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One of the less awesome parts of the internet is the veil of anonymity that so many people take advantage of by writing things they’d never say in person. We’ve all been guilty of it at one point or another.

The other side of that is that people think they’re being slick when they leave a bunch of comments on an old post with a clear agenda. It’s why I don’t envy TripAdvisor’s job for having to weed out fake reviews. Often when I review hotels in smaller cities where there are only a couple of competitors, something like a year later I’ll randomly get five new comments over a week on the review bashing the hotel.

But here’s a unique one. Yesterday some “random” comments were left on some posts about the Korean Air nut rage incident, all from the same IP.

This comment in and of itself is reasonable:

Won’t stop me from flying Korean Air.

As is this one:

Cut her some slack,, no big deal,, everyone get’s all bent out of shape over nothing!!!!

This one is slightly concerning (if you’re majoring in management in college and think physically assaulting people that don’t listen to you is appropriate, well…):

I am majoring in management in college and admire her ability to command respect from her employees.  Too many places have employees that are careless and don’t follow rules and policies.  I applaude her actions and feel she did not over step.  Good managers like her run very successful businesses.

And then there’s this one:

Dude should consider himself lucky to kneel before a hottie like Heather Cho!

Indeed, Purser Park should feel honored to have been physically assaulted by “hottie” Heather Cho. Damn straight!


  1. The guy was a gutless POS who knelt when asked so of course people are going to do whatever to you, I did not read anywhere that she assaulted him…. same goes for the captain….. empty sack..

  2. You’re obviously jealous that Mrs Cho has more fans than you!

    *humor before you block me* 😀

  3. Not sure why this was even worthy of a post. The first 3 comments are his opinion. There are probably as many people sharing the same opinion, to varied extent, as those who hate on Heather Cho. The last comment as well as part of the 3rd were intended to be a joke. These are comments made by the same person, but if you think they came from Korean Air, then the Internet might be a bit too guile for you.

  4. Agree with others the spam comments probably come from a Korean Air publicist. On my few sites where I allow comments, I have a setting where it automatically turns off after a few days. Of course, on my sites I’m not particularly interested in “engagement,” so I really do try to limit comments as aggressively as I can. Don’t know how it works on Boarding Area, but it looks like Word Press and if so it should be pretty easy to make it where they can’t leave comments on posts older than, say, 2 weeks. It should really cut back on spammers and also on questions/comments from people who don’t realize they’re wasting their time replying to an older post that got kicked up on Twitter or wherever.

  5. To whoever said “Dude should consider himself lucky to kneel before a hottie like Heather Cho!”

    – you need to get laid.

  6. If the comments are from someone related to Korean Air and not just a troll, then this is a prime example of astroturfing.

  7. Great way to call out mister management major and his hottie! Hopefully they can enjoy abusing each other in their own nutty fashion.

  8. This is absolutely disgraceful and terrible that anyone should consider—–

    Sorry, I don’t know what happened there. I mean that Korean Air are the best airline in the entire world, solar system and known universe and I say this with my own volition and in no way am being subjected to torture right now.

  9. I love how people traffic this website, just to leave abusive comments on the article, writer, style of writing, how Ben travels.

    He’s thanking you for all the visits which help improve his readership and generate more advertising revenue!


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