New York, Maui, and Anchorage, here I come!

My apologies for the lack of updates yesterday. After a fairly boring second half of the month as far as travel goes, I’m back in business. I flew up to New York yesterday to help my brother move, so was doing nothing but carrying boxes up stairs yesterday. My mom flew up as well to help, and I was reminded once again what an adventure it can be to travel with parents. My mom is well aware of my miles/airplane obsession (after all, she benefits quite a bit from it, since she almost exclusively flies international first class on miles), and she tries to embrace it as well. As we flew into LGA yesterday, she pointed to a plane and said “look Ben, it’s a  777.” It was an Airbus 319. I give her credit for trying, though.

I was also reminded how sensitive some people are to turbulence. One of the questions I get asked most often by non-frequent flyer friends is what the most turbulence I’ve experienced is. In my million plus miles over the past few years, I can’t think of one case of even moderate turbulence. But then again, I fly Cessnas and know what’s categorized as chop vs. turbulence, so I’m not all that sensitive to it. But after my Washington Dulles to LaGuardia flight yesterday, which had a bit of chop, I overheard a girl in the jetbridge saying she thought we were going to crash due to turbulence. We had a few bumps on the way down, but nothing that can even be categorized as turbulence.

Next month is looking pretty fun on the travel front, though. Next week it’s off to Maui for a couple of nights on a nested ticket. United has some great fares to Hawaii out of Seattle right now, thanks to Alaska’s crazy expansion to Hawaii, which is keeping the prices low. Instead of doing a direct turn I ended up booking a couple of nights at the Hyatt Regency using “Big Welcome Back” nights from Hyatt’s promotion, which I have to redeem by the end of next month anyway. From what I can tell, upgrades to Maui are an absolute joke. Not a single exit row seat is taken (meaning most likely very few Premier Executives and above), and there’s a total of eight Economy Plus seats taken on the outbound. I’m hoping I clear. 😉

After that it’s off to Anchorage for a quick mileage run. Gotta love United’s seasonal service. Though 6.5 hours on a 757 with nothing more than a fruit plate will make for a long flight.

And then it’s off for one more international trip for the summer. Stay tuned.

Anyway, happy travels to all, wherever they make take you!

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  1. LUCKY,

    i’m glad that you get to visit ANC! I like to see lots of pic and your tr.
    i am happy for you.


  2. If you can stand hanging around with someone older than Mom Coins, I would have been happy to help.

  3. I’ve been doing the ANC run a few times already… be sure to get your SkyKit since the empower on these birds has been quite spotty 🙂

  4. Upgrades to HI are indeed easy. My folks just did LAX-LIH as 2P’s and cleared at the window. On the morning of the flight, half the cabin was still open. Eventually, Dad told me that it left with 3 seats in F empty.

    I spent 4 weeks at the HR Waikiki this spring. Say hi to Mark in the club for me!

  5. @Ben – I just spent a week at HR Maui. I had a great time. I was happy with the service – especially in the regency club, but it probably wont meet your expectations. The water slide is fun and the lines are short. The fitness center is the best I’ve seen at ANY Hyatt. The beach is not so good – walk up to the Sheraton for that. After my first visit to the little lunch restaurant by the pool, they recognized me as I walked up and addressed me by name. I hear GH Kauai is better – so that’s my next Hawaii vacation.

  6. Wow, just a fruit plate? I flew CO IAH-ANC and they baked cookies, and had two meal services for us in F.

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