Hotel Tour: My Cloud Transit Airside Hotel At Frankfurt Airport

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I arrived at Frankfurt Airport around 10:00pm on Lufthansa from Zurich. All Lufthansa flights operate out of Terminal 1 in Frankfurt, the same terminal where My Cloud Transit Hotel is located. There is a slight problem though: you need to be leaving or arriving at the non-Schengen B-gates to access to hotel. Luckily, I had a connecting flight the next morning to Bangalore. This allowed me to clear passport control without a problem.

When I stayed here, the hotel was only a few weeks old so signage was quite limited. I assume this has been resolved by now though.

The lobby of the hotel, an elevator ride up from terminal level, was light and refreshing after a long day of travel.

The view from the reception.

I was quickly checked-in and led to my room. On the way, I noticed that there were vending and coffee machines in the lobby. Most items were reasonably priced.

I was staying in an outward facing room with a view of the tarmac.

Prices are charged per hour, which is useful since you can customize it for your layover. However, the prices are quite insane, especially for short stays. You definitely have to value convenience over saving ~€100 to stay somewhere else.

The room was small but practical. To the left of my room was the bathroom, which had see-through glass around it. There was a cool cloud design to remind me of my whereabouts. 😉

Meanwhile, the right side had a desk, a sink and some hotel information.

Finally, the bed was up against the windows and can sleep two people if you’re willing to squeeze.

There were electronic window shades that blocked out all the light (and the airplanes). 🙁

On the nightstand, there was room for electronics to charge during the night.

I also had a look at one of the inward facing rooms. If you’re spending €200+ for a night here, you’ll definitely want to pay the slight premium for an outward facing room.

At the end of the hallway, there was a distant view of the runways.

Bottom Line

The new My Cloud Transit Hotel offers convenient airside overnights in modern, but small rooms. The pricing is definitely on the steep side. You really have to value a good night’s sleep over saving money. For all the avgeeks, try to get a room facing the Z-gates to maximize your airplane view. You’re welcome. 😉

  1. The high price might be explained by the hotel being in the non-Schengen area — many travelers require a visa which they cannot easily obtain in order to get into Germany and stay at some of the cheaper options. This is very smart price discrimination.

  2. SPG Plat here. I’ve always stayed at the Sheraton. The dollar price was outrageous but the points reasonable. However I’m glad to see an Airside option.

  3. Nothing as good as an airport hotel connected to terminal after a long flight. Clean crispy sheets and a good shower.

    Great report mate.

  4. How much was the rate? You say insane, but you don’t list the rate anywhere.

    Also, how well did the shades work? Are they true blackout shades?

  5. Hi Lucky – if I plan to stay at the Hilton right at FRA, do I have to clear passport control to get to the hotel? I will be coming from SVO on Aeroflot. Thanks!

  6. @FRA1sttimer: Yes, you leave the airport building. Hilton (and Garden Inn) are above the airport railway station.

  7. Reply to FRA1sttimer,
    The Hilton and Sheraton are a 5 to 10 minute walk on the indoor path towards the Long Distance Trains station, definately not airside so you do need to clear.
    They are most convenient for those arriving or departing on *alliance airlines.

  8. “Prices are charged per hour, which is useful since you can customize it for your layover. However, the prices are quite insane, especially for short stays. You definitely have to value convenience over saving ~€100 to stay somewhere else.”

    — What is useful would be stating the price per hour. Thank you.

  9. The rates, at least for the most basic room, appear to follow this structure:

    Minimum of 3 hours, which costs 79 euro. Every consecutive hour from 4 to 8 hours is another 20 euros, and then every hour after that is 10 euros. So 4 hours = 99 euros, 8 hours = 180 euros, 9 hours = 190 euros, etc. The premium on the outward facing rooms looks to be 15 euros. These rates seem to be for a different type of room, however, which was not covered in this post- it looks like the pictures Daniel has are of the “Double” room, which is larger than the cheapest type, the “single”.

  10. @Charles:

    I would say they are also convenient for all other airlines departing from Terminal 2.

    There is a shuttle bus stop right in front of the complex which houses the Sheraton and Hilton. Buses run frequently and are free and the ride over to Terminal 2 takes 5-8minutes.

    You might in fact be faster at Terminal 2 than to walk to a check-in desk at 1C

  11. This room reminds me of CitizenM hotels, but more on the smaller side. Similar design though.

  12. Now we know where you gonna fly with LH First Class 🙂
    Bangalore, for sure a more exotic destination 😀 Anyway have fun in India!

    The Hotel itself looks pratical for those people who can`t easily obtain a Schengen visa. For those it is a very convenient option to sleep/shower on a longer layover – the price is high but they do apparently not have any competitors. I personally would leave the airport – the Sheraton or Hilton are nearby and offer better rates and more comfort.

  13. @Aaron Tan – “Schengen” refers to the European countries that you can travel between without going through passport control at border crossings, airports, etc. It’s pretty much the EU and EFTA countries, except for the UK, Ireland, Cyprus, and the Balkan EU members.

    European airports group Schengen flights together, either in separate terminals or by putting the non-Schengen flights in a specific section of the terminal to facilitate passport checks.

  14. Looks like another useless advertorial from line cutter Daniel. Get him off this blog already.

  15. @RF it’s probably time for you to take some annual leave and recalibrate .

    Out with anger and in with love.

  16. When will you be in Bangalore? I could totally show you around and take you to aunthentic South Indian eating places! 😛

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