Have $250K+ To Spare? Celebrate New Year’s Eve Twice On A Private Jet

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I get a ton of emails from PR people, and most of them I don’t even look at, but I got one yesterday that caught my attention, about the “ultimate new year’s eve private jet party.”

I’m not sure this is actually even that creative, but I thought it was worth sharing nonetheless. PrivateFly, a private jet charter platform, is marketing a private jet flight from Sydney to Los Angeles that will allow you to celebrate new year’s eve twice.

This package includes a 13.5 hour flight on a Gulfstream G550 from Sydney to Los Angeles. When you consider the 19 hour time change, this allows you to go back in time 5.5 hours.

While they say that the G550 can seat up to 15 passengers, “only eight can be aboard for the New Year’s Eve Twice Travel Itinerary to achieve the fastest travel time that the jet can deliver.”

While unrelated to the package as such, I’m curious, does anyone know how crewing works on a flight like this? A commercial flight would have four pilots, but a G550 is quite small. On a flight this long do they have a relief crew, or? Are there any crew bunks?

If someone books this, they’ll have their choice of either a “VIP Wellness” package or a “Festive Flight” package:

The VIP Wellness package is designed to relax and recharge passengers with a cabin prepared for optimal rest with customized lighting and temperature controls, luxury bedding, designer pajamas and slippers, luxury skincare and masks, detox juices and a healthy catering menu.

The Festive Flight package is for those looking to continue the party at 45,000 feet. Guests are invited to take advantage of the aircraft’s high-spec music and entertainment systems by creating an ultimate playlist for the flight. Additionally, this package features New Year’s Eve decorations, a decadent inflight catering menu featuring caviar, cuvée champagne, and made-to-order dishes such as fresh lobster and lamb tartare.

Here’s the proposed itinerary for the journey:

  • December 31, 2018 at 20:00 – Enjoy the first New Year’s Eve party destination on the ground in Sydney, Australia at one of the city’s glamorous nightspots or VIP parties.
  • January 1, 2019 at 12:00 – Welcome 2019 in Sydney, Australia a view of the famous midnight fireworks display over the harbor
  • January 1, 2019 at 2:00 – Depart Sydney Kingsford Smith airport which is open 24-hours for private jets in a Gulfstream G550
  • December 31, 2018 at 20:30 – Arrive in Los Angeles ready to party all over again
  • January 1, 2019 at 12:00 – Welcome 2019, again, in Los Angeles, California

The cost? A mere $255,500 if you want to charter the plane (one-way), or $31,950 per person, which is based on a group of eight passengers booking and traveling as a group.

Now here’s the thing — even if I had a hundred million dollars, I don’t think I’d actually be interested in this. Private jets are great for the convenience, being able to skip security, etc. But for a 13.5 hour flight, I really don’t want to be in a plane the size of a private jet. If you have eight people sleeping on a G550 you’d probably find it’s less spacious than your average business class seat, let alone first class seat.

In theory I can appreciate the concept of wanting to celebrate new year’s eve twice (I say “in theory” because I go to bed before midnight every new year’s eve, but I get other people are into it), but there are other ways to accomplish that with a lot more time and money to spare.

If you’re really into the concept of doing new year’s eve twice, just take Air New Zealand’s flight from Auckland to Rarotonga on January 1. It leaves at 8:55AM on January 1 and lands at 1:45PM on December 31, and a flat bed business class seat is under $700. You also won’t be as rushed.

Speaking of which, I really need to do something like this one of these years, just for giggles.

Now can anyone figure out a way to celebrate new year’s eve (or anything) three times? 😉

  1. Three times should be fairly easy, you just need to find a place where three time zones meet. There are three time zone tri-points in Australia alone: Cameron Corner, Poeppel Corner, and Survey General’s Corner.
    I feel like 4 might even be possible somewhere but probably much more logistically complicated.

  2. Private aircraft typically fall outside of the typical FAA crew duty limits that govern commercial aircraft. Although not required, these aircraft have a private seat that can be used as a pilot rest area for a third pilot. (It’s typically on the left as you board

  3. Wel, just fly to the North or South Pole and fly around them on the right circle and you will have 12 of them. Back in the time there was a German Carrier who used to do that from time to time year round so that you could live the 12 time zones in a short time.

  4. Wouldn’t be easier to fly with HA on Jan 1 from AKL and celebrating NYE twice ? HA flight used to leave at like 01:00 Jan.01 , timings may have changed now ! Good redeemables via AA also

  5. @ Nev Johnson — Great option as well if it’s still around. Though I tend to think you can’t really “celebrate” new year’s eve while you’re in the process of boarding a flight. That’s why I think the AKL-RAR flight is so cool.

  6. Wow – I’m intrigued. Love to do that. For those of us with more modest resources, it made me wonder – and a question to all you experts out there – is there a commercial route that you could do this on, to celebrate new year’s twice? I assume Sydney airport shuts at or around midnight. But what about the first flight on Jan 1 to the US west coast? Can it be done?

  7. im shocked you go to bed before midnight on new years eve. my family does the same and i think its insane hahha.

  8. I bet you could do it five times. Just find a place where three time zones meet. And then fly to a place where two time zones meet (like CA-AZ border). Since you have a private jet, you could fly relatively small airport to relatively small airport. No need to do SYD-LAX.

  9. Ok, figured it out. You start in Cameron Corner AUS and get three new years eve’s over the course of an hour. Then you take a helicopter to TYB airport, then take a smaller private jet to Brisbane, then the G550 to HII (Lake Havasu City). Fourth NYE in AZ and Fifth in CA. That get’s you 5! Hopefully you can get a customs official to come to HII for the landing to let you into the US.

  10. My parents and I did this once, about 35 years ago. But heading west. And we celebrated three times.

    Celebrated in London at the Savoy. Quick drive to Heathrow and took off on Concorde. Celebrate a second time over the mid-Atlantic. Landed at JFK and driven to Manhattan, where we celebrated a third time.

  11. I am assuming this company operates under FAR Part 135. If this is the case, they do have specific duty limits and will need a relief pilot. That is why most Gulfstream and Global Express aircraft have crew rest area for that additional crew member.

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