My Experience Buying Starpoints For 35% Off And Then Transferring Them

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Through July 20, 2018, Starwood is offering a 35% discount on purchased Starpoints when you buy at least 5,000 points in one transaction. This is a promotion that they’ve been offering since mid-June, and I think it’s safe to say that this will be the last time the promotion will ever be offered as part of the Starwood Preferred Guest program, since Marriott’s new program kicks in at some point in August.

Through this promotion you can buy up to 30,000 Starpoints for $682.50, meaning you’re paying just 2.275 cents per Starpoint, which I’d consider to be a solid deal.

The way I view it, there are several circumstances under which it could make sense to take advantage of this promotion:

  • If you want to acquire Marriott points for 0.76 cents each, since next month these points will convert into Marriott points at a 1:3 ratio
  • If you want to book stays starting next month at the much lower award redemption rates, including at the top St. Regis properties in the world
  • If you want to acquire airline miles for 1.82 cents each, since Starpoints convert into airline miles at a 1:1 ratio, with a 5,000 point bonus for every 20,000 points transferred (as of next month they’ll transfer at a 60,000 to 20,000 ratio, with a 15,000 point bonus for every 60,000 points transferred, which is essentially the same)
  • If you want to lock in a Marriott Hotel + Air Package before the new program kicks in

I bought Starpoints for 35% off during the last promotion, and frankly at that cost think it makes sense to buy them, because I’m about to go on a Hotel + Air Package shopping spree.

Since I maxed out the points I can buy, I decided to buy Starpoints for my dad’s account. Starwood allows household points transfers for those who have the same addresses on file on their accounts for a period of at least 30 days (this is likely going away with the new program), and my dad and I have always had the same addresses on our accounts.

So on July 14 we bought 30,000 Starpoints, which posted instantly.

We immediately initiated a transfer of these points to my account, which is an easy process that can be done online.

This can take up to five business days, though by July 17 the 30,000 Starpoints had posted to my account, so that was much quicker than expected.

Anyway, I know a lot of people have been wanting to buy lots of Starpoints, and the only way to buy more than 30,000 is to buy them for multiple people in a household and transfer them around. Based on my experience that works without issue, but just keep in mind that accounts have to be registered at the same address for at least 30 days to be able to do that.


  1. @lucky, I am considering buying spg points for my mom and then transfer it to my account. However, it can only be done after august 1st, 2018. Donwe still allow to transfer point between family account within the same address with the new marriot spg program? Thanks

  2. Did it last week since I needed some Delta miles since they increased their costs to Europe. I think the whole transfer took only three days from start to finish to post into my SPG account and then transfer to Delta.

    Very easy and painless procedure.

  3. @lucky what category of Marriott hotel certificates will you be buying on your air+hotel package spree?

  4. Instead of purchasing and then transferring, can you just use the gifting process? It looks like there’s still the same discount.

  5. @ Karen — Each account is limited to only directly receiving 30,000 Starpoints during this promo, regardless of whether you use the buying or gifting method (which is why the household transfer option is useful).

  6. @Evan, Ink Preferred gives 3x for points purchases (i think it falls under internet spending). I bought 51000 recently for my wife’s account and mine and all coded 3x.

  7. I’ve been trying to buy points for my GF’s account (20 days old). First I tried gifting, and then tried buying directly with her account twice. The purchase goes pending on my card, but each time the transaction gets canceled after 26 hours via e-mail. The e-mail has a number to call but they are clueless… 80k MR short of a Cat6 N&F package… Any ideas?

  8. …let me try again
    I look at the Marriott hotel and air charts and I am just lost! I can’t tell what is a good deal and what isn’t. I just bought another 30,000 miles in the name of my spouse and it looked like it went right through. So help me!

  9. Does the purchase transact via SPG (coded travel) and not pointsdotcom?

    Good for CSR miles?

  10. Isn’t it 60,000 marriott points to 65,000 miles? so the 20,000 spy points which could have become 25,000 miles or 5,000 extra are still the same. Now 60,000 mariott plus 5,000extra.

    If not the case, please show me where to find it. Thanks

  11. The wife and I just spent all our SPG and Marriott points and converted them into (1) 7-night catagory 9 and (1) 7-night catagory 7 Hotel plus Airlines miles. Before June 30, 2019 we will spend a week at St Kitts and a week on Scrub island in the British Virgin islands. This was not our immediate plan, but after seeing the point devaluation on these certificates, we pulled the trigger.

  12. @ Lucky – When did you purchase your points and how quickly were they posted? I purchased points recently and after weeks haven’t been posted to my account.

  13. I’ve bought 30k this year and so has my wife and transferred them to me. One son also bought 30 k in Dec 2017 and transferred to me then, Second son has no purchase history.

    Can both my sons purchase 30k and transfer to me?
    Can the son that bought in Dec 2017 buy again so soon?

    I read a post from a year ago that receipt of multiple purchased points from family members is not allowed in the same year, is this true(calendar yr or within a year)?

  14. @ Jeff S

    Have same question. My daughter transferred from her account to mine, but trying to have my son transfer his to my account and get enter valid SPG number. Only way around it is to move to his Marriott account and gift 50k in Marriott points.

  15. @ Jeff S

    The purchase is per calendar year for each account holder. I had to call SPG Platinum line to get the 30k in SPG points transferred to my SPG account. Was not going thru though my daughters did online. I also confirmed you can receive from multiple family members as longs as accounts have been active for over 30 days. She verified my son’s account open since March and did the transfer herself for me. Just needed my son to hop on the line to confirm and approve the transfer.

  16. @ Lucky. Thanks for the heads up on transferring SPG points. Thought for some reason one was restricted in doing that. Got my son and daughter to transfer to my account their recent 30k SPG point purchases so I can do 4 airline and hotel packages thru Marriott prior to 1 August.

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