Norwegian 787-9 Premium Class In 10 Pictures!

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Ben often shares his initial thoughts on the flights he takes in 10 pictures. Since I just flew Norwegian Premium Class from London Gatwick to Fort Lauderdale yesterday, both a route and an airline that have previously been untested on the blog, I figured it would be fun to share my initial impressions.

There are often incredible fares on Norwegian, in both economy and premium. This makes them one of the best value airlines out there, and after my experience, I would certainly recommend them. In the US, Norwegian serves New York, Newark, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Oakland, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, and Boston on direct flights from Europe. What blows my mind is the growing number of Norwegian hubs. While you could originally fly to the US from Oslo, Copenhagen and Stockholm, this has now expanded to include Bergen, London, Paris and Barcelona.

There is a lot more to come on Norwegian, but for now, here are my initial thoughts on DY7045 from London Gatwick to Fort Lauderdale.

The seat really exceeded my exceptions – I slept like a baby in it. The entertainment system, which is built into the armrest, was the most responsive I’ve seen on an aircraft and had a huge offering.

The food was very simple and fresh. The concept was new to me, but I ended up really enjoying it! I’d rather have a small meal that tastes great than a dragged out, mediocre five course dinner.

The service was good, but not out of the ordinary. Given that Norwegian Premium prices similarly to premium economy on other airlines though, the value you get here is second to none. Overall, the modern feel of the Dreamliner and Norwegian’s refreshing vibe left me with a great impression of the airline and I’d love to fly them again soon!

Norwegian Premium 1

Norwegian Premium 2

Cabin on Norwegian

Norwegian Entertainment System

Norwegian Lunch

Norwegian Dinner

Norwegian Legroom

Norwegian Recline

787-9 Wing View

Norwegian in FLL

Norwegian Economy

  1. Trondheim ?


    Where did you get that destination from?
    I have been traveling from Trondheim in years, and never seen an international departure longer than the Canary Islands.
    To much weed in the Jamaican parts of Miami ???+

  2. @Pete Sorry! I confused it with their current service from Bergen. Trondheim should start once they get their 737MAX, I think!

  3. I think the Norwegian long haul premium product is great. Its like a domestic first class seat.

    It’s also cheap, Often I find the CPH-BKK flight for about 170 in economy, and the can upgrade for a bit more before departure online.

    Its a lot cheaper than other airlines.Then I just hop on Ryanair from LTN-CPH

  4. Is the leg rest of any use? It seems so short that a tall person’s leg will just arch over it if you stretch out?

  5. @Daniel – is that seat really low, especially when reclined, or is it just the angle of the image? It looks like a bucket seat in a race car with a strange angle to spread the legs.

  6. Looking forward to your full trip report!

    Btw, those glasses scream “boring (or dirty) old guy from the 80s!” While you’re cute and have some sexy legs, you’ll look a lot hotter with a different frame for your glasses. 😉

    Btw, I’d like to know what socks you’re wearing. I can’t seem to find decent no-show socks… :-\

  7. I would like to see more critical and differentiated reviews. OMAT is not the right place for people like Daniel who sleeps like a baby in a cradle seat and can find no fault in Lufthansa Business Class. Naive at best, I don’t find value in those reviews.

  8. Now that Norwegian flies out of Oakland, it should be very popular. What is the seat configuration in Premium Class? Some, but not all of the photos look like they were 9 across. Please clarify. Thanks.

  9. @Old Flyer, I’m not sure which photos you’re looking at, but it’s pretty clear that Premium Class is 2-3-2 and Economy is 3-3-3… 😉

  10. @DM

    I wear shorts all the time on longhaul flights – whats the rookie move? I like to be as less constricted as possible. I never get cold either.

  11. Daniel it seems you have attract many bitter and twisted old queens. This beautiful blog is diverse and for every type of traveler. Stop all the vitriol folks. I find your reviews fun and refreshing. Good on you mate.
    Now get back to your knitting the rest of the Muppets.

  12. @ Elijah

    Yeah, no. Not really anything to do with “bitter old queens”. A good chunk of the complaints come from people who aren’t old, aren’t queens, and do travel in premium cabins. Your argument is as stale as the bread United serves in economy class.

    Also, stop trying to get into Daniel’s pants.

  13. My so flew the Orlando to gatwick route last week as needed to get home quick for a family emergency and virgin and ba were very expensive. He flew premium and said the experience was very good much better than virgins premium. He said the seat was excellent especially when fully reclined. He did say the choice of movies was limited compared to virgin and ba but would still prefer Norwegian for the comfort as can watch a movies on his laptop. we will definitely book Norwegian premium again.

  14. TPG’a habit of forcing FA’s to take pictures of him for trip reports has always been a massive pet peeve of mine. While Daniel’s photo isn’t quite as bad since he isn’t awkwardly sipping champagne and looking sideways at the camera, it’s still an obnoxious thing to include in a trip report and not really helpful overall. On the whole I’d rather see reviews from Lucky and Tiffany.

  15. I personally find it awesome that Ben gives a “young gun” a chance to blog and write of his experiences. It’s a different perspective and, my being jaded 50-year old, allows for a fresh bit of energy and a unique look at services we might otherwise avoid or be critical of.

