My Favorite Four Points By Sheraton Ever

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With how many brands the major hotel groups have nowadays, I think we all have brands we like more than others.

I’m not talking about liking Ritz-Carlton more than Courtyard, for example, since one is a luxury brand and one is more of a budget brand. Rather I’m talking about how well a brand does at delivering on their core value proposition. For example, among Starwood’s budget brands, I’ve always loved Alofts and disliked Four Points by Sheraton.

I like Alofts because I find they offer practical design and an extremely consistent experience. I always know what to expect when I go to an Aloft, and I’m rarely disappointed.

Four Points by Sheraton, on the other hand, I don’t understand as a brand. When I think of Four Points I usually think of a soulless hotel with inconsistent design and few amenities. They usually have a breakfast restaurant, but don’t always have food all day. I expect drag, beige walls and that “popcorn” ceiling.

There’s no doubt some Four Points by Sheratons are nicer than others, but overall it’s probably my least favorite Starwood brand due to the inconsistency.

A few nights ago I stayed at the Four Points by Sheraton Nairobi Airport, and oh my gosh, this was by far the nicest Four Points I’ve ever stayed at… by a mile.

I received a beautiful suite that was functional and comfortable.

The hotel had a beautiful rooftop pool, as well as a rooftop restaurant.

Then there was a lobby bar with all kinds of aviation themed art.

Hell, look how cute the cappuccino was that I ordered.

The hotel had a spa, a great restaurant, and exceptional service. Sadly I only spent several hours here, as my flight landed at 10AM, and my flight was departing at midnight, so I just used this hotel to get a nap.

So yeah, I was never expecting that my favorite Four Points property in the world would be at Nairobi Airport. Maybe they need to differentiate the branding a bit more. This didn’t feel like a Four Points by Sheraton, but rather felt more like a Four Points by St. Regis.

But this really gets at why hotel groups develop so many brands. It’s not to be able to sell to consumers, but rather to be able to sell to investment companies. The global hotel chains mostly don’t own most of the hotels, but rather just have management contracts for them. The reason they create so many new brands is so they have something to pitch to investors.

I get why the hotel groups do it, I just don’t get why any investor would want to open a soulless Four Points, especially when the hotel is as nice as this.

What has your experience been with the Four Points brand? Are there any other super-nice ones that are worth checking out?

  1. My favorite four points was the brand new one in Brisbane a few years ago ! Upgraded to a really nice suite and could Not believe I was in a four points .

  2. I think your frustration with Four Points by Sheraton stems from the fact that you don’t understand their role for US hotels. Four Points by Sheraton is intended to allow struggling hotel operators to operate under a flag brand before they give up and convert to a Red Lion Inn or a Ramada plaza. Or just let the bank take the hotel back and abandon it entirely.

    But seriously though I can’t imagine Marriott wants to keep that brand around. Sell it off to Wyndham or something.

  3. Echoing @Frank, the 4 points in Brisbane was fantastic. Much better than any Four Points I’ve ever experienced. And I had that same suite upgrade.

  4. Stayed in the newly built Four Points at Da Nang in Vietnam four months ago. Similar to what you report for Nairobi it was incredible. Rooms were very well equipped and the top level pool was fantastic with a view over the bay. Food was also excellent.

    The brand is a confusing muddle, I agree with your sentiment that these properties should not be linked to Sheratons. The standard for me feels closer to Le Meridien in the Starwood family.

  5. Four Points Surabaya is an amazing hotel IMO.
    Both Four Points in Bali aren’t bad either, definitely not “soul-less”.

  6. Has anyone had any experience with the Four Points in Sydney? It looks relatively new and I used a 7 night certificate for my sister to use on her honeymoon. The pictures of the property actually looks pretty nice for a Four Points and location seems good as well.

  7. Four Points by Sheraton in Arusha, Tanzania (stayed there before and after safari in Serengeti). Amazing property, service and elite recognition – at least before the merger.

  8. A few years ago, we were to have our wedding at a Four Points by Sheraton. It was nice and a least i could say we got married at a Sheraton. The weekend before we got married it changed names to a Holiday Inn with no notice to us…. Our song of the night was then Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn….

  9. Would love to see someone nominate a single US 4P that is anywhere near as nice…I am curious, I don’t think they exist

  10. We’ve always enjoyed the 4P San Jose Downtown – for a domestic 4P. It is an old hotel that has been restored and is much more like a botique hotel (marble staircase, real restuarant and bar) than a 4P. And the GM, Randy Zimmerman, is active on flyertalk and always happy to chat with miles & points folks about the industry, hotel business, etc. They are getting ready for an addition/remodel in 2019. Defintely the best 4P I’ve stayed at domestically (if you enjoy the old hotel/botique feel).

  11. 4P Fargo ND is the nicest US basef I’ve stayed at. Fairly new, restoration hardware furniture in the common areas. New finishes but done with poor workmanship.

