Mileage running tomorrow, already looking like fun

Well, I managed to snatch another great TPA-SEA fare on Saturday (under $250 before vouchers), so am on the road tomorrow for another run. I’m flying TPA-IAD-SEA-DEN-IAD-TPA, which is a pretty simple routing, but as always I’m hoping for a bump. I would usually go for something more creative, but during the summer I’m happy to take whatever I can get because I’ve had great luck with earning vouchers so far. In my last two mileage runs I earned three free tickets and a $600 voucher, not to mention the miles and all of the other benefits.

Sadly IAD-SEA is an A319, which means only eight F seats. I thought I still had a good shot yesterday, when they were still selling four F seats and coach was wide open. Today the flight suddenly turned F1 (meaning they’re only selling one more first class seat), which sucks, but at the same time the flight became Y0 (meaning they’re not selling anymore coach seats).

The connection flight, SEA-DEN, is a 757, which means upgrades should be easy. It’s pretty funny because there are 24 first class seats and only four show taken on the seatmap, yet they’re still not releasing upgrade space. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining (yet), but it’s just funny how conservative IM is these days.

I’ll keep everyone updated from the road. Oh, and of course I’ll give my Channel 9 plea another try if the opportunity arises (which I hope it doesn’t, in which case all pilots just get love notes).;)

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  1. Absolutely Kiwi, and I’m always the first person to preach that on FlyerTalk, hence I said that the seatmap reflected that and not necessarily that the actual load reflected it. That being said, the flight is F9 and even if three times more seats are booked than the seatmap reflects, it’s still wide open.

    I’m almost certain I’ll clear, so I really don’t care whether it clears now or then…

  2. Sometimes the IM stuff just boggles my mind.

    Take UA197 (IAD-SEA) for 8/5 as an example. That flight is currently F2 Y2 L2. Now, I know that there aren’t any applicable L fares from TPA to SEA (they all have at least 3 day advanced purchase requires at the moment) but, it amazes me that they’d be potentially willing to sell a cheapo L-fare on a flight which appears to be nearly oversold. I definitely need to keep a close eye on Y bucket availability next time I book a MR.

  3. Ryan, as far as I know all L fares have at least a three day purchase requirement, so I’m guessing it doesn’t matter whether it’s L9 or L0 when they’re sold out. On the other hand I guess that wouldn’t really apply if one were to change flights…

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