New Alaska Mileage Plan Shopping Portal Mystery Bonuses

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Online shopping portals can be a great way to pick up additional miles & points for purchases you’d make anyway. Just for following a specific link you can earn bonus points in addition to the ones you’d earn for credit card spend.

The number of bonus points you earn per dollar spent varies greatly by retailer, though in addition to those variable bonuses, there are often promotions that are available on all purchases.

The Alaska Mileage Plan shopping portal has just launched a new mystery bonus for online purchases. I’m a little confused, though — the bonuses are supposed to be targeted, so I figured you’d have to log-in before they show you the bonus, though I actually see them before logging in. So who really knows what’s going on here.

This promotion is valid for purchases between April 15 and April 19, 2019, and it appears that you can earn 500 bonus miles when you spend $200.

The bonus is based on cumulative spend during the promotion period, and bonus miles should post within 10 weeks of when the promotion ends. There’s no registration required to take advantage of this deal.

Bottom line

This can be a great way to stack a great deal with some bonus miles.

The above offer essentially earns you up to 2.5 additional miles per dollar spent online, in the right increments. These bonuses are on top of whatever miles are usually offered through the shopping portal, plus whatever points you earn through your credit card. That can really add up.


  1. Lucky: off-topic, of course, but what happened to James? I do not see him on the list of OMAAT contributors. He has not posted a thing in months, and I really love(d) his articles. It will be very sad if he has been removed from the team.

    I am posting in this thread so as not to be drowned in the commenting guidelines thread.

  2. Yes, an explanation regarding the sudden disappearance of James (no posts since Feb 9 or thereabouts) would be appreciated, especially given the competitive nature of his appointment. For that matter, what happened to Spencer? And for the record, you would always be welcome to add more content from Tiffany and Andrew.
    Your blog, your deal, I know … just my 2 cents, and something that should perhaps merit consideration in your ethics policy.

  3. @ VT-CIE @ SK — Sorry, this has come up a few times so I think we thought everyone knew by now. James (quite suddenly, we were as surprised as anyone) decided to pursue other opportunities, so is no longer here. Spencer is working with one of our other friends on BoardingArea and helping him to build up his blog. Andrew is in the middle of a very busy rotation at work, but will be back eventually.

  4. Thank you so much, Tiffany, for the closure that you have given me. James was a breath of fresh air and he will be truly missed. I really loved his articles and it is such a shame his stint at OMAAT was so short. In fact he was the second-most popular blogger, I think, after Lucky while he was around. Here today, gone tomorrow. 🙁

    As for you, I am looking forward to more contributions from you and Stephanie! #GirlPower

  5. Re: above post. I speak about James being a ‘breath of fresh air’ with specific reference to James’ posts on Berlin Brandenburg Airport, how to travel Hand Luggage Only and his escapades in Morocco and Egypt (which I think was the last thing he ever wrote for OMAAT).

  6. Thanks for the explanation, Tiffany – a shame about James. I would echo VT-CIE’s desire for further contributions from you and Stephanie – your different perspectives and writing styles are assets to the blog.

  7. Hi Lucky,
    While we are on Alaska Airlines subject, I want to bring some fresh crabs, and lobsters to relative from SEA-LAX, can I carry on the plane? I dont want to check in the luggage?
    Have you carry any fresh seafood on the plane ever? (i don’t mean emotional support live seafood) 🙂

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