  12. @MI Completely agree on Four Points Arusha. I stayed last month (they actually migrated SPG to Marriott systems during stay) and was upgraded to a nice room in the separate building, and the restaurant was quite good. In this case, it used to be an independent hotel just called “The Arusha Hotel” but got taken over by Four Points last year. Not sure if they invested money and renovated, but regardless Four Points seems to be on the rise in Africa (they have two locations in Nairobi by the way).

  13. My favorite Four Points are Brisbane, Seoul, and Nairobi airport. Agree the US ones are inconsistent. My biggest complaint is I am allergic to their soap.

  14. The 4pts Sydney Darling Harbour WAS a great hotel but it’s now another property. I spent ten nights there in 2002 on SPG points, really great location, not at all like the usual frumpy US properties.

    The 4pts in Edmundston NB is the only decent hotel in town and I spent two weeks there earlier this year. There’s very little to do in this town especially in the winter. The hotel was OK and had a decent full-service restaurant.

    But in the US? Nah. The Richfield MN property had a promising start but it’s gone downhill.

  15. Four Points Venice Mestre is new and very nice. Just one train stop outside of Venice. I stayed there a year ago and recommend it if you’re looking for a place to stay while visiting Venice without paying the premium for actually staying in Venice. The train station is a short walk away.

  16. Four Points Bolzano is very nice as well. Location leaves a bit to be desired, but the Hotel is nicer than most Sheratons.

  17. @Mark – LOL

    @Lucky – I’m grateful you wrote this, as my wife and I will be staying at this hotel, in August.

    Your review reconfirms my experience that domestic 4P is just a half-step up from Holiday Inn, while international 4P is often a strong, full-service brand. I’d like to see them be split into two different monikers, because — investors and developers be darned — it’s important for customers to understand what we’re booking, and what expectations we can realistically have met. I get peeved when I check into a brand and discover that it’s not as good as it’s marketed to be, and I get confused when I check into a brand and it’s a better class than its reputation suggests. In either case, it leads to suspicion of a brand and makes me less likely to use it. Certainly investors and developers wouldn’t like their customers to feel that way.

  18. Four Points Auckland opened a few months ago, and is Marriott’s first foray into New Zealand
    It’s not bad at all with a good location, full service restaurant and a rooftop bar. Some of the rooms even have very nice bathtubs!
    The Melbourne one is also nice though its location is a tad far from CBD and echoing the comment above the new one in Sydney looks like a well designed hotel
    From my experience they are all solid four star hotels

  19. Lucky you are on point, no pun intended. I stayed at this Four Points at JKIA Nairobi last June when I went on Safari with my son. As SPG Gold I got an immediate upgrade to a Suite. We had a great time, breakfast had a bevy of choices, dinner on the roof top overlooking the airport one side and the Nairobi National Park on the other. The Spa was amazing and affordable(my son opted for hour long swim on the rooftop pool (with a lifeguard). Definitely better service and amenities than any Four Points I have been to in the USA.

  20. I enjoyed 4P Edmonton, although to be fair it was -25F outside, so probably I would have enjoyed anything with good heating..

  21. The Four Points brand outside of the USA (especially in Asia/Oceania) is miles above the American properties.

    Yes Four Points by St Regis would be better for outside of the USA.

  22. Four Points is like Courtyard by Marriott, generally speaking dumps in the US but very nice outside the US. It is interesting that they keep the same brands inside and outside the US as the concept is very different.

    The first time I stayed at a Courtyard in the US I was shocked, having only stayed at one in Seoul before. The Seoul CY is nicer than many full service Marriotts in the US

  23. Looks awesome. Stayed at the Four Points in Venice Mestre last year for a few nights. The suites were similar but did not have a comparable pool. Best one I’ve stayed at so far.

  24. Four Points Singapore and Jakarta are so blah.

    Good to know about Nairobi Airport.

    Anyone else noticed the Four Points Kuala Lumpur has been under construction forever?

  25. I have a reservation for the relatively new Four Points in Melbourne at the Docklands for the Australian Open in January. Looks to be (surprisingly) very modern and nice. I wonder if it’s an international versus domestic thing with Four Points?

  26. Chinese Four Points can be decent- loved the one in Suzhou. Had a top floor corner suite that overlooked two lakes, with a proper living room and tub. Was in a business area but close enough to touristy places.

  27. You are going to find a very nice Four Points or Hyatt Place in a low cost market (low construction and operating cost, and low room rate). They know they will not be able to charge more than $100-150/USD or whatever so they mark it down to a brand which sells for that range, rather than a Sheraton which they want to keep the rate up on. Meanwhile the local investor knows what they are doing and that they can add some nice amenities like that very good looking pool for not much more, make you happy, get good reviews… the hotel company is not going to complain… “sure, make it a bit nicer”

    Construction costs in USA and similar markets are extremely high… these guys probably built that pool for 30-40% of the cost.

    See the Hyatt Place Taghazout Bay… its a full on resort where if it was in Arizona would be a Hyatt Regency or something… in Morocco it is a Hyatt Place. Obviously the many exceptions to this prove the rule.

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