Off to Japan… the long way

This is how normal people trAAvel, right?

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  1. Is all this just for a mileage run? And I was looking to do some similar sightseeing detour ending in Tokyo as well on an ATW trip starting this summer. Was this hard to coordinate and book?

  2. @ Everett — Nope, I’ll actually be spending a few days in Japan, and plan on spending most of it in Kyoto. It’s actually a nested ticket so while it was easy to plan, it wasn’t quite as easy as I made it look, I suspect. 😀

    @ Brian — They sure have!

  3. Weak sauce Lucky :), you could have added in a few more connections in say SUX, BMI or DIK (yes that’s a real airport code). Have AA fun trip.

  4. Hmmm, I look forward to hearing how you nested this one… Lets do a mileage run to Shanghai again!!!

  5. ok so MIA – TPA – DFW – SEA – ORD – ATL – JFK – LAX – NRT
    How hard is it to build a trip like this ha ha?
    And I guess you paid for economy ticket

  6. nAAh … the normal one will be traveling BWI-DEN-MKE-PHX-SAN-SFO-LAX-BNA-BWI over the next three days. meh!

  7. Oh no! And this is the weekend that I’m going to Singapore on holiday. If you’re still in Japan by early next week, please let me know as I’d love to meet.

  8. @ ucanflyfree2 — Since it’s actually two trips it wasn’t too hard to build. The transpacific segments are actually in first class.

    @ TJ — Hah, that I’ll reveal after the trip. 😀

    @ Noah Kimmel — It’s actually a nested business class ticket upgraded to first class, so I’ll unveil the “all-in” cost with the trip report. 🙂

  9. Ben,

    Your blog would be so much for valuable if you could kindly tell us how you put together this itenerary.

    1) Did you have to use two eVips or one?
    2) How much was the total cost?
    3) How are you able to put one itenerary together like this as you criss-cross the country?
    4) what is the total spend and the total cpm?

    If we knew the answers to these questions, then us dumbledorks could also create these kinds of trips for ourselves and then, of course, we would be in your debt.

  10. @ michael — I plan on detailing all of that with the trip report after I travel. As I hope you can understand I post a limited amount of information about my trip in advance due to the malicious intentions some people seem to want to have with my travels. This was merely a teaser post, so hopefully you understand. I promise all the answers are coming. 🙂

  11. Ben, I’m also curious to see how you put together your complicated trip few months ago to Spain. Are you going to post that trip report and share how you stack/find these routes in the near future?

  12. I have a 2.5 hour layover in NRT arriving Friday 5/25 at 3:30 from IAD. I’ll keep my eyes out for you at the airport!

    As for the mapper I’d like to see it animate each segment in order, showing two or three segments at a time and then dropping them until the itinerary is complete. I’d also like to see the color of the paths get darker as you move from origin to final destination. Anyone have friends over at the Great Circle Mapper?

    Too bad there are a few bad apples in the bunch that wish to make your travels more difficult. Instead of ordering up a cot we should be ordering up pre-paid room service dinner.

  13. @ AC — My Spain trip report is actually ready to go, I’m just trying to find time to actually post it uninterrupted.

    @ Alex — Not a dumb question at all. It’s when you basically book one ticket inside another one. For example, book a roundtrip ticket from point A to point B and then a roundtrip ticket from point B to point C. The primary reason to do this would be because there’s a good fare between two cities and you need to position yourself to take advantage of it. Does that make sense?

  14. @ RDimperio — That would be a pretty awesome feature, and something I’d love to post if I could. I guess I could start doing it, just have to make sure all my reservations are password protected.

  15. @Lucky please include where you booked it as well. I think you can safely provide the cpm and the total miles you will be getting on this trip with out giving the details.

  16. Look forward your trip report in Spain! (And thanks to you, I booked our trip to MLE next year and will be taking the “reasonable priced” F class fare from CMB, wink)

  17. Ha! Can’t speak as to whether that’s normAAl or not, especially as I took a 12 segment trip to Japan from the west coast last week, but Kyoto is beautiful!

