Nutrition vs. Miles

It’s lunchtime and I’m hungry. I have no food at home, which means I need to pick up something. I could try to find something healthy, although that’s a bit of a challenge nowadays. Or I could try to go somewhere that will earn me a lot of miles. I just joined the AAdvantage dining program, and they have an offer for 1,500 bonus miles for your first $25 dine. The miles basically pay for the meal, so it’s a no brainer, especially since it’ll go nicely with all the miles I’ve already earned with American through their credit cards. Unfortunately the only place in town that’s part of this program is the excessively mediocre pizza place, and since this is a college town, pizza is inexpensive. Well, I just placed an order for two extra large specialty pizzas, a large caesar salad, and eight garlic rolls, which came out to $25. I guess I’ll be inviting my roommates for lunch and already have breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the next week planned out. 😉

Healthy? No. Fulfilling? Yep!

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  1. Have you joined Mileage Plus Dining? It’s pretty straightforward, just register any CC you want (doesn’t have to be a Chase MP Visa) and when you eat at participating restaurants on the CC, you automatically get 3-10 miles/dollar depending on day. Some nice places in my area participate in it.

  2. Yuck. 1500 miles wouldn’t be enough to entice me to eat bad or old/stale pizza. Couldn’t you

    – buy a gift card?
    – do a done somewhere on your next MR?

  3. Your are in college suck it up and eat it, plus that is a solid return on the miles. Too bad when I was in college I did not know about these things.

  4. @Lucky- if you live in a large building with lots of other students you should have pizza all the time and get people to “chip in” cash – then buy it through your mileage dining. Also go out with friends and do the same thing. it could be a miles gold-mine.

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