Changes Coming To Cathay Pacific Marco Polo Club In 2016

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Cathay Pacific has announced that they’re making some drastic changes to their Marco Polo Club frequent flyer program as of April 15, 2016. The good news is that they’re not going strictly revenue based.


Here’s how they describe the changes:

As the Cathay Pacific network continues to grow, so does the need to evolve the Marco Polo Club. New cabin products and additional routes, in particular ultra-long and ultra-short ones, mean that the way members earn status no longer accurately reflects their contribution to the airline. To meet the changing needs of our members, we have looked at ways to provide better, more flexible benefits, and to enhance the overall membership experience for our travellers. Starting 15 April 2016, we will be changing to a new points-based system, which will change the way you earn status and are rewarded.

The funny thing is that I think they’re almost being too harsh on themselves here. We’re used to airlines spinning huge devaluation as “enhancements,” while Cathay Pacific is sort of coming across as saying “well, we realize these changes suck, so…”

And I don’t actually think the changes are that bad. Admittedly Cathay Pacific is following the industry trend and awarding more miles for paid premium cabin travel and fewer miles for cheaper economy tickets. In a way the changes are very similar to the changes British Airways made to the Executive Club program earlier this year.

Changes to earning Marco Polo Club status

Cathay Pacific is changing how qualifying for status tiers works. Under the current system, Silver, Gold, and Diamond status can be earned by accruing 30,000, 60,000, or 120,000 elite qualifying miles, respectively.


Cathay Pacific is switching to a points system, whereby you qualify based on how many points you earn rather than how many miles you fly (though there’s a correlation between the two). In a way it’s similar to British Airways’ system of having Tier Points.

Under the new Marco Polo Club program, the following number of club points are required for status:

  • Green: 100 club points
  • Silver: 300 club points
  • Gold: 600 club points
  • Diamond: 1,200 club points


As you can see, they’re more or less converting at a rate of 100 elite qualifying miles per club point (in other words, status which used to require 120,000 miles now requires 1,200 club points).

Changes to earning Marco Polo Club miles

Now that we know how many club points are required for status, how do you go about actually earning those points?

Under Cathay Pacific’s old system, miles were awarded based on the distance of your flight — economy tickets earned up to 100% mileage, and first class tickets earned up to 150% mileage:


Under the new system, Cathay Pacific is awarding club points, whereby the number of points you earn is dependent upon the distance of your flight (within a range) and your fare class. Here’s the chart:


Let’s look at a few example of how earnings rates are changing:

  • If flying fare first (F or A class) from Shanghai to Hong Kong (~780 miles), you’d earn:
    • ~1,200 miles under the old system
    • 35 points under the new system
  • If flying discounted business (D or I class) from London to Hong Kong (~6,000 miles), you’d earn:
    • ~7,500 miles under the old system
    • 90 points under the new system
  • If flying premium economy (W or R class) from Male to Hong Kong (~3,000 miles), you’d earn
    • ~3,300 miles under the old system
    • 30 points under the new system
  • If flying discounted economy (M, L, or V class) from New York to Hong Kong (~8,000 miles), you’d earn:
    • ~8,000 miles under the old system
    • 40 points under the new system

Cathay Pacific premium economy

So as is to be expected, you come out ahead under the new system in most markets for travel in paid first & business class, while for premium economy and economy tickets you don’t typically come out ahead. Of course the exact mileage earning varies based on the market, given that some of these “tiers” are quite large (you earn the same number of points flying anywhere between 751 and 2,750 miles).

Earn more miles when flying Cathay Pacific first class

It’s worth noting that this only impacts elite qualifying, and that you’ll still earn redeemable miles as before.

New Marco Polo Club elite perks

On top of the above changes, Cathay Pacific will be adding some “milestone” elite benefits, for those who overqualify for a given status tier. It’s a nice way to incentivize people to fly beyond the “traditional” mileage thresholds.

They’ll be adding the following milestone perks:

Green status

200 club points: One Business Class Lounge Pass

You can earn a Lounge Pass for yourself or your travel companion to enjoy access to any Cathay Pacific, Dragonair or eligible partner Business Class lounges at 200 club points.

Silver status

450 club points: Two Business Class Lounge Passes

You can earn two Lounge Passes for your travel companion to enjoy access to any Cathay Pacific, Dragonair or eligible partner Business Class lounges at 450 club points.

