Now that’s what I call customer service (at the InterContinental San Francisco)

No, unfortunately I’m not staying there right now, but I just love this post by BingBongBoy on FlyerTalk regarding his experience with the guest relations team at the InterContinental San Francisco:

I am planning a big trip to the US west coast for my 30th birthday in a couple of months. 7 nights in San Francisco, 5 of us in total going. I would have loved to have stayed at the IC as it looks outstanding, but was way out of my budget, so we opted for other accommodation.

I did however contact the IC in San Francisco to enquire if they offered “Afternoon Tea” or “High Tea” in any of their eateries in the property as a little treat whilst we are there. I am not sure what I was expecting, however I have had an outstanding response from a lady in Guest Relations.

First of all, early birthday wishes and an apology that they did not offer what I was looking for at their property, but she would contact the Mark Hopkins and see if they did. I received another e-mail a few hours later advising that the MH does not do it either. However…

In that time, this lovely lady had compiled a PDF document listing other hotels and tea rooms in San Francisco that offer Afternoon or High tea, opening times, web sites and the likes… I was very taken aback. Really very much above and beyond what I would ever have expected. I really am taken aback, in a very good way!

I can’t say I’m surprised, since the InterContinental San Francisco is one of the hotels that “gets it.” But nonetheless this is really thinking outside the box. Far too many companies (especially in the “hospitality” industry) only care about customers in the short term and don’t think about the potential business that can come from gestures like this. So kudos to the crew at the InterContinental San Francisco for this. I’m sure gestures like this more than pay off in the long run.

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  1. Wow, they went above and beyond. We don’t do “afternoon tea” here in the USA so I think it’s silly that the guy was trying to find a place that did.

  2. @Steve – Yeah, it’s odd when people do something different, huh? Frightening, even.

    I can think of many places that do afternoon tea in the US.

  3. I had a very different experience. When I tried to check in last Saturday, they said their computers were down, and asked me to come back in 15 minutes. They gave me a drink chit for the bar, and promised a complimentary upgrade. I returned 20 minutes later; their computers were still down, and it turned out they were able to check me in manually. It’s totally unacceptable for a 4 star hotel to ask a customer to wait to check in instead of checking me in manually the first time. (I asked another employee how often the computers are down, and she said “far too often”.)

    Then the wireless Internet didn’t work from my room (when I tried to accept the $14.95 daily charge by entering my name and room number, the system rejected my login attempt. I received disinformation from the guest relations staffer when trying to work around the issue until I escalated to a manager, who was able to resolve the problem – but again I lost more productive time). I redeemed my drink chit, but my drink was still charged to my room. Overall a very unsatisfactory service experience, even though the facilities are excellent.

  4. This is a great reflection of this hotel’s outstanding service. Thumbs up to the great guest relations team at IC SF!!!

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