MH17 Was Shot Down Directly By Russian Armed Forces

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This is pretty significant news. In July 2014, a Malaysia Airlines 777-200 crashed while enroute from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, killing all 298 people onboard. This left the world in shock, not just because it appeared that the plane was shot down, but also because this was the second Malaysia 777 to crash in a matter of months.

It’s a shame that nearly 300 innocent peoples’ lives were taken, yet no one has been held accountable. Up until now, one of the prevailing theories has been that Russia supplied the missiles that shot down MH17 to a rebel group near the border between Russia & Ukraine. However, it looks like Russia’s involvement was more direct than that.

Today a press conference was held in Utrecht, where a Dutch official that was part of the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) shared their conclusion, after years of investigating. Specifically, they found that MH17 was shot down directly by Russian armed forces in rebel-held territory in Ukraine. Per BBC:

“All the vehicles in a convoy carrying the missile were part of the Russian armed forces.”

He restated the JIT’s conclusion that the plane had been destroyed by a Russian-made Buk missile, adding that it had been supplied by the country’s 53rd anti-aircraft brigade in Kursk.

At a news conference in the Dutch city of Utrecht, the investigators also showed social media pictures which they said traced the route the missile convoy had taken to reach eastern Ukraine.

While Russia supplying the weapons would be bad enough, the fact that it was directly the Russian armed forces that brought down a civilian plane operating an international flight is major. Not surprisingly, Russia has repeatedly denied that their forces were involved in any way in this incident. In 2016 a Kremlin spokesperson said “We cannot accept as final truth of what they say. I bet you haven’t seen any proof.”

This is a level of international politics that’s above my pay grade, so I’m not sure what exactly happens from here. Isn’t this an act of war, or something? A country’s armed forces shot down a plane carrying nearly 300 innocent civilians. Shouldn’t there be some accountability here for the lives that were lost? This is just so tragic. It’s bad enough to lose loved ones in an accident like this, it must be even worse to feel like there has been no justice.

Then again, with how tense relations already are with Russia, I worry what the end result would be here if trying to “do the right thing” and hold the groups who shot down this plane accountable.

What do you make of these findings, and do you think there will be any accountability here?

  1. We have only to look at history and the multiple previous incidents or Russia shooting down airliners and military aircraft in international airspace to know that there will be zero accountability.

  2. C’mon, Ben, did you read the original or you rely on BBC to be truthful? Here is an abstract from the official release:

    “During the meeting today, the JIT presented their conclusion that the BUK TELAR with which flight MH17 was downed, originates from the 53rd Anti Aircraft Missile Brigade of the Russian army. That conclusion raises questions, such as the question to what extent the relevant Brigade itself was actively involved in the downing of flight MH17 on 17 July 2014. An important question, into which the JIT is still investigating.”

    Read last two sentences. Also, evidence based on social media pics? They can do better.

    Ok, it’s a miles and points blog after all. I am done.

  3. They shot down KAL007, without warning and claimed it was spying for America.
    These people are of the NAZI school of PR: deny, deny, deny and repeat the big lie often enough and people will believe it.
    The Dutch report has credibility and a ring of truth.

  4. Not that the US is blameless in such matters: the deliberate shooting down of the civilian Iran Air A300 for example. Disgraceful.

  5. I don’t see why one would want to believe the unbelievable liars of the west. They are greedy and want to steal the Russians land and subjugate them, that is obvious to anyone with slightest intelligence and skepticism. I am an American citizen that was born on the 4th of July… which of course means I recognize the greatest threat to my liberty is my own government and their militarism and lies. Of course.

    Could this be true? Sure. Could just as likely be the opposite.

    The USA overthrew the Ukranian government; there is audio of USA diplomats discussing their plans for it. What if Russia was plotting the overthrow of Mexico? I think Putin was very restrained in his response to this blatant agression.

  6. The US admitted it shot down the aforementioned Iranian airliner and made a financial payment to the families of passengers.

  7. @DaKine, you almost wrote that like an American would. But you made too many errors that a non-Native speaker would make, and you made none of the errors that a lesser-educated Native speaker would make. Your astroturfing training sucks, and you should be ashamed. Back to the gulag.

