My best Starwood hotel redemption ever is non-aspirational!

Last night I redeemed my Starpoints efficiently and non-aspirationally!

4,000 Starpoints vs. $343.65. One of the few hotel redemptions I’ve made lately that was a complete no brainer. Not factoring in promotions, that’s ~8.5 cents per Starpoint (or 2.83 cents per Marriott point), which I think is the highest value (at least on paper) that I’ve gotten on my Starpoints.

For the bonus round, can anyone guess the hotel? It’s downright shocking this hotel can get away with charging $300+ per night (or $150+ per night, for that matter).

Yes, I’m ashamed to admit that my best Starwood redemption ever isn’t even for an “aspirational” property.

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  1. Yep it is the 4 points SFO, at least you will get a two story suite if you are into that kind of thing 🙂

  2. I did a redemption like that last year in Indianapolis at the Sheraton. It was the Big Ten Championship for football so room rates were crazy high but the points stay the same!

  3. Best SPG redemptions are generally at the Le Meridien Dead Sea in Israel. 2,000-3,000 points via $350+ in the winter

  4. I was just there on Monday. Checked in 4 times in 24 hours on four square… We’ll see how that worked out. On that note: the water pressure in the shower is excellent, so is the temp control! 😉

  5. I once stayed at the Four Points in Peoria, IL. It wasn’t anything special but it was only 3,000 for a free night. Can’t beat that!

  6. Wouldn’t the true cents per point value start with the refundable rate and also account for points you would have earned?

    Also, aren’t most of the best-value Starwood redemptions on the non-aspirational side of things?

    Cash and points at the St. Regis Deer Valley is in a similar range in paper value, but beyond that it’s a lot easier to get gaudy cpp values at nice but not full-on aspirational sorts of places.

  7. You said star”points” several times in the intro, so like everyone else, I’m guessing Four Points

  8. Not quite that lucrative, but I got 5.7 cents/point at the Sheraton in Iowa City. For Iowa home games they charge $400 a night, and it’s a SPG category 3, so 7000 points. Pretty good, though hardly aspirational.

  9. I had a deal almost as good at 4 Points SFO a month or two ago. Book on a weekend for 3,000 points – better than 12 cents/point for refundable rate :-).

  10. SFO Four Points – my wife and I did the same redemption in June (after HKG-SFO in SQ F!).

    +1 @Julian on the water pressure!

  11. @ matt — It would generally, though I was booking within 24 hours so it was non-refundable regardless.

    @ julian — Agreed, though unfortunately the shower heads are at most four feet tall!

  12. lucky,

    Best redemption I have ever done was Sheraton Krabi during Xmas 2010. Hotel was charging RACK, but was allowing C&P bookings. Rack was around $450 USD.

  13. @lucky for better or worse I thought of you during my shower thinking you would hate how low the shower head is…

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