Marriott Sending Out Gift Cards To Some Elite Members

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In mid-April I wrote about how it was leaked that Marriott was running a “surprise and delight” campaign for Marriott Bonvoy members. The Bonvoy program has gotten its fair share of negative publicity, so I’m guessing they’re trying to generate some goodwill with members.

This surprise and delight campaign consists of two things:

  • Between April 22 and July 31, 2019, Marriott will surprise select Ambassador Elite members staying using points, by refunding the points they redeemed for one night of their stay
  • Starting May 1, 2019, certain elite members will receive an electronic Marriott gift card via email

There weren’t a lot of details regarding how widespread either of these promotions would be, and up until today I hadn’t heard of any members receiving gift cards. Well, that has finally changed.

Many Marriott Bonvoy elite members have reported receiving an electronic gift card by email today. The email came with the subject line “Your Gift from Marriott Bonvoy,” and the text of the email reads as follows:

It appears as if these gift cards range from $30 to $50, and don’t seem to be tied to any particular status level. That’s to say that Silver Elite members all the way up to Ambassador Elite members are receiving these.

The emails being sent out with these read as follows:

On behalf of the Marriott Bonvoy team, I’d like to take a moment to thank you for being a Marriott Bonvoy Elite member. Your loyalty means the world to us.

We are delighted to give you a small gift. Below is a [$30/50] USD Marriott Gift Card that may be used at participating Marriott Bonvoy hotels and at participating hotel outlets for retail, spa, golf, and food and beverage.

The gift cards don’t expire, and while you can’t use them to pay the room rate, you can use them to cover most other incidentals. Here are the terms & conditions for the gift card.

Bottom line

This is a nice gesture on the part of Marriott Bonvoy. While I wasn’t targeted for this promotion, it seems like a lot of other members were. Given that we saw members of various elite tiers receive this bonus, I’d be curious what their selection criteria was.

I feel like the internet has changed the concept of surprise and delight campaigns:

  • Many who received gift cards probably already knew they might receive one of these, given that the concept of this campaign was leaked
  • Some of those who didn’t receive a gift card may be feeling left out for not being targeted

This is something I give Marriott credit for, personally…

Did you receive a gift card from Marriott Bonvoy? If so, for how much, and what’s your status?

  1. ambassador- no gift card, but I was sent a leather laptop case with Bonvoy branding + branded pens.

  2. Ambassador – Nada
    But I did get a Bonvoy Membership card and 2 pens and a laptop case last month

  3. Give me a break. Send one to all or none at all. Decide how much based on tier or other details. This actually pisses me off not getting one. Plat.

  4. Titanium, 0
    24 nights so far (39 including CCs)
    1 suite upgrade
    2 room upgrade
    2 requests for late check out, 2 refusals
    Bonvoy is a waste of time. Will probably requalify to platinum and then move to hyatt

  5. @ Andrew: Titanium, 73 nights this year, nada.

    Guessing this is targeting people who’ve reserved at a lower rate than years past…

  6. I am currently Platinum and 14 nights away from Lifetime Platinum (which I will have by early July) — and nothing as yet.

  7. Lifetime Titanium 50 dollars
    It will help pay for a few of their stingy elite breakfasts they starve us with for our loyalty (roll eyes) better than nothing I suppose

  8. Lifetime Platinum Elite but the email went to junk. I wouldn’t have found it without your post.

    Thank you Lucky.

  9. For all of you grumbling about not receiving anything, you should go read Matthew 20: 1-16 in the Bible. Nowhere in their terms and conditions are you guaranteed a gift card just for the sake of it. If they feel like giving someone something, then so be it. If you don’t like it, then great, take your business everywhere. Being angry at this is just misplaced anger.

  10. @Aaron – Especially weird are those that wish that everyone else “suffer” if they have to suffer. It makes no sense.

  11. Has anyone outside the US received anything ? I sometimes think all members outside the US get neglected

  12. ambassador : no crappy laptop case, no voucher gift. i can say i feel bonvoyed.

  13. Titanium elite, on my way to ambassador this year. $50. Wonder if it is tied to nights/revenue thus far?

  14. This is probably the best time fpr many people to say it.

    “I got nothing. I’m a lifetime ….. and this is how they repay my loyalty. I will never stay at Marriott ever again”

    And I call BS.

  15. Maybe I’m a jerk for thinking this way, but now I’m just pissed I didn’t get one. Platinum, already at 52 nights this year, well on way to Ambassador. Wife is gold with 20 nights. Wish “rewards” programs didn’t just selectively sent out gift cards. Doesn’t make me feel very valued for my loyalty.

  16. Lifetime Titanium – 0
    Not surprised, they have yet to send me a number to call for reservations.

  17. I would happily return any gift card if Marriott and Starwood Hotels go their separate way. Love Starwood, hate Marriott.

