SO EXCITING: New Microsoft Flight Simulator Coming In 2020

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I’m simultaneously so excited, and also so worried about how my productivity is about to take a nosedive.

Growing up I didn’t have many friends, though I did have Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004, and frankly that’s all I needed. I can’t even begin to guess how many hours of my life I’ve collectively spent playing the game, and how seriously I took it.

Playing Microsoft Flight Simulator was one of the fondest memories I have of my childhood, and I loved it so, so much. Unfortunately life eventually got in the way of playing it constantly, and on top of that Microsoft stopped creating updated versions of it.

Microsoft Flight Simulator X is the last time the game was released, and that dates back to 2006 (though I thought the 2004 version was better). It’s funny because earlier this year I was at my mom’s place, and her computer at home is my former computer, and it’s also the last computer on which I had the game. I tried to load it but couldn’t get it to work.

Well, for any fan of this game, there’s a huge update that’s very exciting.

Microsoft Flight Simulator will be making a return in 2020. Here’s a trailer of the new game, which looks incredible:

Here’s how the game is described:

Coming 2020, Microsoft Flight Simulator is the next generation of one of the most beloved simulation franchises. From light planes to wide-body jets, fly highly detailed and stunning aircraft in an incredibly realistic world. Create your flight plan and fly anywhere on the planet. Enjoy flying day or night and face realistic, challenging weather conditions.


I’m a little confused though as to whether it’s going to be an Xbox game or a PC game? I’m guessing I’ll have to run a parallel system on my Mac for this to work, but it’ll be oh-so-worth-it. Sorry if the answer to that is obvious, as I currently don’t play any video games.

Anyone as excited as I am about the return of Microsoft Flight Simulator?

  1. It’s to be released for PC and the Xbox One platform! Looks like I have another justification for getting a Xbox One X for 4K streaming and gaming

  2. YES! This is amazing – and right on time! I was just about to upgrade a space of my house just for FSX , but I shall hold off for this awesomeness!
    Thank you very much for the heads up!

  3. Microsoft should make “AA Delay simulator.” You have to sit in front of your computer for hours while the departure time keeps incrementing by 10 minutes. If you walk away even for a moment, the plane leaves without you and you lose.

  4. That’s just…wow. WOW! If that trailer isn’t using some kind of filter effect and the new Flight Sim will actually look like that, then I’m in!

  5. Oh man this is brilliant! Time to get a new laptop 😀
    (P.S. you weren’t the only one spending countless hours on Flight Simulator! I was playing it since the 98 version) 🙂

  6. Had it back in 1983 or so on IBM PC. Got me to retake actual flight lessons at U of Illinois.

  7. P.C and XBOX, but I have a ps4 so I get all those problems. This will be very exciting but I’m wondering if it will be able to be released on schedule as this will be the first Microsoft game of this type in a (very) long time. Will they even have the staff capacity for this. On the other hand
    I’m about to get a lot of points for my new gaming system

  8. If you go to their website they have like an insider sign-up where you’ll be part of the testing team. They explain it pretty good and all you need is an email adress. For anyone interested hurry up though, positions are limited.

    Also this looks incredible. I can’t believe how good the visuals are. I started playing FS when I was like 6, and now I’ve moved on to X-Plane, and this looks like an addon you would pay 100+ euros for on any big sim. Anyone who is interested in simming should be looking out for this

  9. @Lu
    You don’t want to do that, a new Xbox will come out next year, so this game might only be able to run on the new Xbox.

  10. I echo the comments above. I feel like so many of us could be soul mates.

    I used to do transatlantic crossings while I was asleep. Took off before bed, set autopilot and woke up in time for landing.

  11. Crazy to think how amazing a flight simulator these days could be. The entire world is mapped, AI has created models of all buildings from satellite data, and the graphics engines on 4K look incredibly lifelike. I’ve been playing open world games for some time now, but this game could be the first true open world game, where you can travel the entire world and see everything!

  12. Given the rise of Esports with examples like people winning car racing tournaments getting contracts for actual car racing, I’m surprised airlines/aircraft makers have not pushed sims to get people onto these in order to pipe pilots training programs.

