Marriage Proposal At US Airways Gate

American posted a pretty cool video of a marriage proposal at an airport on their YouTube account:

They posted it on Valentine’s Day, though somehow I missed it till today.

I’m guessing she was just really nervous/surprised, because for a second I was thinking she’d say “no” based on how long it took her to respond. Then again, I doubt American would be posting it to their YouTube account if that were the case. šŸ˜‰

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  1. Good luck to this couple. My wife and I had dated in long distance (coast-to-coast) for 4+ years. I flew about 480K miles for our relationship then. We got engaged in first class on SQ1 (on UA miles). When I was preparing my proposal, I searched youtube for clips engagement in SQ’s first class/suite and found none. I didn’t bother to upload ours to youtube.

  2. I don’t know. When he was holding her hands, asking 5 questions…it seemed like she wanted to pull her hands back towards herself. Not a body language expert though.

  3. @ Lively – I thought the same thing, although it could’ve just been the situation (I’m no expert either tho’). If this happened to me in front of a bunch of strangers I’d be totally mortified, even if I were happy about being proposed to. Not expecting to see him at the gate, she probably thought “oh, I’ll just put on my makeup and freshen up in the ladies room after landing.” And then to have this happen — with strangers gawking and cameras rolling.

  4. Duuude! You should have given her a heads up! She probably needed to freshen up or whatever. Man, I’m glad my husband proposed in a very private place. This would have really sucked… but good luck to the happy couple. Now, here’s the important question — I’m assuming AA got permission from them to post this? And I hope they gave the happy couple a free ticket or something.

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