My two least favorite phrases to hear at the gate…

…both of which I heard this past weekend.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we are looking for volunteers… to gate check their bags to their final destination.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, we do have a very full flight today and are looking for four volunteers… that would be willing to sit in an exit row today.”

Let me tell you, after the initial sprinting towards the podium while hearing the first part of the sentence, it’s very hard to be slick about slowing down and not looking like a fool.

Anyone else?

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  1. Sorry to say, but I laugh at people who jump up like that in the middle of an announcement anyway. What, are we children?

  2. @ Eric — Not surprisingly, it was a flight to Orlando early on a Sunday morning, meaning it was all families.

  3. When I volunteer, they don’t have to LOOK for me, I am already on the list for every flight, if they can’t find me it is because I am on a delayed inbound flight.

  4. Been there, done this on board. [raised hand & yelled “Me, me, me, me!”] They were looking for volunteers to switch seats so a couple or family could be together; or looking for people to move to the back of the CRJ for weight and balance. [blush]

  5. Yes, the exit row request does happen in Orlando (my home airport) because of all the families traveling together. And most, because of their little kids, can’t sit in the exit row. Though I’ve never heard the request of volunteering to have your bag checked. What …. too many stuffed animals brought aboard?

    Another request I’ve never heard anywhere else but in Orlando … “Any volunteers to take another flight, with 2 free tickets in compensation?” Yes, 2! That was from NW flights to Detroit on a busy Monday morning with a mass-exodus of Disney tourists. And I had a meeting I had to get to and couldn’t volunteer. Sad.

    Carol Margolis (a Boarding Area blog)

  6. ā€œLadies and gentlemen, we are looking for volunteersā€¦ to gate check their bags to their final destination.ā€

    This was mentioned at least six times at SJC, last Friday. I kept picking my head up, as I was #1 on the VDB list. We went out 100% full, but I kept thinking that they were going to ask for volunteers šŸ˜”

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