Not a bad place to spend a few days…

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  1. Ahhh, the LMKL. Love it. Just avoid eating the unrefrigerated seafood from the beachfront vendors! But you’ll get your THB300 massages on the beach just north of the resort, just past the 2BR villa.

  2. Do you have time to dive the Similan Islands? It’s ranked as one of the top ten best dive sites in the world, right outside your villa. So close, yet so far…

  3. Hope you are having a great time. I assume the villa was due to SPG platinum upgrade. What type of room did you actually book?

  4. Yep, Gary said it. LM Khao Lak. Walk along the beach Rim Lay to have some cheap delish Thai food.

  5. You have to try the Smoked Salmon Brushetta at Bangsak Grill if you like salmon! It’s amazing!

  6. Ben, we’ll be there this Friday for 7 nights, I don’t suppose you’ll still be there? Safe travels!

  7. @ A Kimyai — Thanks for the suggestion! I might just have time, so will look into that.

    @ Puck @ hartd — Actually had a bit of an upgrade “issue.” I booked a villa, though didn’t realize it wouldn’t have a plunge pool. I ended up negotiating them down on price for the “upgrade,” though am a bit disappointed they didn’t automatically do that given that the hotel is pretty empty. As far as Platinum benefits go, got free internet, breakfast, and some drinks at the bar. That’s the extent of it.

    @ Chris — Sadly it sounds like I’ll miss you!

    @ Stacey — The restaurant is phenomenal. They had an Italian buffet last night and it was the best Italian food I’ve had outside of Italy. Apparently it’s rated the best Italian restaurant in Thailand, and I can see why.

  8. @A Kimyai @lucky

    The Similan Islands are definitely one of the best places in the world to dive. Unfortunately the park is closed right now. You can only visit/dive there November-May.

  9. @ Carl — That’s correct. It’s unfortunate, since he mentioned that they often upgrade Plats from a basic room to lagoon villa, though don’t provide any sort of upgrades between villas, even though the hotel was at 45% occupancy. Rather disappointing, though in the end negotiated to pay an extra 1000THB/night for the pool villa.

    Frankly I wish I would have just booked a basic room and gone for a suite. There’s more wildlife here than in a friggin’ zoo.

  10. lucky,

    we’re here now also, we had an a.c. problem and i negotiated platinum benefits for our stay for the inconvenience. wildlife, amen, we are constantly checking our villa….


  11. Lucky,
    Did you not read the LMKL thread on FT? You’d have known that they don’t do the upgrades šŸ™‚ Yes, lots of wildlife there! Enjoyed my stay in an ocean front villa last year!

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