Gold status

800 club points: Two Business Class Lounge Passes

You can earn two Lounge Passes for your travel companion or your redemption group member to access any of our acclaimed Cathay Pacific and Dragonair Business Class, or any of our eligible partner Business Class lounges at 800 club points.

1,000 club points: Four Bookable Upgrades

You will be eligible to earn four single-sector Bookable Upgrades to one cabin class up for yourself and travel companions on qualified flights at 1,000 club points.

Diamond status

1,400 club points: Two First or Business Class Lounge Passes

You can earn two Lounge Passes for your travel companion or your redemption group member to access any of our acclaimed Cathay Pacific and Dragonair First or Business Class lounges, or any of our partner First or Business Class lounges at 1,400 club points.

1,600 club points: Four Bookable Upgrades

You will be eligible to earn four single-sector Bookable Upgrades to one cabin class up for yourself, your travel companions, or anyone you have designated as a member of your redemption group at 1,600 club points, providing you with the flexibility to discover more and travel better.

1,800 club points: A Complimentary Companion Gold Membership

You will be able to gift a Companion Card to a family or friend with a complimentary 12-month Gold-tier membership to the Marco Polo Club.

Cathay Pacific’s The Bridge Business Class Lounge Hong Kong

Marco Polo Club elite perk devaluations

Cathay Pacific will also be making two negative changes to Marco Polo Club:

Seat reservation guarantee being devalued

Cathay Pacific has an elite perk whereby you’re guaranteed a seat reservation when booking at least 24 hours out. However, they’re changing this perk so that it’s only valid if booked in:

  • Economy: Y sub-class
  • Premium Economy: W sub-class
  • Business Class: J sub-class

In other words, you need to book the absolute highest fare in order to take advantage of the seat guarantee.

No more open door policy for Diamond lounge access

Cathay Pacific has previously allowed Diamond members access to their lounges regardless of which airline they’re flying. I always think that’s a nice way to reward loyalty, whereby the airline is basically saying “you’re one of our best customers and we want to reward you, regardless of whether or not you’re flying with us.”

Unfortunately that benefit will be discontinued, and Diamond members will need to be flying oneworld same day in order to access lounges.

Cathay Pacific’s The Wing First Class Lounge Hong Kong

British Airways used to have a similar benefit, but discontinued it in 2011.

Bottom line

These changes are ultimately negative, though I think they could have been a lot worse:

  • Earning of redeemable miles isn’t changing
  • Those flying high fare classes are going to be rewarded more, while those on cheaper fares will earn fewer miles
  • The change in elite benefits isn’t drastic, and some might even find them to be positive

What do you make of the changes to Cathay Pacific’s Marco Polo Club program?

  1. I’ve only managed to use my Cathay Pacific gold status once to access the BA lounge at City Airport, status which I got via the Amex Platinum (UK). It’s a shame they discontinued that benefit. It seems all airlines and credit card companies are devaluating the value of their rewards. It’s quite sad, I wish I got into this hobby earlier 🙁

  2. Hi Lucky. Thanks for the update in Marco Polo’s program and for sharing your thoughts. I’m based in Hong Kong and fly mainly Cathay Pacific. Therefore I’ve concentrated on collecting Asia Miles. (Are there better alternatives?) I’m still not sure how Cathay’s new program will affect me, as I’ll still be collecting Asia Miles as always.

    I’m planning on a trip from Hong Kong to Sydney via Cathay Pacific next year, and I’m wondering how many award seats are available for first and business class? I’ll be travelling with my partner and hoping to use our miles for that trip.

  3. I think the bulk of your readers credit any paid CX flight to American Airlines’s AAdvantage program. That’s my guess. If one is a oneworld flyer, even if based in HKG, do you think that person gets better value out of his/her own money by crediting flights to AA’s AAdvantage program (and redeem those miles on CX premium cabins)?

  4. @Joey – that’s completely wrong. The vast, vast majority of CX economy class fares earn no miles in AAdvantage. If booking a cheap or medium-priced economy fare, it was normally better to credit to CX Asia Miles and earn something (maybe 25 or 50% of the miles flown) versus earning 0 AA miles.

  5. Daniel M is correct. CX flyers need to travel Y,K,B and H fare classes to get any mileage credit to AAdvantage. I’ll be spending the next year considering my options, since I rarely fly those fare classes and CX is my main airline.

    @Matt M H: Cathay doesn’t have any First class to Australia, and others will be able to comment more accurately on what the award seat situation is like. However, I do know that loads to and from are high (it’s why they’ve swapped in two 777’s onto the HKG-SYD route).