    I say good for you, Daniel, and thanks for reminding some of us of what it felt like to be young and not so jaded and, as well, to appreciate that in the end it’s just a “ride” to some (mostly) great destinations. And to offer it from the perspective of wide-eyed enthusiasm.

  16. For the price they are charging; I would expect something MORE than a snack served out of a paper box…

  17. Somebody please stop this guy from writing another “reviews”. Lucky has been putting so much effort over past few years to make this blog high-end and unique and now it is highly disappointing to see such sub-par articles like this one.

  18. Again good on you Ben for giving Dan a chance to lighten your load but you need standards – PLEASE make sure I these guest posts don’t degrade OMAAT.

    This post is AMATEUR. No insight, no analysis, no fact checking, not a single thing any of us can take away and apply to our own travels. If we wanted photos, we’d go to google. Can you access lounge? Was the meal hot?

    Six paragraphs and no value whatsoever.

  19. Vand: “how come every review from daniel, the comments go way off [airline] topic?”

    Because many of us think Dan’s never ACTUALLY reviewed an airline 🙂

  20. If paying economy for this then maybe it’s a good deal. Cannot compete with other J products.

    The food is disappointing.

  21. Daniel promised you only his initial impressions and 10 photos–he gave you more than that. This is not the full review.

  22. Methinks a lot of people are pretty harsh on this kid. Seems alright but he really didn’t do himself any favors with the infamous post. He definitely came across as an entitled brat in that one, and the repeated references to his age don’t do him any favors either. One can see how people may be resentful towards getting travel advice from what they assume is a pretentious rich kid who can’t even drink. My advice to the blog is to drop the “youth” angle and to have him concentrate on these lesser known products. Fair or not, people aren’t going to be putting a of of stock into the reviews of a kid who’s just started flying seriously – no point yet having him post reviews of Lufthansa, etc. as readers would just clamor for Lucky’s opinions instead. But it’s a great opportunity to get reviews of these products that aren’t covered elsewhere. Maybe send him to some lesser known destinations, as well.

    Likewise, the readers should give him a break – he’s young. I assume Daniel will get better at writing as time goes on. Look at Lucky’s oldest reviews, those weren’t great either.

  23. @Elijah

    Calm down, you borderline pedophile. I never said all people here flew premium, I said a good chunk of them did. If you love stale bread, good for you. Some of us have higher standards.

  24. In all fairness, he did say up front this was a “ten pictures” style review, as Ben posts frequently, so one shouldn’t expect War and Peace.

    And I try to dress for where I’m going, so shorts on a flight to Florida is fine. When I lived in NYC and flew to Florida a lot in the winter to visit family, I’d usually change into shorts before I checked in and stuff my jeans, jacket, etc. in the bag I was checking.

    Would like to see a little more actual critique in his reviews, even in the 10-pictures type, though. Anx it’ll be interesting to see if he managed to check in without treating his fellow passengers like crap again.

  25. I don’t think anybody has much ground to complain about how Daniel had a good experience on Norwegian. And remember how much you many of guys complained about Lucky when he had negative experiences? You praise, and you’re being too naïve. You complain, and you’re being too elitist.

    Daniel’s priority (I hope, at least) when reviewing is to review things as honestly as he can, and your priority (as readers) should be deciphering those reviews in order to convert them to your standards. You can’t tape Daniel’s mouth shut just because he’s dishing out compliments where he feels are necessary. This is his review, after all. His perspective, his experiences, and his words.

    OMAAT does deserve people who can sleep well in cradle seats, as long as they’re being honest.

  26. I must be confused. When I started reading OMAAT, I didn’t realise it was blog built purely to the specification of Danny et al.

    When a review is posted, the authors name is quite clearly documented at the top of the article. Good chance to progress no further huh guys? After all, I don’t seem to remember forking out any cash to read this blog. Or is picking on a 19 year old really the best way you can spend your days?

    I’ve got 17 year old twins and heck Id be happy if they were giving it a shot like this guy.

    Maybe a few of you guys who are taking the time to slate the boy wouldn’t mind posting your ages and what it was you were doing at his age? Plus I’m guessing you’ve all got amazing kids of your own, right?

    Actual. Sack. Of losers.

  27. Looking for a way to receive an email/text alert when Tiffany posts an article so I don’t waste any more of my time reading OMAAT. I’m not interested in the legs or socks of a 19-year old, nor hearing anything about the how the basic rules of society (cutting in line) don’t apply to him

  28. Amitra – panties totally twisted, I agree.

    I just really hate bullying behaviour.

    It’s not nice. It’s really not nice.

    He’s not said anything offensive.

    Didn’t mama used to say “if you got nothing nice to say…” etc.

  29. hmm…… those seats look like some basic PE seats. I fail to see how you could sleep in them with knees bent like in the photo! Was imagining something like angled recliner. The ‘meal’ looks disappointing too~ just a more filled cardboard box like Economy. Seems like all you get is more legroom, bigger food box, and priority boarding and (maybe) lounge access, for more than double the price of the basic offering. Having done 2 flights (JFK-CPH & ARN-JFK) in economy, I am now not so envious of those ‘on the other side of the curtain!’

  30. Guys let’s be constructive. Daniel brings an interesting perspective, and his niche can add quite a lot. I do want to see him be more critical, but I think that will come with time as he flies more products, just like Lucky.

  31. LMAO. the people here crying about the comments made this a hilarious read while I’m on the pooper. thanks for the laughs.

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