More amazing business class fares to Asia!

A few days ago I posted about some of the great business class fares American and United were offering between select cities in the US (Dallas, St. Louis, and Miami in particular) and China (Shanghai/Beijing). I shared my reasoning for why I’m very tempted by the fares in the previous post, so check it out.

I figured the fare would be pulled in no time, but that’s not the case. Instead, not only has Delta matched the fares, but they’ve been extended to include Tokyo, all for about $2,100 including tax.

As you can see here, several airlines are competing between Miami and Shanghai:

United, Delta, and American are all in!

As a reminder, these fares are good for travel through May 15, with a seven day advance purchase, as well as three day minimum stay and 30 day maximum stay.

Delta and American have a similar fare between Miami and Tokyo, except there’s not even a minimum stay requirement on the Delta fare (though there is a three day minimum stay requirement on the American fare):

So based on the research I’ve done, I see ~$2,100 fares for the following city/airline pairs:

Out of Miami:

  • American and Delta to Tokyo
  • American, Delta, and United to Shanghai
  • American, Delta, and United to Beijing

Out of St. Louis:

  • Delta to Tokyo
  • American, Delta, and United to Shanghai
  • American, Delta, and United to Beijing

Out of Dallas:

  • Delta to Tokyo
  • Delta and United to Shanghai
  • Delta and United to Beijing

If anyone comes across others, please let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Seeing $2135 ai in early May MSP-PVG in business… of course I just got back from PVG this morning….

  2. Anything out of SEA?

    Interesting that AA is not matching anything out of DFW. They must think they have a strong whole on their AAdvantage members

  3. If you want to save some $$$ on AA and you have two SWU to use, you can fly out from MIA-PVG in business (using SWU to first) and return in coach (which would upgrade to biz with SWU) and the fare is only $1400 or so AI. You lose the 150% bonus on the return, but you save about $700 on the fare..

  4. United appears to have matched to Tokyo. The fare is also available on some ANA-operated flights.

  5. @ Ak — Unfortunately they’re not valid for travel on JAL codeshares, best I can tell.

    @ Matt — Wow, awesome! How far apart, if I may ask?

  6. I’m seeing AA to Tokyo out of MSP, along with Miami-Osaka (either as a round-trip or open-jaw with Tokyo).

    Also, it seems like some of the JAL codeshares that connect at LAX on the outbound are working. HND-SFO works for the return as well.

    I’m shocked that these are still up, and expanding!

  7. @Lucky 2 weeks, going to get a 1 year visa though, I think that’s the best idea in case I want to go back later this year. Though BKK,HKT,SIN,NRT and ICN should be enough other destinations in Asia for me this year šŸ™‚

  8. What tools are you using to find these fairs? Im new to the site and wanted to know where your images came from

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