  8. @121Pilot. Kind of like when the US shot down Iran Air 655? BTW, Open Skies does not extend to armed or military missions.

  9. Correct me if I’m wrong….but don’t countries receive $ formplanes flying over their territory? If I’m right what would Russia do if airlines stopped flying over Russian airspace as a direct response to the Dutch report?

  10. Indeed Dolan, @DaKine’s errors were too obvious to be anything but an employed troll.

    It’s funny how hard it really is to be good at emulating a native-English speaking American. Every word really does matter. The more one lives or travels abroad the better they get at picking up the nuances as to mistakes a person makes when speaking a given language. In my case, it’s English. The word choices often reflect upon the language programs or ties to similiar words in a country/language, which assist in teaching English.

    For example, one can easily separate the vast majority of non-native level French persons writing English from that of a German, even if their structure and other elements are largely very good. For example, a French person might use a phrase like “I propose”, which a native English speaker would almost never use those two side by side. They would say “I would propose”. But in French, I propose is “je propose”, and thus many will simply translate it to ‘I propose’, missing the natural language elements. But that ignores that it’d be very rare to write ‘I would prorpose’ in a correspondance for a native speaker. They’d use phrases like “I’d suggest” or “How about”.

    In the DaKine’s response, there’s many linguistic errors. For example:

    “unbelievable liars of the west” – No American would use these phrases, it’s not a natural combination words.

    “they are greedy” – Used the word ‘they’, when you meant ‘we’, since you noted you were an American citizen.

    “Of course.” – Also not natural language to use as a sentence by itself reconfirming yourself. You can use it in a conversation with another person as a response, but not to oneself.

    “there is audio of USA diplomats” – Again, it’s not natural. An American would almost never use the term ‘USA’ in that context. They’d say ‘American’, such as ‘there is audio of American diplomats’.

    To name a few. Of course, the cadence and flow doesn’t fit a native speaker either. But that’s more time than I can fix here.


  11. Wow, Lucky. Use your miles and points blog to run a smear campaign, why don’t ya? I’m a long-time reader, and I am quite frankly shocked that you took a story from an openly anti-Russia media outlet and reported it as fact. The headline is disgusting. It’s obvious to anyone with half a brain that Western countries and their associated sheep, aka “media,” are doing everything in their power to discredit Russia. Russia is rapidly regaining a lot of the power that it lost after the collapse of the Soviet Union, and people are hysterical about it. It is not the Russia of the 1990’s, a country that was in political transition and economic ruin. Russia will not be pushed around like it was in the 90’s. You know what Russia wants? For western “democracies” to stop being so obnoxiously hypocritical. The recent behavior of Western nations against Russia is retarded. They are giving Putin a reason to be uncooperative and provocative.
    Russia had absolutely no incentive to target a civilian plane, especially one from Malaysia. Just think about it with a shred of common sense.
    As for those whining about Russia intervening in Ukraine, don’t forget that EVERY powerful country is guilty of stirring trouble, invading countries, subjugating people and murder. It’s not exclusive to any one state.
    **Before any imbecile decides to call me a”Russian troll,” let me say that I am American, hold an M.A. in International Relations, and currently work in Russia. I am not pro-Russian. I am pro-common sense.

  12. @Jesse, In addition to being pro-common sense, did you also vote for Donald Trump?

  13. And the trolls are already moving on from denial to muddying the waters with weak equivalents.

    Deviate from the playbook occasionally, guys. Unless you’re looking to be completely replaced by an AI.

  14. And Jesse, you might very well be a real person. The problem is that Russians have worked so hard at muddying the waters online that there’s no real way to know. Which, perhaps, is the intent.

    Common sense says Russia was involved. They had motive, opportunity and there’s a rather substantial amount of evidence to support their involvement. Certainly enough that a respected governmental body (Dutch investigatory body) would release a statement heavily implicating the russian government. All the huffing and puffing from folks like you doesn’t change the reality.

    And attack the BBC all you want. What I love is when folks like you attack the integrity of storied institution like it then turn around and link to some fly by night site that didn’t exist last week.