  18. Ambassador and 77 nights this year. I checked in this past weekend to a hotel and they said Marriott was giving me 60000 bonus points bc of my loyalty. I was shocked and not sure I heard correctly. I asked again on checkout and they said it would come from Marriott. Almost a week later and nothing has posted lol. Kinda new it was prob too good to be true.

    Gift cards seem like such an odd choice. Especially at 30 and 50 dollars. Why don’t they just hand out points or free nights awards?

  19. Titanium, got 50.

    Would not have known about it, nor ever seen it (it did not go to junk, but I don’t use that email, Marriott is in my don’t read email address).

    I am at 29 nights , including 15 credit card nights, and 14 award nights. Last year at this time I was at 30 award nights and no credit card nights, all on the Starwood side. If my health is ok I will make titanium again this year, and be an inch away from lifetime platinum with points in my piggy bank.

    Thank you marriott. Thank you for a painless call earlier today when I changed the dates of some bookings and cancelled a couple of other ones. What I ask from Marriott going forward is accurate and honest record keeping, and competent csr. I am resigned to big devaluations, so that I will live with.

  20. Lifetime Titanium with 40 paid nights this year and 122 paid nights last year…..Bonvoyed with a Zero

  21. Titanium. Nothing

    I would never offer something to some and leave others out in my own business. While yes, seems like a nice gesture of you got one. I find it actually insulting given I did not.

    I mean, what, is loyalty a slot machine now?

  22. @Aaron. “Read Matthew 20: 1-16???”

    I prefer the passage from Stuart 01: 5-29….it says, “If you take my money alike as others – give back the same to me as you do others.”

  23. Titanium, nothing in my email.

    Is this promotion targeted to US-based members? I’m from Singapore.

  24. I am not sure this can’t be applied to room rate. It seems to say you can use it at their brands or at outlets for the various other services.

  25. Maybe they’re targeting those who’s stays are below last year’s. Mine are doubled or more – could be, I didn’t receive anything that’s ok I’ll just go back over to the Hilton. Quit complaining if you’re tired of being Bonvoyed just move along as they apparently don’t care about all of us.

  26. Nothing like a program known for inconsistency giving our gifts this way. Par for the course really.

    I’m platinum with $0.

  27. Life time titatium , 2000 nights plus- also top tier at Hilton with about the same


  28. LTPPE ( or whatever that’s called these days), Ambassador. Nothing ( and not the laptop thing either).

  29. $30, Gold by having Plat Amex card, but hardly any acrivity on spg or marriott accounts

  30. Gold and nothing was looling for the final straw to go back to Hilton. Being left out was it.

  31. Titanium at 100 nights last year. Only 3 nights this year because I’ve switched to Hyatt. $0 gift card.

    It wouldn’t have influenced me, but find it odd they’re not even trying.

  32. Lifetime Titanium…….zero

    This is not a smart concept in today’s social media and blogging world. You make 20 “elites” happy and piss off a thousand.

  33. Titanium, LT Gold – nothing yet. Only a couple award stays this year otherwise I have been all on Hilton. I am awaiting the offers to come back. I do have the double elite night offer queued up to activate when I am ready to come back.

  34. Platinum: nothing. I feel torn…sad I didn’t get one, but I also see what they are trying to do…sort of…I have Diamond with Hilton, and only last year started staying in Marriott enough to get platinum. I’m finding the use of “Bonvoy” a an adjective to be somewhat true.

  35. Lifetime Platinum (Titanium), $50. Re-focused the last three months to Hyatt so I reduced Marriott use. So frustrated by Marriott!!! The transition was terrible. Lots of missing points. Good news is Hyatt promotion of extra points per stay (just ended May 15) gave me a huge points bump with Hyatt and I am on my way to globalist, true free breakfast at all properties and actual upgrades. Hyatt has been awesome after 1,000+ nights with Marriott.

  36. Ambassador Elite – Lifetime Platinum: Nothing. But, I did get the two decent pens and the awful laptop case last month, so that’s something.

  37. Send to everyone or no one at all! How do think those loyal customers who got nothing feel?

  38. Lifetime Titanium Elite, 17 years plat, 1260 nights.

    Did Marriott send me a gift card? I don’t know and don’t care. I added them to my junk mail filter back in March.

    Bonvoy-age Marriott.

  39. Lifetime Titanium Elite, 17 years plat, 1260 nights.

    Did Marriott send me a gift card? Don’t know and don’t care. I added them to junk mail filter back in March.

    Bonvoy-age Marriott.

  40. Lifetime Titanium Elite, Charter Marriott Ambassador and Current Ambassador.
    No Card, No Points Refund…60+ nights this year


  41. Lifetime gold, currently plat – $50

    For people who didn’t receive anything, I would suspect that other people will probably receive other gifts of some types at other random times. I’m generally appreciative of the great assistance I get from Customer Service etc. when I need it. A gift is great! I’m looking forward to taking someone to lunch on Marriott. Thanks!

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