  6. @Matt M H: Cathay Pacific loads on the Hong Kong – Sydney route are extremely high in business class. When we flew it a few weeks ago, every seat in Business was taken. Expect that you would struggle to find an award seat, let alone two.

    The Melbourne and Brisbane routes seems to be much less popular, although award availability is more a close in kind of thing.

  7. It’s a mixed bag, but as Ben said, it could of been much worse. They kept the redemption chart the same, which BA didn’t. As far as the earn rates, they are definitely making it an incentive to fly CX as opposed to other oneworld carriers. The earn rates are much lower when flying partner airlines. If anything, I think the new MPC comes closer to QF’s FFP.

    @windchaser777 K class doesn’t earn AAdvantage credit. It’s Y, B, and H.

  8. @Tony: My bad, I was concentrating on something else and not paying attention to what I was typing.

    The changes do make MPC closer to QFF, though the main difference still remains that on attaining each new level, the points counter resets at 0 for MPC and you have to log the full amount of the next status level.

  9. Wait, if I fly AA only do I get tier points? Sure, US domestic F is generally cheap and I believe I can make a reasonable value booking those as I earn 35 points each leg. I only need 35 US Dom F legs to get OWE, provided that I get points on AA.

  10. I’m a Diamond Member that regularly flies between Los Angeles and Hong Kong. My flight pattern and frequency will need to change under the new plan.

    1. Under the “New ways to earn” section, it explicitly states that “You will be able to earn faster in premium classes…….” This statement is deceptive. Under the current plan, I qualify for Diamond membership if I fly 8 roundtrip Premium Economy segments between Los Angeles and Hong Kong in a plan year. Under the new plan, I will qualify for Diamond membership if I fly 11 roundtrip Premium Economy segments between Los Angeles and Hong Kong in a plan year. The statement should be changed read “you will be able to earn faster in Business and First classes……”, as I interpret the sentence that “You” means me, and that “premium classes” include Premium economy. As it exists, it is simply NOT true, and if is made as a general claim, then the statement should be qualified.

    2. Under “Always here for you” it claims I can call the dedicated service line for further assistance. There is a problem with this: a) the phone number is international and not accessible to me in the USA, and 2) the hours of operation are Hong Kong time and not Los Angeles time where I am located. In calling the Marco Polo Club, the representatives are not prepared to answer any questions (despite trying to), and refers me to the dedicated number, even though they are NOT available in my time zone.

    3. Under “Mid Tier” Benefits: If your gold… for Gold at 600 Points and get 4 segment “Bookable Upgrades” when you reach 1,000 points. If you’re Diamond re-Qualify for Diamond at 1,200 points and get 4 segment “Bookable Upgrades” at 1,600 points…..But if you’re Diamond and pass 1,000, you don’t get the same benefit of 4 “Bookable Upgrades” that the Gold member gets……

    Interesting changes…….

  11. Its worth noting that CX has also capped the max # of points you can receive from flights, so if you are taking a super long haul flight like DFW-SYD or SYD – LDN in an OW airline, its worth to credit those flights to another OW programme to max out the points if flying in F or Bix class.

  12. Obviously the changes have more negative and makes it harder to get Diamond. Probably too many people fly Cathay Pacific and they have too many Platinum members that they need to reduce it now…I am a Diamond member and obtained it through the hardway from flying Economy. Looks like it is time to consider alternatives…

  13. I have been a very loyal Cathay Pacific flyer since I was a kid, but these new changes really do make me want to switch to SQ’s Kris Flyer especially with all the additional credit card benefits and discounts that SQ provide. This new system has a lot more negatives than positives. And I agree with one user who says this is deceptive for premium economy user. I can usually do 2 roundtrip flights in a year and that is usually enough to retain my silver membership that’s above 30,000 miles. Now, I need 2 roundtrips + 1 one way ticket (so a total of 5 flights) to make it to the silver. What really makes this deceptive is how they completely disregard the long haul flyers by putting a cap on the miles, which I think CX should better take care of because in my humble opinion, they are usually much more loyal. Also, I saw the other user states 11 flights, while when I count mine, I need 5 flights. Do you see that they’re all odd-numbered? That simply means we need to fly either 12 times a year or 6 times a year using Cathay because not many people flies one way. Also the very fact that there will be a yearly renewal means that we cannot just fly 5 times till december then, fly the 6th the next year because all your points would be gone by then. If that’s not deceptive Idk what is. They know very well that their customers are not that gullible, Idk what they’re trying to do with this. They should treat their coach and premium economy customers better b/c honestly after being in all four cabins of Cathay, I feel like they make the most money from the economy class lol. And it’s not even like they can beat SQ on its First and Suite class. Cathay made the wrong move this time, especially at a time when SQ keeps on improving their services and rewards.

