Newly Single Guy Finds New Elizabeth Gallagher To Take On Trip

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In early November Travis wrote about the crazy story of Jordan Axani, a Canadian guy who booked a round the world trip with his girlfriend, only to break up with her. He went on a search to find a replacement travel companion that had the same name as his ex, since the name of airline tickets can’t be changed.

It’s not surprising the story went viral, given just how crazy it was. You really want to travel with a complete stranger on a month-long round the world trip? Yow!

The craziest part? He actually found someone with the same name to go with him!

Via LADbible:

Amazingly his search was successful and a 23-year-old student named Elizabeth Quinn Gallagher took Axani up on his offer, despite having a long-term boyfriend…

Axani and Gallagher will travel to Milan, Prague, Paris, Bangkok, and New Dehli before returning to Toronto on January 8th.

Because Axani stopped planning the trip when he broke up with his girlfriend, he didn’t book any hotels for the trip.

However, after the story went viral online, Marriott International stepped up to provide Axani and his companion with separate rooms at each stop on their journey!

So these are a couple of things that are interesting here:

  • Marriott picked up the cost of two hotel rooms — very cool!
  • The girl he’s traveling with has a boyfriend — oy, really?

Here’s a Tweet from Elizabeth Gallagher’s sister:


Hopefully we get another update on this story after the trip has taken place.

Two questions:

  • Maybe it’s just because I’m an introvert, but am I the only one that thinks the prospect of traveling around the world with a stranger for a month sounds like hell?
  • Will this trip actually be platonic, or do we think he actually has intentions for there to be something?
  1. She is HOT! (Sorry, I couldn’t stop myself from saying it.) I would be thrilled if I were Jordan. Even if he and the new Elisabeth become only friends, this is going to be awesome.

  2. Of course he has intentions…at least unconscious ones:-) He has just to wait for a very romantic moment in Paris, where she won’t be able to control her feelings:D I surely wouldn’t allow my girlfriend to do this..instead I would surprise here with a similar trip.

  3. Of course he has intentions…at least unconscious ones:-) He has just to wait for a very romantic moment in Paris, where she won’t be able to control her feelings:D I surely wouldn’t allow my girlfriend to do this..instead I would surprise her with a similar trip.

  4. Question 3: Was he (or she) registered for the Fall 2014 Megabonus (registration deadline Nov 15), and will they get lucky by having some of these stays post as qualifying…..

  5. If I were a young student with no major financial/career obligations (even if I had a boyfriend), this would be an opportunity that I wouldn’t pass up! You travel constantly, so the give/take doesn’t make sense for you because you already have had the privilege of seeing those places, but for most people, a trip like that is a once in a lifetime thing. Whatever unconventional circumstances surrounding it will be well worth it for her because she likely won’t be lucky enough to spend her life traveling the world like you do!

  6. Did anyone consider the “unlikely” possibility that this was just a publicity stunt? #cyberjinx

    No, say it and ain’t so……

  7. How awful is this for the girl he broke up with?

    Not only does he break up with her but then her name (and the breakup) is dragged through the media on a daily basis?

    Does anyone care about her?

  8. There are only two outcomes from this: they end up hating each other’s guts, or they end up hooking up. Either way, it’s awesome.

  9. @Grant
    “dragged through the media”? I haven’t heard Axani or anyone else say anything bad about the ex. Breakups happen. Yes, this attention has maybe reminded her of the breakup, but she would probably get reminded frequently anyway.

  10. Hey BF. You better dump that broad right now. She’s not worth it if she leaves for a one month trip with another guy. That she even would consider or mention doing such a thing, would make me dump her instantly. Don’t make a fool of yourself. Everybody gets the picture here.

  11. Girl, stop calling yourself an introvert. I don’t know any extroverts who’d want to spend a month traveling around the world with a complete stranger (or even their spouse, for that matter).

  12. I would totally do it and probably have fun. But, I wouldn’t assume that they will be spending everyday together on the trip. If I was in this (strange) situation, I would think that perhaps we would go our separate ways during the day, maybe meet up for dinner and then go to our separate rooms…

  13. I’m an introvert and I went to Finland for several days with not one but TWO strangers, and I had a great time.

  14. If i was the new Elizabeth Gallagher, I would contact his Ex – Elizabeth Gallagher, to find out why she broke up with him. There maybe absolutely nothing but then again….there could be something seriously wrong with this guy… Then again, now that they are famous… all eyes would be on them as they travel so I don’t think anything bad will happen to the new Elizabeth Gallagher..

  15. “This is totally sort of like as friends,” she said. — Well that should allay any fears the boyfriend may have . . .

  16. So I thought the whole idea of finding someone with the same name was so that the ticket could be transferred without the airlines finding out. Now that this has gone so very public, are the airlines actually going to let New Elizabeth fly?

  17. Are the airlines going to let New Elizabeth fly? Why on earth would they want all the terrible publicity of denying New Liz boarding? Marriott is capitalizing on it by offering free rooms. Airlines would be incredibly stupid to do the opposite.

    To answer Lucky’s question, “am I the only one that thinks the prospect of traveling around the world with a stranger for a month sounds like hell?” — maybe not the only one, but it doesn’t sound like hell to me. For one thing, it could turn out that the stranger is a really cool person, and you’ll really get to know them and develop a life-long friendship. On the other hand, the stranger could be just plain boring. But you don’t need to spend every minute of every day with them. Bottom line: I’d take the chance, especially if I were 23!

  18. This is pretty awesome! Another interesting tidbits from the People article:

    Axani said the trip will be documented and shared online. He said that he was so moved by some of the emails ā€“ including one from an 8-year-old boy who said he was going blind and wanted to see the world before that happens ā€“ that he and his brother created an organization called A Ticket Forward to help people who desire to see the world but lack the finances to do so.

  19. Now I’ve seen Jordan I’d have changed my name to Elizabeth Gallagher to go on a trip with him šŸ˜‰

  20. Clearly a security loophole. With this publicity expect airlines to require DOB at time of booking without correction.

  21. Surely the intent and spirit of the controls, where no name changes are allowed have been contravened.
    Does this example not expose the inherent weakness of such control mechanism?

  22. man y’all can not be that crazy if y’all think nothing is going to happen on that trip I got a bridge I can sell you for a hundred million dollars and her so called boyfriend for allowing her to go, now he said he picked a girl with the same name because he couldn’t change the ticket, so why not just give her a ticket and go when she wants to goyou know sometimes people can be so naivewell that’s just my take on this I’ve been to all of them cities they supposed to be going to Paris Prague Bangkok city for lovers to romance anything can happen a romantic just out of the blue a romantic moment can happen or one can have too many drinks it seems like everybody always use that excuse I had too many drinks and it just happened but to the boyfriend you are a good one cuz I wouldn’t let my girl go

  23. Why not go on this trip? Sometimes strangers are better to travel with than friends/family – I doubt there is an agreement to do everything together and would think that at some point they can go solo if they want to do different things. Its a great opportunity and really why overthink it – its a fun opportunity and a great story.

  24. There is a longstanding website called that allows for people to set up pages based on their interests (knitting, book clubs, adoptions, hiking, coffee, anything you can think of) and to meet strangers within their local neighborhoods. Strangers can meet each other and have coffee or dinner together. There are pages that allow for travels, too. Couch surfing is similar in that you host unknown strangers in your house. So based on this premise, why not travel the world together? Every stranger is just a friend in wait.

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