My thoughts on the JetBlue incident…

I’m pretty sure just about everyone in the world has heard about the JetBlue flight attendant that made quite the exit after losing his temper on a flight from Pittsburgh to New York.

There seem to be two prevailing opinions. One is “this guy’s my hero” and the other is “this was insanely unprofessional.” I think both are true. The guy strikes me as being a total douche and was being incredibly unprofessional, but his execution seems to be so brilliant that I actually feel like I need to give him props. Talk about thinking on your feet!

It’s one thing to cuss out the cabin over the PA and go down the emergency slide. But he took two beers with him! That alone turns the story from pathetic to hilarious, in my opinion. In the end no one was hurt, and no doubt he did what a lot of people only dream of doing.

And then the second highlight had to be this tidbit:

New York Daily News reports that Steven and his boyfriend were in the midst of sexual relations when a slew of officers arrived to apprehend the suspect.

C’mon now, that’s funny!

And the last highlight? He was apparently a member of JetBlue’s “inflight values committee!”

While I doubt we’ll ever see him working in the airline industry again, I’m thinking this is just about the smartest career move anyone ever made (unless Levi knocking up Bristol is considered a “career move”). I hate to see him make money off his bad temper, but it’s inevitable.

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  1. Will he really have a career after this? I wouldn’t hire someone who flipped out like this.

    ..and that link in comment 3 was a hoax.

  2. I hope he won’t be sent to jail, homosexual aren’t very welcome in jail, especially the high profile one.

    Scott, how dare you make fun of Lucky’s No.1 fan!!!! Shame on you!

  3. @ KT — I think definitely not. Passengers disobey flight attendant orders all the time, and I doubt this will be any different. I do hope the passenger doesn’t sue for “public humiliation” or something similar, though.

    @ Steve — Brilliant!

    @ Scott — ROFL!!!

    @ Grace — Not a career, but 15 minutes of fame, which likely pay better than a career as a flight attendant.

  4. @ Grace – Yeah, but who cares? It was brilliant marketing, and isn’t that kind of what a career move is all about. The fact that the whole thing was scripted really doesn’t take away any part of the fun of fantasizing about what you would do in your own worst situation.

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