  13. The very beginning of the trailer states Xbox exclusive, so why do people think it will be on the PC too?

  14. Ben-
    I so agree. I spent many a childhood hours and great memories playing MS FS 1983. Using my imagination flying from LAX to SAN and JFK to BOS. Though FS 2020 is beyond my wildest dreams of realism and artistry, there was something invigorating and even refreshingly retro about constructing AV geek realism in the mind of 13 year old. playing the original version.

  15. The flight simulator community is still very much alive with some extremely high end software for specific jets that simulate almost all the systems and high ending renderings of many airports around the world. There is detailed flight planning software, weather software that uses real time weather, air traffic controller software if you are not using live controllers, etc etc. Flight simulation is extremely advanced from back in the day and actually requires a lot of study to learn how to properly fly the jets and all their systems. Remains to be seen if this is going to be a realistic flight simulator or if its just going to be a flight simulator for people who don’t care about realism.

  16. Am I the o my one here who Sims on P3D? Also, didn’t Microsoft sell the rights to Lockheed Martin and Dovetail? I’m confused, what happened to the rights that were sold off?

  17. Been on FSX ever since it came out with a whole bunch of Addons! Glad to see a new one at last. Last few years have brought too many new airports that FSX is starting to become a bit outdated so cool to see!

  18. Get X-Plane!

    It will run great on a Mac as well, as a native version. I would not recommend Parallels on a Mac to run PC Games.

  19. > I’m guessing I’ll have to run a parallel system on my Mac for this to work, but it’ll be oh-so-worth-it.

    It probably won’t work on parallel, much less on a Mac Book Air.

  20. Such a pity, I’ve been playing this since FS 98 but I guess I am out of luck with my iMac and PS4 🙁

  21. Looks awesome! Just wondering whether airliners like the a320 will have functional cockpits?

  22. Part of the reason I’m an airline pilot today is because of flight simulator. Can’t wait to start my 3 year old on the new version!!! Keep them coming.

  23. Soooo exciting! Hours spent whiling away time as a youth, can now be re-enacted as a slightly more responsible grown up!

  24. I used the X-plane version on my desktop ages ago (and by that I mean like 10 years). Can’t wait for Microsoft’s version!!!!!

  25. I also switched to P3D due to the continued development, but if you remember the license was explicitly not for entertainment purposes because MS still retains those rights.

    I got hooked on flight simulator on V3 in 1988 on my IBM PCXT and was astounded in the jump in capabilities over the years. I guess my boot camp setup will be getting more use once this comes out.

  26. Still running MSFS 2004 and my little one just asked me to teach her how to fly on there. Can’t wait for the new one. Hopefully it’ll be available on PC. Definitely time to upgrade the laptop in that case.

  27. Hours glued to the screen, and my parents thought I was watching paint dry, loool. Can’t wait.

  28. I’m a Mac guy for about the past 8 years. But, I just bought an Alienware desktop a few months ago to get back into flight simming and using the thousands of dollars worth of software and gear that I had invested in MSFS 2004. I can’t get most of that stuff to even run on Windows 10, and that PC has seen very little use. Here’s hoping that it will run MSFS 2020 better than a slide show.

  29. This is amazing. Just hoping that there is something native in the game like the FS Passengers add-on. That took the entire game up a notch.

  30. Hate to be the bad guy going against y’all.

    Screw all of this. MS is not a small indie game company.
    4K realistic graphics are so 2016.

    By 2020 I want this whole thing to be VR where my hands actually interact with the controls and panels.
    Azure AI, yeah learn to be my co-pilot and ATC. HELP ME FLY and READ BACK COMMUNICATIONS.
    No more keyboard and mouse.

    SHAME ON 2020.

  31. Looks awesome. Can’t wait for it, might have to buy a Xbox or PC now.

    The graphics look amazing. Hopefully all the aircraft and airport add ons like Flight Beam, PMDG, etc. are going to work with this.

  32. P3D flyer also – beyond excited about this one. For people wondering about the deal with Lockheed Martin in 2009 – Lockheed Martin purchased the Microsoft ESP (The commercial version of FSX) and source code from Microsoft. So MS still has rights to sell MS to consumers. And this is an entirely new engine, so who knows how that effects the deal

  33. I was in Japan a decade ago and they had an arcade game that was a flight simulator where everything, just like a real flight, happened in super slow motion. I figured it never made it here to the U.S. because it was too real, not all flashing lights, lots of noise and blowing things up.