    Russia did this. History will remember that and not your attempt at online static.

    Get your facts correct. Its russian missile. WHO shot we dont know.

    Like many terrorist use US weaponory. So the US shoots everyone?

  16. @Debit’s sister Nope. I actually didn’t vote because I didn’t want the headache of filling out an absentee ballot. Plus, I’m from Alabama, so I knew that it’s a red state and that my vote wouldn’t change anything.

  17. Lets do it fellas!!! All these foreign policy geniuses out there. You are educated men? You are Americans of education and high moral character? Are you even aware of the anti-imperial and anti-imperialist traditions of the American republic? We kicked hell out of the British Empire… but apparently we should listen to you and fasten on ourselves another one.

    I understand that you have a hard time understanding me. That is because I am an ACTUAL AMERICAN… there are very few of us left. What is left is bootlickers such as yourself who have no clue about American history and are generally soft little pushovers. Why else would Americans be handing over 30-50% of their income and be pushed around in every possible way if it were not for pathetic little Soviets such as yourselves.

    @ Dolan Tramp & Keeping It Real – Exactly, you are uneducated and have nothing relevant to say.

    @ RM – Let me first say that you said nothing of import, you only attacked my admittedly hurried syntax on an internet post. You have nothing useful or relevant to say on these matters. You are a typical uneducated American and the very reason why we are no longer a free people, and cannot prevent our government from engaging in destructive imperial ambitions.

    I will reply to only one of your little nitpicks… I said “they are greedy”. Yes, bootlicker, they are greedy… THEY are the GOVERNMENT, that cold cruel monster the STATE. YOU (AND I) are the PEOPLE. An actual American with a modicum of moral, intellectual and physical courage would understand that; they would keep it central in their mind at all times.

    Time for some education… read your James Madison on war and foreign adventurism… you know that pinko commie leftist known as the “Father of the Constitution”:

    Of all the enemies to public liberty war is, perhaps, the most to be dreaded, because it comprises and develops the germ of every other. War is the parent of armies; from these proceed debts and taxes; and armies, and debts, and taxes are the known instruments for bringing the many under the domination of the few. In war, too, the discretionary power of the Executive is extended; its influence in dealing out offices, honors, and emoluments is multiplied; and all the means of seducing the minds, are added to those of subduing the force, of the people. The same malignant aspect in republicanism may be traced in the inequality of fortunes, and the opportunities of fraud, growing out of a state of war, and in the degeneracy of manners and of morals engendered by both. No nation could preserve its freedom in the midst of continual warfare.

    Once you study that, please go check out George Washington’s farewell address and what he has to say of foreign wars. Is he American enough for you?

    You are mere children, unworthy of the lofty title of American.

    P.S. – Here is “USA diplomat” Victoria Nuland plotting the overthrow of Ukraine…
    Not that you would care or do anything about it, you think being American is letting your government walk all over you.

  18. I see, Jesse. You’re just one of Russia’s useful idiots. Alabama has a lot of those. Nearly enough to elect a guy like Roy Moore.

  19. It was Malaysia Airlines don’t hold your breath about anyone getting worked up and holding Russia responsible for its actions. If it was an American Airlines jet we probably would have a full scale war. Since its Malaysia other countries aren’t going to want to lift a finger.

  20. Love how all the Russian trolls speak in broken English. A third world country with third world education!

  21. @Chris W Umm “”All the vehicles in a convoy carrying the missile were part of the Russian armed forces.”” I’m not sure how this constitutes fake news. The missile was in the possession of the russian armed forces. Who do you think fired it sherlock?

  22. DaKine – reread your own blithering reddit-style response and compare that to what the Dutch Government has posted.

    Which would you choose to believe? Nuff said.

  23. @ Brian – How is your Russian? They pay a 13% flat tax, what do you pay? Either a heck of a lot more (means you are a loser who cannot control his government – count me in that shameful camp), or nothing (means you are just plain old loser who makes no money).

    I do know Russians… I know they don’t want to be ruled by Obama, Clinton… even Trump. And down to a man they will die to prevent that. One thing I am agreed with them on… I don’t want to be ruled by those people either! But I am an actual American, not these pathetic nothing “men” that know nothing of their history or how to maintain their liberty.

