Marriott Employees Can Now Earn Bonvoy Status More Easily

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Here’s an interesting development that won’t impact most of us, but that does impact the roughly 200,000 employees of Marriott.

Marriott Employees Can Earn Bonvoy Status More Easily

As of November 25, 2019, Marriott will offer elite nights and elite benefits (if applicable) on stays booked using employee rates as well as discounted friends & family rates.

Marriott employees get heavily discounted rates when staying at Marriott properties, and they can also extend some discounted rates to friends and family. All of those rates will be “eligible” rates for the purposes of earning elite status and receiving elite benefits (though I believe they still won’t be eligible for points accrual).

Historically Marriott hasn’t offered elite credit or elite benefits for these stays, so that’s an interesting adjustment to see.

Marriott employees can better experience Bonvoy as well (for better or worse)

Why Is Marriott Making This Change?

As the change is explained, Marriott Bonvoy is built upon the belief that travel enriches us all and has the power to connect the world, and “there is no better way to help associates believe in the power of Marriott Bonvoy than to have them experience it firsthand.”

Are There Any Practical Implications?

I think this is actually a pretty smart move on Marriott’s part. Realistically a vast majority of their employees don’t have the time (or money) to travel constantly for leisure.

Nonetheless by letting employees earn some benefits through the Bonvoy program when staying, they’re much more likely to be engaged, read up on the program, etc. That seems like a win-win.

I can’t imagine that many people will be earning meaningful status through this change, but it’s a nice way to engage employees. Furthermore, maybe it will encourage some Marriott employees to pick up one of Marriott’s credit cards to earn Silver or Gold status, or make progress towards Platinum.

I wouldn’t expect too many Marriott employees to steal your suite upgrades

This is also great news if you know someone who works for Marriott, since you’ll be able to receive elite nights and elite benefits while booking a discounted friends & family rate.

What do you make of this policy change on Marriott’s part?

(Tip of the hat to Points, Miles & Martinis)

  1. I passed over a stay at the W Shanghai on the Friends and Family rate last year specifically because the nights would not accrue. I ended the year on exactly 75 nights so I was ultimately correct with my decision but I’d have been happier if I’d stayed there *and* accrued the nights. Sadly, my friend no longer works there.

  2. Interesting. I wonder if this will also affect (or eventually trickle down to) other non-public rates, like those offered members of Marriott’s travel agent program or those offered as partner-company employee benefits.

  3. This is awesome. My wife is a Marriott associate and I’m an elite in my own right. When I travel for personal travel, don’t get any benefits or recognition. This is a huge win for me!

  4. This helps only one small segment of the traveling public. The recent devaluations of their program is still pushing elite members like myself over to Hyatt and Hilton. However, I am happy for the Marriott employee, it is about time that the loyal employee receives a new entitlement.

  5. Hilton has been doing this for years. If you’re a Hilton Team Member, you are automatically Silver, and only need 10 nights to gain Gold. The entire time I worked for Hilton I had gold status. When I worked for Marriott they didn’t allow any benefit for associates. My current employer allows for status, but not point earnings on employee rates.

  6. Maybe if Marriott employees “experience” rooms without towels, non-working TV’s, and intermittent air conditioning, like I have, they will quit putting Bonvoy members in their crappiest rooms. More than 50% of my recent Marriott stays had problems that classify as “less than minimum” expectations. I’m not looking for them to kiss my behind or special treatment, but just provide a clean room with basic amenities that work.

  7. Yeah, it’s been like this for years with Hilton (Team Member Travel program). They’ve always treated you as a full member, with elite status, points earning, etc. Marriott just playing the catch up game

  8. Unfortunately Marriot employees don’t stick around with the company long enough to even learn about the program. It’s HQ is run by mean spirited trolls who will backstab you and end your career if they see you have an ounce of talent. It’s called job protection it’s a mafia I’d stay away from this company as an employee harder to do as a consumer since they are becoming a monopoly

  9. This is heaven for “friends and family”.

    The next gen travel blogger will have an airline buddy pass and a buddy in Marriott.

  10. Do you think Marriott will extend credit for nights and furthermore elite benefits for other “non qualifying rates” such as citi 5th night free or airline crew member rates??

  11. I can’t wait to see their employees get Bonvoyed. No pun intended, but you make the bed you lie in.

  12. So an employees with Plat status and above will receive Suite upgrade and lounge access like any other guests? I see some hotel can be booked under Marriott employee rates for $30-40 a night. Not too bad to qualify for the status it seems.

  13. you were wrong one thing on the artical. Yes, no eliete point for f&f rate but you still get eliete benefit according to your status treatment. I used a lot mmf rate this year and always honors those benefit.

  14. Well I hope they then also change the rules for example for Airline Staff Leisure rates. It is insane with those rates. They used to be earning nights and points under SPG, then not with Marriott in the meantime they are often higher then AAA rates or for XML rates which are eligable. But try to find someone to argue that with, Customer Service obviously doesn’t care and if you work for a major airline your Procurement department also doens’t care to bring this up in their negotiations. So I hope someone from Marriott maybe reads this…. 😀

  15. My brother is a manager with Gaylord and I am platinum. So does this mean I will be able to request Suite Night Awards for stays with the Friends and Family Rate? Pardon the pun but that would be “sweet”!

  16. This is not true, I recently had a stay at a springhill under the associate rate. I submitted a missing stay form and I was told they do not count.

  17. Not bad at all. I see Westin Singapore can be booked under Explore Rate for as little as $S90. Not a bad way to earn Plat status. I wish I work for Marriott.

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