More 787 issues: ANA 787 makes an emergency landing after smoke in the cabin

Last week was pretty bad for the 787, as Japan Airlines had issues with their 787s two days in a row in Boston. Anyway, the problems seem to keep coming, as Reuters reports the following:

TOKYO (Reuters) – A Boeing 787 operated by All Nippon Airways Co made an emergency landing in Takamatsu in western Japan after smoke appeared in the Dreamliner cabin, public broadcaster NHK reported on Wednesday.

All passengers on board were evacuated, it said, without giving further details. The plane was heading for Haneda Airport in Tokyo, it said.

Ouch. Makes you wonder when they’ll start grounding them…

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  1. Go to and you’ll see that basically every type has events similar to some of the 787 issues. Engine failure here, malfunctioning hydraulics there, smoke in the cockpit every so often, etc.

  2. My QR flight next month was subbed from an A330 to a 787 and now is back to an A330. So much for lie-flat seats…

  3. Even before today’s news I was wondering if recent news had caused some people to be overly sensitive, perceiving issues that aren’t. Statistically, the 787 has undergone so much testing and real usage that to suddenly have numerous issues with nothing in common (type of issue, airline, location, etc) suggests it could be somewhat psychological. A smell of smoke in the cockpit can be quite subjective. Boeing needs to comment ASAP or let others shape the 787′s legacy.

  4. This is very typical to media coverage bias. Whenever something gets the medias attention (in this case, the JAL 787 fire at BOS) you get far more increased attention to similar events that typically occur every day and no one cares. Still have no reserves about the 787 and I expect 0 reports on the news (though the same number of intermittent issues) in a few months.

  5. United had to have an emergency landing with one of their 787’s and ANA had land gear failure on one of their first flights. If you compare this to the A380 – which had the engine problem on Quantas they haven’t had anywhere near the issues the 787 is having. Personally I now am very apprehensive to fly it….it’s had nearly a dozen random problems it’s unlike any new plane release I have ever witnessed, The 777, 767, 340 …..none had so many potentially fatal flaws – imagine what would happen if there was an electrical fire over the pacific on the Houston – Auckland route United proposes? There is NO WHERE to land in the middle of the Pacific…..personally don’t think this is something to blow off and be glib about.

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