Now that’s what I call customer service….

Once in a while I witness interactions that restore my faith in customer service, no matter how basic they may be. I witnessed something that surprised me tonight on a United flight from Los Angeles to San Francisco.

As boarding finished up the gate agent came aboard the plane and asked to see the boarding pass of the passenger in 1A. The passenger showed her the boarding pass, and it was indeed for 1A, except the boarding pass didn’t have her name on it; instead, it had the name of a deadheading flight attendant. Apparently the gate agent mixed up boarding passes while boarding the plane, and the passenger’s seat assignment was really for 7E.

So what did the deadheading flight attendant do? No, she didn’t take her assigned seat, 1A, but instead she said with a smile to the gate agent that she’d take 7E so that the passenger wouldn’t have to move.

For all the whining we hear about employees non-revving, I thought it was a nice change of pace.

It’s also worth noting that all of my crews today have been absolutely stellar. Channel 9 was announced on all three of my mainline flights, all the flight attendants were cheery, and all my flights were as close to on-time as possible (there’s nothing United can do about 100kt headwinds). Furthermore, I got lots of comments on my favorite t-shirt. All is well in the friendly skies. 😉

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  1. >(there’s nothing United can do about 100kt headwinds)

    True, but it seems they are fine with allowing them to ‘blow’ them back into an on-time arrival despite an hour delay!

    It’s been blowing all week! I’ve been either ahead or behind on everything!

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