My results from the Ultimate Rewards Mall for November…

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This past month I moved and had to furnish a new apartment, and I quickly realized the extent to which the Ultimate Rewards Mall would come in handy. I purchased about $2,500 worth of stuff from Kohls and Best Buy, and just checked my Ultimate Rewards balance today and noticed that the following points posted in my Ultimate Rewards account:

Yep, that’s 24,403 points, which are more than enough for a free night at the Park Hyatt Paris or Park Hyatt Sydney if I transfer to Hyatt Gold Passport, or 24,403 miles to transfer to United MileagePlus towards another international first class award ticket to Asia via Europe.

This is all because the Ultimate Rewards Mall regularly has bonuses of 10 points per dollar for retailers like Sears, Kohls, Best Buy, etc. Before the Ultimate Rewards Mall I wasn’t a huge fan of online shopping malls simply because the reward was so small for going through them, so it wasn’t worthwhile to me aside from large purchases. Three points per dollar (which is a good bonus at many online malls) is a return of maybe 6%, compared to a return of 20% through the Ultimate Rewards Mall with some retailers (I value Ultimate Rewards points at two cents each).

Just another great benefit of the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card, and Ink Business Preferred℠ Credit Card. Now if only I could keep up that level of spend, I’d earn enough miles for two first class round the world tickets each year just through mileage malls… 😀

Anyone else cash in big for the month of November with Ultimate Rewards with all of the bonuses they offered?

Regarding Comments: The comments on this page have not been provided, reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by any advertiser, and it is not an advertiser's responsibility to ensure posts and/or questions are answered.
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Regarding Comments: The comments on this page have not been provided, reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by any advertiser, and it is not an advertiser's responsibility to ensure posts and/or questions are answered.
  1. What credit card did you use. I purchased egift cards through the Chase Ultimate Rewards Mall, using my Citi AA card (minimum spend) and didn’t receive any points.

  2. 17,000 points posted from Best buy. just made another 3000points by purchasing from Overstock when the offered 10x points. Wooohoooo!

  3. @ Miriam — I used the Chase Sapphire Preferred card.

    @ Tricia — Nice! Did you buy an iMac (based on the amount, sounds about right — that’s what I bought). 😀

  4. Got my card at the end of November, and have been hitting the rewards mall hard ever since–I’m forcing my wife to try and drive all of our Christmas shopping through it!

  5. I ended up with 67k points from the UR Mall… amazing! I love how fast they post. The new TV and washer/dryer from Best Buy 10x on Black Friday really put me over the top.

    And the Kohl’s with Chase Freedom quarterly bonus at 20x helped me out big time as well

  6. Cleared about 26000 points (plus 52000 more PC points for using the Chase Priority Club and being a PC Platinum) for making reservations at Crowne Plazas for my vacation in Turkey when they had a 10x promo going on. 30 points to the dollar plus upgrades…life is good.

  7. Do the points from the UR mall only show up once a month (on your statement, when you get your statement)? Or do they get added to your balance separately from your monthly statement points?

  8. Why do you value UR points at 2 cents apeice when no program they can transfer into is valued that high? Is it just because of the flexibility of waiting for a high value transfer or something else?

  9. @ Andrew — I don’t have all too much experience with the Ultimate Rewards mall and I haven’t been watching as closely as I should, though I believe they show up almost right away, but typically only post with the statement.

    @ Nic — Nowadays I value Continental miles at two cents each, plain and simple.

    @ Fred — If you watch the Ultimate Rewards mall homepage they’ll often promote some featured offers, so keep am eye out there. I post about them when I can, otherwise.

  10. Sorry Lucky, confused by your answer–if they “show up” right away, or at any time before the statement, where do they show up, since you’re saying that’s different than where they “post”?

  11. @ Andrew — Hmm, now I’m questioning myself. I received an email about a week after the purchases confirming the points were earned, though I don’t think they actually posted until the statement closed.

  12. @lucky/Andrew,

    I’ve been confused about that as well. They will show up on your “accounting statement” (for a lack of a better term) within a few days of earning them. (The and promos showed up *fast*) However, you will not have your points available for use until your statement closes.

    I figured that out the hard way, because I was about 100 points short of an award I wanted at Hyatt. So, I bought a groupon. Points showed up, but I had to wait until today to actually receive and transfer them.

  13. @lucky

    No large haul for me, but I have been taking liberal advantage of the groupon promotion. I buy a lot of the food deals, and boy is that a nice little haul.

  14. Andrew:
    My recent points took 5 days to show up. When I say “show up”, it is listed in Ultimate Rewards/Manage Ultimate Rewards/Ultimate Rewards Mall & Travel Earnings. It has a note on top that says, “New transactions may take up to eight weeks to appear on your activity page after the transaction has been billed to your Chase card account”. This seems to mean that you will only get the points if you have billed it to your Chase cc. We will see if I actually get the points since I used a different cc.
    Every day on their home page, Ultimate Rewards lists the retailer and their bonus amount for that day. Today is Barnes & Nobles 10 points per dollar and Kohls is still 10 points per dollar.
    You can find a list of all the bonus points at Ultimate Rewards Mall for the next couple of months here:

  15. Interestingly you don’t seem to need to use the chase card for the purchase. I entered the HP store through the ultimate rewards mall but ultimately paid with my credit union visa card and just got an email confirming the bonus points. This was an EPP priced purchase too, which isn’t supposed to be eligible.

  16. @ Bender — Based on the T&Cs of the HP store at, I suspect it stands for Employee Purchase Program, which is excluded from earning points supposedly.

  17. Quick question about buying gift cards from UR

    Have not had any experience buying anything from UR yet. However, I was just growing and noticed that if I buy $500 worth of walmart gift cards I can end up with 50000 points. is that true…just confirming.

  18. @ syed — Best I can tell, Wal Mart only earns you one extra point per dollar through the Ultimate Rewards mall, and gift cards are excluded. Sorry!

  19. Hey guys, I bought groupon when it was 20x on December 27th. The points actually posted to my UR account after I paid that month’s statement. It did show up in my Ultimate Rewards Mall area about 3 days later, but I didn’t have use of the points until I paid the statement.

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