course our reactions were opposite.

I immediately said “yes, I can’t wait,” while she said “you shouldn’t go, you’ll get stuck there.” Little does she realize the beauty of irregular operations, of course!

I’m booked on the 9AM Tampa to Washington flight, which is the first of three flights tomorrow. It now shows as zeroed out, while the other two have been canceled. I’m on the afternoon Washington to Seattle flight, which now shows as zeroed out, while the later flight shows as canceled. So as long as my flight isn’t canceled, I’d say I have a pretty good shot at a bump. I guess I could go for a more direct routing thanks to the travel waiver United has in place, but what’s the fun in that? It’ll be straight to the eye of the storm for me, as idiotic as it might be on my part. At the very least it should make for some entertaining blogging. šŸ˜‰

Any words of wisdom, other than “Lucky, you’re an idiot?”

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  1. You’ll be really lucky if your flight to IAD isn’t cancelled. IAD could g

    Best of luck! I’m jealous. šŸ™‚

  2. We’re looking at 2 feet up here in DC over Friday and Saturday … you’ll likely be stuck till Sunday. Good luck!

  3. I thought in irregular ops any displaced passengers due to cancellations are accommodated on a standby basis, not a confirmed seat, awaiting seat assignment one. With that in mind, why would they pay you a VDB if they aren’t compelled to get a displaced passenger on your flight?

  4. Sounds great, I’m looking forward to seeing how my fun goes, since im turning my return to NC on Saturday from YYZ (Work trip) into a mini-segment run right into the heart of the storm, doing YYZ-LGA-IAD-GSO, and my legs are showing Y2 on LGA-IAD and Y1 on IAD-GSO, and that is with just the cancellations on Friday. If it holds up, there will probably be a ton of cancellations on Saturday (especially anything to do with IAD), and since work will pay for my hotel, I plan on making it a vacation.

  5. My only advice is to take a warm jacket with you in case you have to brave the outdoors to head to a hotel overnight.

  6. They were still selling SFO to JFK 5 & 6 Feb for $219 yesterday, but I felt like I would have been exploiting the situation.

  7. @ AJ — Ah, here’s to hoping for a really bad storm! šŸ˜€

    @ Iceman — Yes and no. They’ll rebook people up until the flight is zeroed out at the very least, and then often make exceptions for Global Services or some other displaced passengers and oversell the flight further. The key is that when a flight is zeroed out it’s typically really oversold, but the no show rate is basically zero in situations like this since everyone is sitting around the airport. Make sense?

  8. Have fun! I too like traveling in storms for the adventure, bumps, etc. I’ve pondered going to DC for the storm unfortunately here in BOS it looks like we’re going to miss it.

  9. Just enjoy. Pick up plenty of water and snacks though. And a jacket. IAD and that area is always far too cold for me – but then I moan about Chicago weather enough.

    Of course a snack and a RCC don’t go together in the same sentence šŸ˜‰

  10. If you get stuck overnight at IAD, the new Westin IAD is a great hotel. You could also try to take advantage of the AMAZING BMI/Wyndham promo that just launched.

  11. @JOSH Don’t you hate it when you make a joke, think it’s funny and then have to explain it because no one gets it? Oh yeah, that’s right, nevermind.

  12. @PAT. You and I =Enemy, so please ignore me and I will ignore you period. Thank you and have a wonderful 2010.


  13. I’m on the SFO/IAD redeye on Saturday. Hmm, if no inbound, then no outbound. Final destination is Lucky’s home station, where I have a layover before starting back to SFO. Hope the opportunites are bountiful, or should I say bumpiful!

  14. Let us know how it goes Ben.

    I’ll quibble with some of your points.

    1. The no-show rate is definitely not zero. Don’t forget, not everyone is an inbound connect. Some pax won’t make it to the airport.

    2. As Channa points out in the FT thread on the matter, UA proactively lowers the authorizations. My SFO-MCO flight for Saturday was Y9….S6 when I used the waiver to get on it yesterday. Not it’s Y0. No way they moved that many people onto it.

    So I’ll be curious as to how you make out. I predict you’ll get more Y CoS boni than bumps. And given your current quest, I’m sure that will make you happy in its own way!

  15. @JOSH Bwah hah hah hah! Enemies? What are you, 12? I’m surprised you didn’t say mortal enemies or super duper enemies! Oh wait, that’s too many adjectives.

    I won’t curtail my comments. Too bad if you don’t like it. It’s very simple. Behave. Stop stalking Lucky and we can get back to discussions of accumulating points and miles as we did before you appeared from nowhere and creeped everyone out.

    In conclusion, neener neener neener!

  16. @PAT, you need to stop. Try jennycraig.com since southbeachdiet went out of business. quite being a CARTMAN.


  17. Lucky, I still dont understand your answer to Iceman. I just dont see why United wont be telling you that you can’t get on the flight for “weather related” reasons and, so, there is no need to compensate you.

    According to the latest weather forecasts, you will be socked in. Good luck.

  18. I’m not sure I like this. On my mileage run ROC-PHL-LAS saturday morning I lost my First Class seat on US PHL-LAS but managed to get one on the PHL-PHX flight instead and still make it to LAS. The last leg of the same day return also cancelled so I’m now on the LAS-BOS-ROC flight on Sunday instead. Used $200 voucher + $80 of my own. US offered to refund me my $80 and lose the voucher. US would not let me rebook outside of a 7 (maybe it was 14) day window. Would not accomodate on another carrier. I doubt I’ll ever see PHL on Saturday. Other Saturday options include starting ROC-CLT and ROC-LGA but both flights are sold out. I’m checked in now so I think I might have more options available in the morning — UA to ORD, AC to YYZ, and CO to CLE and EWR. For all this trouble I best be coming home with vouchers.

  19. So, Ben, I gather you’re staying home after all? When I look up the status of Dulles flights for tomorrow, I see one thing: “Cancelled”.

  20. @JOSH You outed yourself! Now I know why you appeared from nowhere, your favorite site southbeachdiet went out of business. Too bad, so sad. I had to google the Cartman reference because the neighborhood kids aren’t outside playing yet. That explains even more! But you also forgot to call me four eyes and a cripple. Maybe next time, huh? Oh, that’s right you are ignoring me. On the bright side, I was glad to see that you actually noticed a typo of yours for the first time! Bravo! You can go back to watching your cartoons now.

    I reiterate. Behave! Stop stalking Lucky and let us get back to the discussion of accumulation of points and miles.

  21. Back to the subject, oink oink went to bed. Leaving for SYD tonight and it’s raining like cats and dogs in CA.


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