    The average Russian college graduate would run circles around an American in cultural and historical knowledge.

  24. @Dakine

    That was a better attempt at a native English speaker response, but still too many errors. Even after reminding you that a native English speaker (especially one as supposedly well educated as you are), would say ‘USA Diplomat’. American Diplomat, or US Diplomat (as BBC did), are both perfectly acceptable. USA Diplomat…not so much.

    Same goes for ‘American Republic’ or even the word ‘state’ in the context you used it. Nobody uses those. They might use ‘state’ in a similiar context – such as ‘state-sponsored spying’ or ‘state-sponsored agents’, but not in a the way you used it. Again, it’s the details that make the English language so tricky.

    And really, bootlicker? Was that on the board for the ‘word of the day’ list or something?

    As you troll more with your job you’ll learn that less is more. The more you write in a comment section somewhere, the more mistakes you make, and the more troll-like you sound. If you kept it to a few lines, you’d have less opportunity to screw up.

    Good luck!

  25. @Dan First of all, insulting me based on which state I am from is immature. Second, I don’t like Roy Moore. Third, you work on the assumption that people from Alabama are stupid. Just google NASA and Huntsville. And by the way, I am very well educated, as are my parents and siblings. I guess you assume we all walk around barefoot with overalls while picking a banjo? Stereotyping at its finest.
    As for your comment about my source, I stated that it is obviously biased. But it has been around almost 2 decades and is the official English media outlet of Russia, so it’s definitely not “a fly by night site that didn’t exist last week.”
    I am not denying that Russian-made equipment brought the plane down, nor am I denying that Russia supplied the rebels. But I will say that it is asinine to believe that the order came from the Russian government.
    Yes, Russia supplied the weapons. But the USA, UK and most other influential countries have done the same. So, when someone uses weapons from these sources, by your logic, they are guilty. The reality is, just because the weapons are linked to a country doesn’t prove that country’s guilt.
    Useful idiot. Hahahahaha. Just because people have a different viewpoint than you, you start hurling insults. Very mature.

  26. @Dan I will say that you are a useful idiot for western propaganda and the Western attempts at blaming everything on Russia. Yet, you are blind to the atrocities carried out by Western European nations and the USA. I am not so blind as to ignore my own shortcomings while eagerly hurling stones at others for doing the same things.

  27. @DaKine, you keep omitting articles.

    Straight up, you can’t come in here writing the way Borat speaks and expect people to take you seriously.

  28. I’m not XYZ, YOU’RE XYZ. My six year old niece has already graduated past that crap.


  29. @ RM – What you have run across is an old fashioned American libertarian. A man of the Old Right. An Old Whig, enemy of all things Tory. A Jeffersonian. A Copperhead. An America Firster. A Taft Republican.

    We stood with the feisty American who had no need for taxes and empire. You stood with the Crown. Because you are a bootlicker.

    You probably don’t even know what the Monroe Doctrine is. Our Monroe Doctrine was audacious and bold, perhaps it was correct for the times. Now we want to claim the world. A true patriot does not deny another man’s patriotism. The desire for Putin to not see a foreign power ruling an adjoining government is far more humble than our Monroe Doctrine, and I, as an American patriot can see his point of view. Once again, what would we do if Putin was overthrowing Mexico?

    I use the term State as in…

    But once again… you have no clue about any of this. Because you are a soft, squishy, typical “American” who is a disgrace to the name.

    Can I get some references to history, politics or our foreign policy? I worry you are some sort of British troll… we never seem to be able to rid ourselves of Perfidious Albion.

  30. The story is about how the Dutch Government just published a rather searing indictment on Russia’s likely involvement in the downing of MH17. Something that doesn’t really stretch the imagination, given the proclivities of the Russian Government.

    Yes, America is just as bad. Yes, the West is awful, etc etc. But Russian still shot down MH17. Which was the entire point of this article.

  31. @DolanTramp – You keep omitting things I expect of an American – intelligence, independence of thought, education… a certain feistiness that built the greatest nation in the world.

    Are you a British troll?

