New Marriott Promotion: Earn Up To 3,000 Bonus Points Per Stay

Marriott has just revealed the details of the first global promotion of their unified loyalty program.

Earn up to 3,000 Marriott points per stay

This new promotion is valid for stays between September 26, 2018, and January 31, 2019, and registration is valid through January 7, 2019.

Through this promotion you’ll earn 2,000 bonus points on all stays of two or more nights, and 1,000 bonus  points per brand, starting with your second brand.

Marriott has a total of 29 brands, so there are potentially quite a few opportunities to earn that bonus. You can also earn that 1,000 point bonus even for one night stays.

It’s nice to see Marriott offering any sort of promotion, though this is still pretty weak, if you ask me. I value Marriott points at 0.7-0.9 cents each, so 1,000 points are worth $7-9, and 2,000 points are worth $14-18. Given the restrictions in place (a two night minimum for the 2,000 bonus points, and the brand bonus only kicking in with the second brand), I’d hardly consider this to be a generous promotion, though I guess Marriott feels they don’t have to offer a generous promotion, given their global footprint and that hotels are full.

So far we’ve seen new fall global promotions for HiltonHyattIHGRadisson, and Choice, so this just about rounds out the promotions we should expect.

Bottom line

For the most part the fall 2018 hotel promotions aren’t anything to get excited about. I’d say the exception is Hilton Honors, which is offering double to triple points for stays through January 3, 2019, plus 2,500 bonus Lufthansa miles per stay through October 31, 2018.

I at least appreciate that Marriott’s promotion is valid for several months, but otherwise it doesn’t seem like a reason to switch any stays around.

What do you make of Marriott’s new promotion?

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  1. Weak is the word lucky. Still doing themselves no favors at a time when looking benevolent would really help given the fiasco customers are currently enduring + they are still just a mid range hotel group.

  2. “…though I guess Marriott feels they don’t have to offer a generous promotion, given their global footprint and that hotels are full.”

    The promo does not only offer chump change, it is also quite stingy in requiring a stay at a different to earn…more chump change!

    Glad that Hilton, which also has a large global footprint and hotels that are full, has not relented from offering lucrative promos that make the comment by self-anointed ‘thought leader in travel’ that “Hotel occupancy and rates are up year-over-year and last year was a record, [so] don’t expect good hotel promotions soon” sound, well, thoughtless, to say the least. Good for you, @Lucky, for being fair-minded and giving credit where credit due! 🙂

  3. I hit LPP and have since switched to hilton with a status match. I mainly did it for an upcomig award trip and the 3x point amex promo but since the merger i have stayed with hilton due to the lack of and sorry promos. I had 34 nights at hilton since then and this current promo isnt changing my mind to come back yet.

    Also do we get the 1000 point per brand only once? I imagine so, otherwise they would say 1000 per stay. I did maximize the last brand promo but it sucked jumping hotel to hotel every night.

  4. For those travelling to Europe or in any part of the world where Accorhotels has a footprint, they run a very good promotion. Only 3 stays of 2 nights before January 2019 can earn you 6.000 points, e.g. 120 euros of voucher for a next stay.
    Quick and easy way to earn good value if the choice of hotels can suit your needs…

  5. Nice Kapalua picture in the promo graphic! Honolua Bay! You should go there Lucky… Though stay at the Montage, make sure to check out the spa there… world class.

  6. I think last time was 2000 per brand. That gave me some tiny effort to hop around a bit. 1000 is just waste of time.

  7. Do only 2-night-minimum-stays count towards the BRAND points or can this be also single nights stays? And for the Brand promo, do award stays qualify?

    Why does Marriott not publish T&Cs or FAQs on their promo page?

  8. Even if the offer wasn’t garbage, there’s probably only about a 50% chance your points will actually post, given the state of post-merger operations. Will continue avoiding Marriott.

  9. Lucky, I read the terms of the promotion and nowhere a stay is defined as a “pay stay” but only a stay. There is no mention if a point stay will not count. Do you think point stays will cpount for the promo?

  10. Very weak promotion. Disappointing.

    Regarding their upgrade policy. I’m Platinum Premier Elite, stayed 1 night at the Marriott Park Lane in London this week. Not only did I receive no upgrade at all but the room had a dreadful view looking straight into another guest’s room. I could just about see the sky if I went to the window and looked straight up.

  11. Also US residents are more benefitial as they can play a game quote:
    “Play our game 29 Ways to Stay from October 4 through November 1 to learn more about our 29 brands and for the chance to win prizes, including points and free nights.**”

  12. “nights spent while redeeming an award are not eligible for bonus points”

    That’s another huge difference between Hilton Honors and the competition: award stays are almost always considered ‘eligible stays’ for the purpose of earning promo points. In fact, once booked, award stays and revenue stays are usually virtually identical for most purposes (e.g., earning stay/night credit, promo points, elite recognition).

  13. Hmmm… is it just me or has this happened to others as well. I just tried registering and got the following message:

    “Please correct the following and try again.
    We’re sorry, but it’s not possible to register for or view progress in Marriott Rewards member promotions at this time. Please try again later. Thank you for your patience.”

    There was nothing to correct in the first place, and then it tells me that it is not possible to register at this time. Oh, well, I’ll try again tomorrow…

  14. @DCS – I’m getting the same error. My goodness! Their new website really sucks! Cannot see all my reservations. Continuously being asked to logged in after navigating their website even after selecting option to “Remember Me”…Unbelievable!

  15. Evidently they don’t bother sending out an email with details of the promotion ( unlike SPG). The people running this show are truly amazing, not in a good way.

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