New benefit for American Express Platinum Card: US Airways lounge access

One of the nice perks of the American Express Platinum card is lounge access to most US lounges. With a same day ticket on that airline, Platinum card members already have access to American, Continental, and Delta lounges. Well, apparently US Airways has joined in on the fun, and Platinum card members now have access to US Airways Clubs as well. There’s one cool thing that makes this deal unique — you don’t actually have to be flying US Airways to use the lounge.

This is great news, and means the only legacy clubs you don’t have access to with this card are the United Red Carpet Clubs. I’m guessing sooner or later they’ll join in, at the very latest when they marry Continental. In that case, the American Express Platinum card will be the go to card when it comes to lounge access.

What’s really cool about this deal from my perspective is that there’s a US Airways Club in TPA. Unfortunately they don’t depart from the same terminal as United or Continental, or else I could use the club on account of my Star Gold status. But American does depart from the same terminal as US Airways. So if I were flying American, I could use the US Airways Club in TPA. All the more reason to go for Executive Platinum with American!

(Tip of the hat to The Wandering Aramean)

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