  14. I fly San Francisco-Manila roundtrip twice a year. This was enough to maintain Silver status–now it won’t be. So I’ll just fly direct on some other airline rather than through HK. So goodbye to Cathay. The perks that set CX apart from other carriers have mostly disappeared anyway. Might as well take the shortest flight available and get it over with.

  15. So basically in the past if I fly twice a year from LAX HKG I would be a “silver” member on Econ class (any fare that would earn 100% miles)…..With the new change I would barely make “green” member when making 2 roundtrip per year in Econ class. Even if I purchase PE class or lower fare on business class, I still would not be able to make silver…..unless I pay for full top fare on business class for both roundtrips then I would BARELY make silver……

    The new program pretty much weed out a lot of folks who travel long haul 2-3 times a year to be in the elite program….which sucks

  16. I am a first time diamond member this year through the hardship of flying in economy class. Am really disappointed to see this change. It will probably be the last time I will get diamond too because it now takes 13 flights a year from HK to LA longhaul. That would mean having to fly every month including twice for one of them. Really disappointed that CX is respecting the economy flyers.

  17. Have been a diamond member for many years (from flying paid business so will continue to get diamond).

    The biggest nuisance is the overcrowding of the Marco Polo line and the lounges. I can imagine everyone silver+ going into the lounge and going crazy at the bar so I guess this saves them some money.

    However, the biggest benefit I care about was the lowest guaranteed fare. Given the unpredictable schedule of my job, being able to book a seat last minute for personal trips on lowest fare was amazing.

    Now that this is gone, why bother? Can qualify for any other airline’s elite program and maybe get better perks. Cathay really did themselves a disservice

  18. Dear Anon, and other long term CX supporters,
    After 4 million paid (an ‘unpaid’ – though i suppose I did even for those!) miles and 20+ years as a Diamond card holder in my 31 years with MPC, as I temper my past frequent long haul travel these last few years as I turn 70 , and despite I try to continue to fly CX when suitable (and sometimes even not!), mostly booking direct online, I have descended gradually to even having them exhort more of me to even maintain my current Green card status.
    Having brought them numerous family and hundreds of business associates as members through those, decades, and despite the technology that we senior flyers are told makes all past guest data and commitment access available to the supplier, there is clear evidence that it actually counts for little, if anything at all, in the software being written into the recognition model. It is what I call AI – ‘Artificical’ Intelligence that has neither the soul they would claim is still in their CRM, or the heart that a Human Intelligence model should recognise. Despite falling service standards similarly witnessed in recent years than many others on this stream have noted and remarked on, I have tried to remain loyal to a degree far more than CX has tried with me. I doubt I have the years or the will to start again, but regret that continued loyalty is now so lightly dismissed by the bean counters who have taken away that soul, and graceful service that was the hallmark of this airline for so many years. At least the computer’s AI switch is still sending me a birthday greeting earlier today and may do forever! Sadly, GoodoogaLad.

  19. Dear Kevin,

    Im compelled to say something, happy birthday!

    You sound like a legend and your loyalty is at very least respected by lil ol me. it should be noted for more reason than merely a company finding an opportunity to grab another $ from you. You should be diamond for life with a record such as yours.

    my take on the recent change to marco which has led me too this website today follows.

    i reconfigured my travel and life schedule over the past years to fit into the growing cathay network (switched form SQ) after negotiating same status. i have been very patient and very loyal. I work a very tight schedule so I can maximise my life with a largish young family.

    With these restriction and downgrades from marco, if anything i’ll travel less as i just won’t be able to cope with the travel and miles i do which count for about 150k+ with point redeemed flights too.

    My flights with family which are many should be noted and cathay should do everything in its power to grab hold of all my family and work with my kids as i generally love cathay and you have 4 (and wife makes 5) of the next gen waiting to fly and I’m their biggest influencer NOT social or advertsing (lowering marco membership to age 12..hmmm, that’s it?? ).

