My first visit to the Singapore Airlines Private Room

As I hinted at earlier, I’m trying a couple of new airline products enroute to the US today, and one of them involved a visit to Singapore Airlines’ Private Room in Singapore, which is the premium portion of their first class lounge. Previously The Private Room was only open to full fare first class passengers, though in 2009 they relaxed the entry requirements and started allowing all Singapore Airlines first class passengers access.

While it’s not the Lufthansa First Class Terminal or Thai Airways First Class Lounge & Spa, it definitely ranks up there as one of the better lounges in the world.

The most surprising aspect of the experience is that the lounge is living up to it’s name a bit too well. For 80% of the evening I’ve been the only passenger in here, with about six waiters looking after me. Surely that can’t be a good sign of Singapore’s first class load factor…

I’ll save the details for the trip report, though in the meantime here are a few pictures of the lounge:


Dining area

Private room in The Private Room… now who’s on first again?

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  1. Lucky, I recommend; scratch that – I demand – that you use this quiet time to reflect on the terrible deeds you have committed. Whether it is blowing a male flight attendant in the economy class lavatory in the middle of the North Atlantic or whether it is defecating in the apple basket of an Asian street merchant, you should work to be more mature in the future.

  2. I’ll say it again. Responding to trolls in any manner is pointless. If frank wishes to spend his time writing these, so be it.

    I do agree with BrewerSEA – it’s a minor level of amusement, and then I move on to the next comment.

  3. Frank’s just mad that he accidentally confused a chamber pot with a basket of apples. Poor fellow.

    As for me, I lost any interest in the “Private Room” after reading about one of the photographers getting awfully sick after eating in there. No amount of faux exclusivity is worth a sick stomach.

    As for the private room inside the private room, what’s the point exactly?

  4. As a lurker I am finding that Frank has pulled me ‘out of the closet’ so to speak using his favorite topic of discussion.

    I find his self-loathing homophobic comments to be insulting and quite frankly ruin the value of your blog.

    I am all for moderation.

  5. The private room^2 looks like a place to make sensitive phone calls in an airport. I assume the folks paying full fare for first may have conversations they deem above the pay grade of the wait staff…

  6. Poor Frank…what a total loser.

    Lucky, you have to share how you scored the SQ F ticket. I assume not BD, since they require three days for ticketing, so was it AMEX points transferred to SQ?

  7. OMG I totally need to try SQ First! At the very least, I need to try their new business class. Besides the service and seat, I just love how SQ has some of the more friendly and social flight attendants. I don’t like when flight attendants are too formal and removed; I prefer them to be friendly and sociable.

  8. I know Lucky doesn’t like to moderate the comments, but seriously, some of them need moderation.

  9. Frank you are an IDIOT! Obviously you have some sort of mental problems! If you don’t like this blog spend your time elsewhere.

    Ben- You should moderate or delete Frank’s comments. He is an annoying idiot. I’m wondering if he is about 12 yrs old.

  10. WOW I can’t believe it, I actually visited a lounge before Lucky did!!! I’m shocked that in all your travels, you’d never been there before.

  11. Listen faggots – if you don’t like what I post, don’t read it. It’s not like I’m forcing a lump of coal up your cunts.

  12. Frank- Go post your stupid immature comments somewhere else more appropriate like a porno site! This is a travel blog!

  13. Private room – looks creepy. I don’t think i want to
    Go in there.

    Frank – wow. Hilarious.

    Back on topic, seriously what is the point of a private room?

  14. I agree that the lounge is so “private” that it’s creepy. And I’m getting confused by all of the “Franks” posting here-Good Frank, bad Frank, smart Frank, stupid Frank. Are we dealing with multiple personalities or several individuals?

  15. I realize I’m doing exactly what I’m about to say not to do here, but I don’t know how else to say it: if any of you who have commented here don’t like what someone else has commented, treat it in the same way that you would deal with a child who is acting ridiculously in order to crave attention: completely ignore it. People only say absurd things because they need attention to overcome their insecurities, so just ignore them!

    @Lucky–Insanely jealous!

  16. @Andrew

    There are plenty of annoying posters here that I choose to ignore. But there is a very fine line between annoying and severely offensive (which I’d bet drive legitimate site traffic away).

  17. @ Dax — Added privacy! The Private Room isn’t actually *that* private otherwise, unless it’s empty.

    @ Matthew — I used 51,000 KrisFlyer miles to fly from Singapore to Tokyo Narita in first class (transferred from Membership Rewards).

    @ aj — Hmm, that was just the first class lounge, no?

  18. @ Murphy — Basically The Private Room is for first class passengers and the first class lounge is for PPS members and first class passengers on other Star Alliance airlines.

  19. As Andrew says, IGNORE THE IDIOT. The fact that we’re responding and getting all worked up is only fueling his pathetic need to get attention.

    Lucky – I must agree that you should, in this case, ban the moron Frank from posting any further. You’re blog is a wealth of information and he’s tarnishing it with entries full of disgusting and abhorrent remarks.

    Please do us a favor and delete his existence here.

  20. @ Vroomvroom — I don’t know what you’re talking about. What you originally wrote looked write to me….

  21. @ Lucky – Took me a minute to get it too…”your” and not “you’re”. Thought he/she meant they wrote blush and not blog.

  22. @ Murphy – And it took me too minutes to get it two… Okay, that’s overdoing it! šŸ˜‰

  23. Great pictures lucky. I have the impression that the SQ Private room is trying to take the approach of having a lounge that is similar to the amenities of a high end boutique hotel. During my one SIN visit, I was able to visit the SQ Silver Kris Business lounge for my departing flight, and I was competely impressed by its size and amenities.

  24. Having run a message board myself in the past, banning is seldom the solution (IMHO). A dedicated troll like F…. will just spend all their time finding ways around the ban.

  25. The place sure looks better than it did the last time I visited it. Can’t wait to get back there next month!

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