  32. If I were your boss at the troll farm, DaKine, I’d be giving you an A for effort. You’ve certainly got enthusiasm, which is something you can’t train.

    But you’re still pretty green. You need another few months in the lower level blogs like this one before we let you in the big leagues.

    You’ll get there!

  33. British Trolls have a far worse record influencing the independence of this country, read up on it:

    Though certainly the Russkies were terrible spies when they were commies… That was probably when all of you loved them! And I hated them.

    Because once again… I am an American, and you are some sort of pathetic amorphous blob of washed up ideas and contradictions (at best, at worst you are Marxists)

  34. @DaKine, did your handlers tell you to attack those traits? Did they tell you that Americans value intelligence, “independence of thought”, and education? You must be very unfamiliar with our culture.

  35. @ Dan – that is because I am an actual American sitting in a Manhattan restaurant eating my lunch… that actually gives a f$%< about my country and peace and liberty. Read up on it, google Ron Paul and watch videos or something. I was born on the 4th of July.

  36. Totally agree with Dan! Definitely A for effort for DaKine.

    Just spend a bit more time watching American TV and you’ll blend in better. Until then, you don’t have the right fare class on your ticket to upgrade to the next level. Perhaps you’ll get an opup, but it’s unlikely.

  37. @Dolan Trump – Bahahahahahaha that is pretty good! oh my, I must admit that is quite a statement, unfortunately quite true. As I have stated many times, Americans have slid way down hill… we are only left with you.

  38. Borat version: “we are only left with you.”

    American English version: “We are left only with you.”

    So close, though.

  39. As predicted – posters come out of the woodwork to make this all political and demand @lucky just shut up and say thing.

    This blog is about points and rewards, but @lucky is also an airplane lover. So anything to do with airplanes will be talked about. Anyone here trying to scream about “the injustice” of this post is a troll.

  40. Please note… I have filled this page with facts and history. You have filled this page with “I am a sorry ass Clinton supporter who is still butt hurt my person got destroyed”. Or whatever it is that motivates you.

    Nobody on this thread even knows what the Monroe Doctrine is without googling it… but yeah, go ahead and flap your jaws all you like about American foreign policy.

  41. Let’s bring it back to the point of this blog (TRAVEL) for you ignoramuses… Your assignment: go on the internet and read/watch everything you can by Rick Steves.

    He is a traveled and a MAN OF PEACE. Here is a start:

    P.s. Likely he has typical kooky leftist/socialist ideas… but we will take what we can get today. War is the central question of maintaining our liberty. War is the Health of the State…

  42. @ Dolan Trump – You just constructed this beauty…

    So close, though.

    Really? Who taught you to use commas?

    Still waiting for anything of substance. Why should I pay for whoever owns/runs the US government to invade the world?

  43. The Dutch Government mishandled this from the very beginning. They should have flown troops into Ukraine to secure the crash site and gather evidence within hours. But nope, they just let the site be looted and all the evidence destroyed.

  44. @ Dan I still am waiting on a better reply than “I’m not XYZ, YOU’RE XYZ. My six year old niece has already graduated past that crap.” How about a legit reply about the issue? Or are you still pouting about getting owned by an Alabamian, a person from a place that you clearly have a low opinion of? I guess you are still in shock that I am not an illiterate and uneducated redneck? Maybe I can make you feel better in your safe space by quoting Neil Young- “Oh Alabama. Banjos playing through the broken glass windows down in Alabama. See the old folks, tied in white robes, hear the banjo. Don’t it take you down home?”

  45. ” Our Monroe Doctrine”? Another dead giveaway. Back to Write Like Proud United States Person class for you.

  46. Also, tell your teacher that “that was born on the 4th of July” is also a red flag.

  47. @Brian Dude, you are clueless. Maybe you should do some research and possibly even visit Russia before you make a comment like this: “Love how all the Russian trolls speak in broken English. A third world country with third world education!”
    I am a teacher in Russia, and I have taught in the USA as well. In my experience, Russian students study harder, in general. They also are very well-educated and know a lot not only about their country, but others as well. All students study a second language, beginning in elementary school, and a good portion study 2 foreign languages. Plus, you can’t expect Russians to speak perfect English, as it isn’t their mother tongue. Russian itself is truly difficult and vastly different than English. For example, articles are difficult for them because they don’t have them in their language. Additionally, Russian students are heavily involved in physical culture and the arts, much more so than American students. They have a rich cultural heritage that is revered. By the way, students here show much more respect to their teachers.
    About your comment on Russia being third-world-you obviously haven’t visited a true third-world nation. I have been to truly desperate places, seen the poverty and destitution, and Russia isn’t anywhere close.