  34. I had FSX running on 6 PCs with wideview but Windows 10 did not work correctly so sold all PCs and monitors off and the 27 Scenery DVDs, Yoke, pedals and throttles.
    Will the new release be Xbox1 or xbox?? with its nasty controller?

  35. I have a fully built custom multi-monitor home sim and I’ve spent thousands of hours flying all around the world for over 12 years on FSX. I can not tell you how happy I am to see this and can not wait to finally explore this whole new world of flight simulator!! I’m wondering if/how the addons will be on pc version. On FSX, some addons are a must for realism. For example, will I still be able to use fspassengersx or something similar?

  36. It’ll definitely be released on PC and I’d be interested to see if it’ll also be released on the Xbox itself. Since this is developed by Microsoft, I’d imagine it’d be eligible for Game Pass members to play for free!

  37. Ok folks….settle down….remember ” MS FLIGHT”?

    Serious simmers will stick with P3D or XP11 for now and in the future,..wouldn’t be surprised if the PC version is just a rebranding of FLIGHT for those looking for a game experience (Xbox) instead of a real simulation with study level aircraft.

  38. And I thought P3D was the future. This is insane and the best news is it’s come out for the new XBOX so no more spending thousands on PC’s to get over 20 FPS. LOL.

  39. Question: Wiĺ it work with Saitek controls? Will previously added FSX Steam Edition add-on software work on the new system, or will we have to start all over again and rebuild everything from the ground up ? Asking because I have a major investment in add-on software for FSX.

  40. Sorry about Ben’s childhood. 2004 was only 15 years ago, bud. Now I’m sure you have more “friends” than you know what to do with. I don’t play the flight simulator games, but they are very realistic. The airline employee who stole a commuter plane at SEA and committed suicide had trained solely with a simulator game. He had skills – split S and pulling out just above the water, climbing turns with a steep bank, rolls.

    The coolest simulators anyone can try are in the Air & Space Museum at Dulles. They are very realistic.

  41. N Piatek says:
    It’s for PC, just distributed through the new xbox games blah blah

    SO do you think this simulation will require a subscription of some sort?

    Gene K

  42. Will be really interested in seeing how the cockpits work. The stock panels were always the achilles heel of FS, and I would always move straight into something downloaded or bought for a better experience.

    I know the virtual cockpits are eye candy, but here’s hoping they don’t over-rely on them (or that they have gotten them working a little better). I remember from my FS2000-04 days that they were nigh useless if you were actually trying to fly IFR. Shooting an ILS or some other critical phase of flight while also fiddling around with the hat switch to get your head positioned right was always a recipe for disaster and I would just go back to using panels.

  43. I’m an avid X-Plane user who was bit by Microsoft shutting down the dev of FS X. I’m surprised that so many people are willing to jump back in bed with Microsoft after being bent over so badly by them. To just up and close the franchise and then try to turn it into a “for pay” type game – they really misunderstood the flight sim community. I’m not sticking a cent into their stuff. I’ll stick with X-Plane thank you very much.

    Besides X-Plane is so much more configurable and realistic ..


  44. Definitely going with FSX..!! I already fly the Steam version -in VR –
    This new simulator hopefully will be 64 bit ,
    And Virtual Reality ready!!!

  45. As a kid, I remember playing a flight sim on the Apple IIe. I think it was made by a company called SubLogic. You would start out at Mereil C Meigs …then head towards the Sears Tower.Runways were green lines. Everything else was black.

  46. @Bobby Tukums

    If the runways were green and on Apple, I’ll bet it is FS1 the original flight sim before Microsoft.

    Meigs field and Sears tower was a default feature for all FS until FSX.

    I’m not going into the X-Plane FSX debate as each has its positives and negatives. But by all means try the X-Plane demo.

  47. I just hope they don’t mess it up like they did with flight. Trying to monetize content that should be part of the game. And not being add-on friendly.

    Please get rid of the rotating around CG feel of the old flightsim games.
    Go fly DCS and you will understand what I mean.
    Please support A2A, PMDG, Carenado like content makers.
    FSX en P3D community thrives by add ons, tweaks and improvements.

    Make this a true next gen flight sim. That uses fluid dynamics/modeling techniques to accuratly convey the feeling of actually flying. The visuals look stunning! So that part is already nailed.

    Can’t wait. I’m very excited for this. And want it to be AWSOME!!!

