My two flights tomorrow…

Here’s what my flights are looking like tomorrow:

With my luck as of late I have a feeling I’ll be enjoying both flights in coach with nice delays and smelly seatmates…

C’mon United, bump me!

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  1. Wasn’t your previous post a note to self about flying on Thursdays? As a person who is part of the Monday/Thursday crush every week I can completely understand where you are coming from. At least there is always E+ to fall back on.

    Good luck with the UDU!

  2. Coins, Just make believe they’re part of your ‘experiment’ from a while back. With the right seat in the back, you’ll have no problem.

  3. UA seem to have their inventory management working really well lately, I’ve been on at least 5 flights in the past month where its completely zeroed out, and no bump, but its not like the flights aren’t being oversold, they all end up going out pretty damn full.

  4. I totally agree re: inventory management. My experience lately has been, zeroed out, overbooked by like 5%, we might need you, we don’t need you and the flight would go at capacity. It’s frustrating for me as a bump whore.

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