  48. Can we all finally admit that the Soviets are still in charge in Russia, and that they have mounted a campaign of sabotage against us for the last 30+ years?

    They are insidious, and we need to realize that the Cold War never ended.

    The best way to push back would be to hit them where it hurts: reduce our demand for hydrocarbons (oil and gas), which is the majority of their exports. Starve the beast by starving its source of hard currency.

  49. @Jesse yeah, I live in Russia (Moscow, SZAO, born and raised), and most of my local acquaintances think of Russia as a third-world hellhole. All of them have gotten their university education, too, and are generally smart and interesting people.
    I can say that Moscow looks better than a regular third-world country (if we can even apply this term), because of the love of our government to keep up appearances (пускать пыль в глаза), but go like 40 minutes out, and all you see is trash, drunk people (most of them educated, yes) with no hope for any future and dilapidated houses.
    So please, stop with your nonsense. Russia is an awful place to be and to live in right now. For foreigners like you – maybe less so (due to a low income tax and stuff).

  50. Dear Lucky, Tiffany, and the team:

    Having observed the discussion so far, I would like to make a suggestion for reasonable administrative intervention. There’s no problem when the audience simply present their respective opinions and argue for their cases. However, blatantly masquerading or falsifying one’s identify in the process constitutes public disinformation. Credibility ceases to exist when one claims to be someone he’s not. Thus, his comments no longer contribute to a productive, meaningful discussion. Furthermore, intentional, targeted public disinformation is something we should all watch out for. Regardless of its source or our legal obligations as administrators and commentators, we should all strive to eliminate these disinformation campaigns. So, I urge you to consider stopping some very obvious examples of trolling.


    Best plan to make America great again yet lol

    And the funniest part.. you “real Americans” have white daughters that are still fucking us minorites and turning the country mulatto.

    Aren’t you excited for 2040 guys? 🙂

  52. This is entertaining. I vote to let the comment train going! Let’s pretend we have a vote, like the Russians… (sorry, couldn’t help myself)

  53. First time to comment on this blog. Very disappointed to see a healthy points and miles blog to use fake news as fact. Also, the headline is very disgusting.

  54. Why are people complaining? It rarely gets as funny and entertaining as this.
    I applaud Lucky for allowing this.

    DaKine, I do have a hard time believing that any American, who would read this blog, would have your knowledge of American history.

  55. I like how all the Russian trolls disappeared and went to sleep around 10pm Moscow time. I wonder if they will be back tomorrow bright and early. You would think they could afford to pay for a night shift.

  56. Guys! Guys! Let’s just all be “real” (as the kids say) for a quick second and admit that the instant anyone uses the term “Fake News” unironically their comment should be immediately deleted and the commenter barred from posting ever again. Anyone, on either side of the fence, knows that’s a new buzzterm that is never followed by factual data but merely serves to announce the entry of an under/non-informed ignoramus.

    That said, carry on. This is fun. **faint sound of popcorn popping in the distance**

  57. As some of my Comrades have noted above this entire story is false. A patented attempt by the decadent imperialist west to smear the great Mother Russia and her glorious leader Comrade Putin.

    Clearly the Americans have employed their lackey Dutch dogs as agents on their behalf. This cannot be disputed. In fact it is likely that this entire shootdown and sham investigation was an American imperialist plot. The Americans shot down the airliner (as they have done before) and used their NATO lackeys to accuse mother Russia of this treachery. They do this in order to foment a crisis in the hop that this would undermine Comrade Putin and cast the name of the great Russian military into disrepute. Their lies are obvious. But soon the truth will be known by all.