  48. I will never forget the fantastic feelings I had when I took off in my first flying trip in my flights I’m. I still have some images of the different pictures of the flight simulator. What a way it has come. I look forward to the MSF 2020

  49. All Right,

    This is all very exciting. The trailer is very impressive and I can’t wait to look into the finished product.

    However, keep in mind they are talking about several Terabyte of scenery data that comes with the game. I’m sure they do not ask you to install those from 50 DVDs on your hard drive. They will load the data as needed via internet from their server into your game and I’m very sure that will not come for free as someone has to pay for the data traffic. So the only way will be with a kind of subscription maybe based on how much data you are loading. This might be basically like paying for a digital taxi. As more you fly as more you pay. A flight from LAX to SFO $3 or something like that. 🙂
    I don’t believe this will be a product you used to see where you pay once. You will continuously paying money on this as you keep playing the flight simulator.

    Another thought for the xBox users: I don’t have one but my understanding is, that this is a closed system. So what will happen to the developer community with all their add ons they want to develop. I had created commercial flight announcements add on for the older FlightSimulator. Not sure you can provide addOns anymore for the xBox version. But there should be also a PC version.

    We will all find out as we hear more about the product sects.

  50. If the new Flight Simulator becomes too expensive, or outrageously so with subscriptions,
    pay as you go, etc, I would likely not purchase it. Instead, I’d probably stay with my current
    FSX version, or switch over to X-Plane 11 (I already have both). FWIW, I also have a large
    investment in FSX add-ons which I don’t want to lose or give up. I am not normally a fan
    of Microsoft, so I will take a wait-and-see approach and see what others have to say once
    it is released into the public domain…..

  51. Why you all need new PC morons, when they said clearly – it will be on Xbox One…and with that move they will kill this series.

  52. Have been flying with FS since dos days!!! Can’t wait for the next installment. I just couldn’t buy x plane or P3d. About damn time Microsoft!!

  53. What about those fans of PMDG aircraft or others ?
    Where they able to use PMDG aircrafts add ons ?

  54. I am a huge,huge fan of microsoft flight simulator.This might seem a little overboard,but I am still using Flight Simulator 2004 and Flight Simulator X.I still feel that Flight Simulator 2004 is much better than Flight Simulator X.I am a PC user,so if the new flight simulator is as brilliant as what I saw in the trailer,then I definitely will not need to buy another flight simulator ever!!!!!!!!!!!.Well done Microsoft.We are so proud of your excellence and hard work.

  55. Yes, agree, the trailer looks good.

    Now, to see what kind of gimmicks MicroSoft comes up with to get it! If its too expensive,
    I will just stay with FSX. Likewise, if add-ons are not reasonably available at affordable prices,
    I am not interested.

  56. I ‘ve been around PC simulations far to long to get excited about a trailer. Usually the end product is nothing like what they promoted.
    Saying that, I will certainly follow the development. I’m hoping for a decent out of the box flightsim. A p3dv4 reload takes days to get all of the necessary mods up and running correctly.

  57. I really hope it lives up to the hype like all other flightsims they all say theirs is the latest and greatest but fail to live up to their claims
    We have to spend thousands of dollars for extra add ons and and periferals to benifit from ( not very realistic scenery) and aircraft
    And REALLY BAD frame rates
    It seems you have to own a cray computer to get best results
    And have to know how operate a herdron collider to to understand all the computer jargon how something for dumwits like me that like to fly sims the easy way not all computer users are Steve jobs or mark Zuckerberg most of us are just novice and or just too old to learn all the jargon
    I pray for TRUE PLUG AND PLAY!!!!

  58. I would not rush to run out and purchase the new MS Flight Sim gear just yet (or as soon
    as it is released). Figure it will be full of bugs for the first 5 years, and half the add-ons that
    are created won’t work. This project will require a long “shake out” I think.

    I am also concerned about how MicroSoft will offer it to the public, or what scheme they
    will use, and how much it will cost. There also remains to be seen if all of the new peripherals
    such as yokes, rudder, radio stacks, etc will work with it, and what additional software will be
    needed to make these work. Plug n Play sounds nice, but already, we are seeing some really
    nice stand-alone GPS units that require 3rd party software to work.

