Marilyn Hartman Arrested At Airport… Again!

I’ve written in the past about Marilyn Hartman, the Bay Area woman who keeps trying to sneak onto planes. A couple of weeks ago she was actually successful, and managed to not only sneak through security, but onto a Southwest Airlines flight from San Jose to Los Angeles.

After that she was sentenced to probation, but after violating that she was sentenced to 177 days in jail. She was then released from jail less than a week later due to overcrowding.

Not surprisingly she’s back at it again, this time in Phoenix. Via SFGate:

Hartman, 62, was contacted by Phoenix police last Wednesday after attempting to get past security without a ticket. She was given a trespassing warning and told to leave the airport, said Sgt. Trent Crump, a Phoenix police spokesman.

She was recognized by security again Tuesday while loitering in the baggage claim area near a checkpoint, and arrested when it was discovered that she didn’t have a ticket, Crump said.

Hartman has been taken into custody nearly a dozen times in recent months, including on Aug. 4 for successfully boarding a Southwest airlines jet without a ticket and flying from San Jose to Los Angeles International Airport.

Interestingly she actually did fly with a valid ticket to Phoenix, it seems:

Despite her history of trying to sneak onto planes, she flew with a legitimate ticket to Phoenix on a Southwest flight out of San Diego on Aug. 20, a source said.

This is just a very sad story all around. She doesn’t seem to have family, claims to feel safest at airports, and decided she didn’t want to stay at the mental health facility she was admitted to a while back. Then she gets released from jail due to overcrowding (not that I really think jail is where she belongs).

I don’t know what it is, but there has got to be a better way to deal with her…

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  1. We should all donate some FFMs so she can fly for free. That’s what we all love doing, right? Shoot, I should hire her to fly FDed tickets around the world and I keep the miles!

  2. She should take the route that Chinese guy did and book an completely changeable F and see how lond she can string it in the lounge

  3. She should just travel to the airside transit terminal of an international airport and throw away her passport. Then she’ll have to stay there like that guy in CDG and in the movie, the Terminal!

  4. I’m not understanding why she hasn’t been court ordered treatment (COT) (this way she can’t leave when she wants to) this women differently has a problem.

  5. Lucky should book her a couple BA Avios award flights for the next month Between California, Phoenix, and Las Vegas to keep her out of trouble…

  6. What I do not understand is why TSA is not some how filing charges for the times she has got threw the check point with out a ticket the time she went from SJC to LAX

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