    The American imperialist dog and his lackeys in the west that seek to undermine the glorious Russian Revolution will be seen for what they are. The world will know the victims on this plane were in fact murdered by American armed forces decripit and morally bankrupt as we all know them to be. The world will know Comrade Putin as the glorious and esteemed world leader that all Russians know him to be. Reunited with our brothers in the Ukraine the people and the party as one we will move onto to victory!!!

    Soon the imperialist west with all its plots and evil will be smashed. It will of course like the Roman Empire collapse in on itself from its own decadence. Weak and divided it will be snuffed out. The steel of mother Russia will then unite the world under its glorious banner led of course by the wise and generous Comrade Putin!!!!

  58. Wow! The paid Russian Trolls really are out in force. I am not on social media much so I do not usually see it but here it is. No wonder Hillary lost.

  59. Lucky, I bet you never knew you ha so many Russian readers! You’d better start reviewing more Aeroflot flights.

    The Russian trolls would be entertaining if their effects were not so serious. This comments section needs to be pruned on off-topic nonsense. If I want to hear Russians answer every argument by saying “yes, but look at what America does…” I will turn on RT. As though you can just hand-wave away your government shooting down an airliner because other governments do bad stuff too. I hope they pay you enough to salve your conscience.

  60. @Vasily Zytziev So now that faking an American voice has failed, they are now becoming blatant Soviet revolutionnaires!

    Note: it is now morning/afternoon in eastern Russia (east of Ural mountains)

    I am not a native speaker (not evem a resident of English speaking country) but even I can tell that you are not an American or someone from English speaking country.

    Looks like there are evem more Russian trolls than Chinese 5(wu)-maos!

  61. @Carter Why is it disgusting? Russians have a right to defend their country. I am American, have lived and been educated both in America and Russia, and I have the ability to perceive what is going on. The Western countries are terrified of Russia, and are desperately trying to suppress it. But, in fact, all that they are doing is steeling Russia’s resolve by backing them into a corner. Do you expect Russia to just take it? Would the USA just stand there and take it? Of course Putin will agitate and provoke in response. The Skripal case, for example, is a sham. The UK hasn’t shown a shred of hard evidence that the Russian government was behind it, but its allies were quick to jump on Russia. Let’s not forget that the UK has violated international law by denying access of Russian diplomats to citizens of the Russian Federation. If there was hard evidence, I would condemn Russia, but at the moment it seems like a pretext to try to subjugate Russia. The latest accusation is asinine. Of course the weapons came from Russia, but all powerful countries arm rebels that benefit their goals. I highly doubt The Russian government ordered the plane shot down. Geez, people have no common sense. It’s the usual western mindset that free speech is okay unless what someone says doesn’t agree with their opinion. Then it’s suddenly not okay.

  62. I’m with DaKine and Jesse. And I will just add that I don’t believe a word that comes from the BBC, the CBC, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Boston Globe, Washington Post, ABC, NBC, CNBC, MSNBC, CBS, Fox, Time, National Geographic, Popular Mechanics, Boston Herald, LA Times, Chicago Tribune, Sun-Times, etc., etc., or any spokesperson paid by any gubb-mint to report anything that any gubb-mint claims as an official story.

    And why would ANYONE??

  63. @Jesse
    Judging from the way he speaks, he definitely is not a native English speaker, let alone an American. It seems highly likely that he was never educated in the US or any other English speaking country.

    I side with Dan, Jake, Chuck, and everyone else with common sense not tainted by Russian brainwashing. These Russian trolls who advocate Putin’s blatant violation of international law on false grounds need to stop.

  64. @ Jay
    University of Alabama-Huntsville, B.A. in History (’12); Far Eastern Federal University, M.A. in International Relations (’15). Suck on that. Judge the way that I speak all you want. It still doesn’t change the fact that I hold a U.S. passport and am from a hick town near Birmingham famous for its NASCAR track. It shouldn’t take a genius to figure out the name of the town.
    Please, point out the relevant phrases that made you determine in your own mind that I am not a native speaker. It’s a comment section, so I don’t bother making everything eloquent.
    Overall, nice try, but you’ll need to do better than that.