  59. hello. what is the required pc companents for the niew Flight simulater 2020? (CPU,GPU&motherbord) . For a optimal running? thanks for feedback. Regards Christiaan

  60. How compatible is this with saitek instruments and panels . Do you have to buy traffic and planes and liverers . Do you have to run this on xbox . How many upgrades dose computer need . SO frustrated with flight simulator x steam with addons not working & computer crashes . Spent thousands on addons & components . Hope this is not a SCAM. Dan

  61. If you want that exact effect, and game play then i would suggest a PC/Laptop that has an Intel i7 3 gig or more processor with 1080 or higher graphics card especially if you want the frame rates to be good enough for no lag. I’m counting the days myself till this comes out. I became a big fs guru after my step-father let me take control of his Cessna 210 briefly when i was 6…… Got to scare my sister who was 10 just because i knew she hated when it turned downward on her side of the plane to where she saw the ground….. lol

  62. Seems to me that XPlane has LM and MS innovating, finally. Running scarred, on the run. Making if better for our flying fun!

  63. Whenever I hear Xbox/PC I get cautious. Consoles will never be able to run realistic flight sims.
    Controls implementation will be scaled down (look at the racing sims). And physics will likely be simplified to achieve an accaptable levels of performance/control with console hardware and controllers. All of this will reflect on the PC version not having the fidelity we want as flight sim enthousiasts.
    And let’s be honest consoles are for gamers not really interested in simulations in general. They want quick and easy satisfaction…..

  64. I’m a little weary of making too much of this simply because the trailer looks awesome. The trailer for FSX looks awesome but the game play itself didn’t really resemble the trailer. The other thing to remember is, to get visuals similar to the trailer you are going to need a Gaming PC that only Bill Gates can afford.

  65. It was an early Microsoft Flight Simulator that got me to go and learn how to actually fly the Cherokee Warrior. Made friends with a pilot and learned how to take off, fly around and land a real airplane over time. Thank you Microsoft.

  66. Went 12 years now without buying PC, Microsloth, etc and being a pure Mac snob but I guess now I’m going to have to reconsider that stance.


    I anticipate major disappointment.

  67. Hi I am new to Xbox games I fly rc planes , I want to try this flight simulator I just brought a Xbox one s what controller would be best ? Will a T flight Hotas one joy stick be a starter. Hope someone can help. Cheers.

  68. Realism to me is more than how the scenery looks like. I must admit, the demo videos published by Microsoft look amazing.
    Since I’m flying helicopters the characteristics of the flight model, i.e. how the airfoils and fuselage are modeled a way more important to learn how to control a small airplane or helicopter.
    In Prepar3d and fsx when you pull the collective in a helicopter it lifts strait up. I can tell you from real live helicopter flight experience, that will never happen.

    Also saw some mentions online on X-plane 12.
    Curious to see what they will do with the next version of their simulator.
    First reaction for me is to stay with X-Plane.

  69. As a former USAF & FAA controller and current pilot, I’m really jazzed as to this upcoming FS iteration ! I was doing this Sim from the very beginning-so many years/logged flight “hours” ago…I remember setting the weather very IFR, visibility-wise, and then attempting ILS approaches…wow! runway suddenly popping in over the whole cockpit windshield…what a hoot!

  70. Hi:

    With all the hype over MS FSX 2020, we’re still waiting to hear what kind of PC platform it
    will require (Win 8, 10, etc) and what we might be expected to have to purchase in order to
    use it.

    I run both X-Plane and FSX Steam using two different Win 8 PCs with good effect.

    What will I need to use FSX 2020? Does anyone know?

  71. So much hype.
    I am a long-time fan of the MSFS franchise. Have been since FS3.
    So, you know I’m not a hater, just a realist.

    Unless FS2020 addresses realistic flight physics, we are back
    to FSX with TileProxy. Albeit, with upgraded graphics et al.

    Don’t set yourselves up or another fall, guys. Wait & see.

  72. Please include indian airports also to the 2020 realistic and amazing flight simulator… please it’s my humble request to the developers …

  73. do we know a ETA on the game for xbox 2020 and one thing i do know its free if you have the game pass

  74. Can anyone tell me about the power and hardware needed to run the 2020 version of Microsoft Flight Simulator ie motherboard needed and graphics card, amount of memory, CPU required ect ect?

  75. just get an XBOX ONE X and get game pass i heard its on game pass when it comes out later this yr

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