Norwegian Cruise Line CEO on “Undercover Boss”

While it might not be quite as controversial as the Frontier Airlines CEO on “Undercover Boss,” the CEO of Norwegian Cruise Line went “undercover” this week. For those of you not familiar with “Undercover Boss,” it’s a show where (apparently) the CEO of a company goes undercover, pretending to be unemployed or a low skill worker, looking to launch into a new career. As a result, the undercover CEO “shadows” in various departments at the company, while the employees think they’re supposed to be judging the performance of the person, only to later find out that it was the CEO all along.

Anyway, while I found the first season decent, I’ve found this season to be far too staged. Actually, much like “Fly Girls” (when it was still on), I watch it every week not because I think it’s an inspirational show anymore, but because I want to see just how ridiculously staged it can get.

Anyway, this is definitely one of the more “mild” episodes, and if you’ve ever taken a cruise, you might find it to be very interesting. It’s available on Hulu here. Since Hulu is US-only, to those of you not in the US, don’t worry, you’re not really missing out.

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  1. Actually, CBS only streams shows for users in the States. In fact, all network stations stream shows for US residents only.

  2. I loved Fly Girls! Especially Farah — so disappointed when corporate didn’t offer her a position.

    I’ll have to catch up on Undercover Boss to see the episode

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