  65. @Jay
    Actually, I don’t even know why I bothered to try to prove that I am an American. I really don’t have to. You can either choose to believe or not believe me. Do whatever makes you feel better. My overall message is simple: We shouldn’t start pointing fingers at Russia when we are also guilty of carrying out similar actions. Pissing the Russians off, especially when they have a president who has literally no checks on his power, is retarded and is only making the world less stable. Provoking a madman who controls the largest nuclear arsenal along with one of the best militaries in the world isn’t smart. I am not saying Russia is the best country in the world. I am not saying that it is blameless. But the anti-Russian hysteria is absolutely mind-boggling. It’s like the world is trying to push us into war.

  66. Comrades,

    Those who speak against mother Russia, the party and the people
    Have made themselves our enemies. Enemies which will certainly be crushed. You should know that the Organs of State Security are eternally vigalent and unmatched in their devotion to Mother Russia and Comrade Putin.

    If you are an astute observer of world affairs then you will understand that national borders serve as no protection from thier wrath. You would be well advised to renounce your treachery quickly before they visit you to express their displeasure.

    Realize too that the Americans and their imperialist lackeys will not hesitate to shoot down yet another airliner if they believe they can use the incident to their advantage against mother Russia. Comrades it is high time you cast off the yoke of your imperialist masters and the decadent west and join with mother Russia and the glorious people’s revolution!!!!

  67. @Dakine
    The average Russian college graduate would run circles around an American in cultural and historical knowledge.
    I would add geography too.
    About those troll farms. Where are they? Havent seen any job offers 🙂

  68. Comrade Fonzi is correct of course. The Russian people are all very highly educated and knowledgeable in world affairs and history. It is this knowledge which helps the great Russian people to see the lies of the imperialist west. We know due to our deep knowledge of world affairs and history that of course Malaysia Air was shot down by the Americans and their NATO lackeys.

    It is an undisputed fact that the great Russian people lead the world in all areas. From space where Sputnik established Russian dominance of the heavens to military might werenshe is unequaled to the quality of life for her Citizens Russia is unmatched.

    Clearly the days of the bourgeois west are numbered. Soon her people will throw off their shackles and join with Comrade Putin in the glorious Russian Revolution!!!

  69. Vasily, I thought you were serious at first, but then you included “Russian dominance of the heavens….”, so I knew that all of your posts were farce. That was the best joke I have read today. Thanks for the yuks, Yakov.

  70. @ one lad at a time
    The last comment directed at Kathleen was highly inappropriate. Grow up, you sexist pig.
    @ Lucky, his comment in Russian is highly offensive. The last word, “пизда,” is translated as “p*ssy” or “c**t.” That needs to be removed.

  71. It’s very easy to conclude that

    1. MH17 was shot down by the Russian army or its auxiliaries.

    2. It was not on purpose as nobody on either side would benefit from it, , hours before they had shot down a Ukrainian air force plane.

  72. Ok, I can never say I’m pro at this. But I have to comment…’s still questionable who actually shoot down the plane.
    It can be Russia- oh the evil Russia, the Eastern enemy of the democratic Western countries. Evil and has the track records- or so people say- to shoot down any planes nearby.
    But…..I’m a bit hesitant as well. My news mostly came from the western medias, which arguably would always be bias toward the west’ “propaganda”. It’s illusion that any mass media is neutral at this point- we all are subjected to brainwashing from our respective countries even if the west probably do it in a subtler manner compared to the eastern countries like Russia.

    My hesitance came from two point: reportedly, the plane actually looked similar to Russian president’s plane- I read this in a news somewhere, I’ve forgotten about it but I’m pretty sure I saw this info years ago. Now- if the plane really have similar coloring to Russian’s First Plane, why would a Russian force shoot down its own president’s plane?
    A rebellious group would make sense instead- if they saw the plane and thought it’s the Russian’s First Plane, they’re more likely to shoot it down instead.
    The other point is also the fact that USA sells weaponry everywhere- so any kind of weaponry that cause destruction on the planet can’t be because “USA Does It!”- it just proved that the weapon is Made in USA. All the news above said was the missile is Made in Russia.
    In the end, we’d never know…I guess.

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