    If you get a chance, try the udon noodles at Omen – very tasty, and the shrimp don’t have heads 😉

  18. I’m sorry there are those who treat you maliciously. But waiting months for a trip report on how you put together an itenerary helps no one. We need to know now so we have the ability to do something like this when the fares are like-minded. Why not reveal your methodology — it would really provide useful information for us all.

  19. ^Friends of mine that have the best miso katsu in Nagoya. (Whoa sorry for huge link, just google maps)

  20. Hi everyone –

    I hate to be this person, but here it goes…

    For those of you who have never had the opportunity to interact with or meet Lucky in person, please understand that he truly loves not only traveling, but assisting others with their own travel. And also know that he is one of the most selfless people that I know. He always puts others ahead of himself (unless it a case of who gets the last first class seat on a SQ flight 🙂 ). He is not trying to keep any information regarding the creation of mileage runs, maximizing miles, etc from anyone. But at a certain point, as Lucky learned the hard way, he does have to protect himself from the rare but occasional ‘malicious’ reader.

    First of all, Lucky has provided us with his methodology in the past. Here is the link to his method of constructing mileage runs:
    Granted some of the information is a little dated (DreamMaps is no longer available), the basic concepts remain the same. And there are many other travel bloggers who also share their formulas for constructing these trips. In addition, the ‘in-person’ opportunities to learn these methods such as The Chicago Seminars really can be worth the time and cost of attending. And please don’t forget the forums are always available to discuss mileage runs.

    Yes, on occasion, we do have to wait longer than we should for a trip report, but knowing his exact route and how he created this exact trip is most likely not going to help anyone at this exact moment. This trip, and the fares associated with this trip, were booked well over two months ago. The fare codes used aren’t important, it’s the basic concepts that are important, and that information has been provided to us – it’s just that sometimes the information actually has to be searched for, rather than being handed to us on a silver platter. I personally find it disrespectful to Lucky that three people ask how much this trip cost, two of whom asked after Lucky already answered once that the information would be forthcoming. The same thing with multiple people asking about the exact route – he is NOT going to give out that information at this time for his own personal comfort and safety reasons! So please stop asking, and please respect your fellow readers who don’t appreciate having to scroll through these repetitive questions in order to find the real pearls of wisdom that either Lucky or one of his readers provides.

    Thanks for your time, and I look forward to the negative comments.

  21. Sing he is based in TPA, I would say TPA-MIA-DFW-SEA-ORD-ATL-JFK-LAX-NRT-NGO, but only time will tell.
    And @RJ,
    I don’t see how routing even remotely relates to safety reasons. He will be in one of the safest places in the world for the whole trip. If someone wants to get on a plane with him, I’m sure it wouldn’t be too hard.

  22. @Kris – I’m not worried about my friend’s safety on a plane. You are right, it’s not hard to get on a plane with him. I am worried about my friend’s safety at other times when he isn’t on the plane. I’m privy to stories, and all I will say is that routing does relate to safety.

  23. Long story short…someone found his routing and used that, plus some other personal information of his and cancelled several legs of his flight. Could you imagine planning and executing a trip like this only to get to SEA and find the rest of your flights (plus upgrades) have been cancelled? That is part of the reason for some “secrecy”.
    And, with regards to the “how do you do it??” if you cannot build one after reading his blogs (mentioned above) then you could always use his service through I sure intend to use it when I get the chance to build something uber-complex.

  24. @RJ I am one of those that asked for CPM (not the total cost but I guess from cpm you can figure it out) and the booking engine. I respect your concern for Lucky’s safety and I remember reading about his cancelled segments etc. However our (am assuming others) questions about routing and cost could be to see if those fares still exist (I am not aware that this trip was booked 2 months in advance) and if the cost is in budget. Lucky is known to have some last minute travel. My questions are with out any malicious intent.

  25. @Lucky traveler
    What tool do you use to build these? I used to love the farecompare web but it is gone. Do you rely on ExpertFlyer ?

  26. oh by the way? The India report is absent. I would love to read your trip report , flights, etc.

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