Off to a good start!

After a nice dinner with about a dozen FlyerTalkers, I got to the airport about an hour before departure for my flight to LAX. As I walked up to the gate the screens were on the “confirmed awaiting seats” page, which were showing 15 passengers, and the second page showed seven passengers, for a grand total of 22 passengers without seats. Cha-ching!

Moments later the gate agent made an announcement saying they needed volunteers and that they’d rebook passengers on a flight tomorrow morning. I volunteered and promptly got booked on the nonstop SFO-PHL redeye (instead of my original routing of SFO-LAX-PHL). The agent offered me a free ticket, but I asked for travel credits. After saying no at first, he changed his mind and said he could do $300. I agreed, given that I’d be getting home at the same time, and walked away a happy camper.

All three of my onward flights looked packed as well, which is why I decided to stick with PHL instead of trying for a different routing.

United’s inventory management has been truly insane as of late….

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