    The wing and pier lounges make an enormous difference to me…not using them counts me out “of a very productive day in the office” that i do when i have 13 hour layover until the only flight they have to colombo connect with the Melbourne flight. As i work for no one i need take cost effective flights and carefully manage time to keep in diamond. no diamond, no power naps, no office, decent food it just doesn’t work. fast queues …mean nothing, saying hello in flight often (not always) is just like AI at times, mean nothing in comparison to the lounge. in all honesty in flight “hi” is more for cathay’s benefit to show pony their policy wrt to frequent flyers in front of other guests. i just want to sleep.

    I offer only these thoughts to you out of support kevin because i think you need be acknowledged more than an automated response that really is just a waste of money, data, and time for all parties concerned.

    gong xi fa cai . gong hey fat choy

    congrats on being a septuagenarian too!

    safe travels form another traveller


  20. Infuriating.

    I am an American expat living in Hong Kong. I go home at least twice a year and made sure last year (my first year here) to always fly Cathay to build mileage and gain elite status. I hit Silver and was looking forward to a great second year with travel perks. However, all I’ve gotten is Priority tags on my baggage and a pass to the lounge that is so busy they wanted 25 minutes to prepare my dim sum last week. I have never once been upgraded, even on short-haul flights around Asia. And tonight when I tried to call the Marco Polo line to use my hard-earned miles for a one-class upgrade from economy to premium economy on my next trip home (the whole point of all this nonsense), I was told all the premium economy seats are already booked (2 months in advance) and I cannot upgrade. I booked the highest economy fare class ticket for this flight because it’s the only way you’re even eligible to use miles to upgrade…and there aren’t even any upgrades available. ARGH!!!!!

    Speaking of which, WHY can Cathay not join the 21st century and allow you to book award flights or upgrades online (and see availability)?

    On top of this, now the lousy silver status is going to become almost impossible to attain without being a frequent business traveler. Faaaaaaaaaaaantastic.

    Why doesn’t anyone call out Cathay on how terrible their elite status program is? It’s got to be one of the worst in the industry.

  21. I have been gold for over 5 years….I also got burned by buying an R class EP seat so I could upgrade to Biz but was denied due to full booking…so I wasted $500! I fly 2x r/t JFK to MNL plus two AA trips to South America to maintain gold at 60 K. Now I will only get silver. So I am switching to AA and will have Saphire status with them at only 50K. Also, the 3 year expiration on miles is somewhat unique to Cathay. Everyone else is either lifetime or as long as you fly every 18 months you don’t lose miles. And agree…having flow Cathay for over 10 years, beginning in 2000…the quality of service has deteriorated and the “extras” are no longer given. I haven’t been given a courtesy upgrade in over 4 years….I’ve always had to purchase them with miles. It all began with the introduction of PE seating in my opinion. So, Bye Bye Cathay.

  22. Question:

    – if I’m cutently Silver with 31000 miles running for Gold, how those miles will be trabsformed into points the 15th of June, by cuttingn two zeros or by recalculating into points each of my flight done?


  23. 17 years Marco Polo member – 6 years Diamond level
    (Frankfurt -Hong Kong with KA to China also Australia and wonderful New Zealand )
    this is the way to say thanks to a loyal customer ?
    who got the great idea to bring turbulences in the program ?
    i don’t think it was a person with intelligence and foresight

  24. 7 years a Marcopolo member and the last 5 years Diamond member.
    It interesting to read that so many of you have the same feeling as I have. Feeling robbed, betrayed by the club that you have been so loyal too. It’s not easy to be a diamond member flying only economy from HK to Melbourne 13x year and now have to 20x year. Not everyone and or companies can afford PE or Business class.
    Cathay should feel ashamed at the treatment of there members.
    Doubtful by hopefully they have a change in heart.

  25. I have decided to use all my CX miles for free? CX travel before they expire and I will fly American domestically and to S. A. and put any CX trips on my American account and I will get Sapphire (Gold) status at 50K instead of 60K and I will give up my MP membership which has declined in value over the years, and as for “free” or courtesy upgrades for CX Gold members….that is a thing of the past….also I won’t be paying extra to upgrade for seats which are never available. I am VERY disappointed and dissatisfied with the new CX policies and their repllies to my written concerns have been quite nonchalant with no recognition of the penalties they are incurring on loyal customers…I have been Gold for 6 or more years.

  26. I’m just a humble traveler. I’ve lived in Hong Kong for over ten years and have always flown with Cathay for loyalty – even when other airlines were offering more competitive prices. A few times I’ve qualified for a higher tier but because I don’t travel for business I am not consistent. To me this is just a green light and big “thank you” to Cathay for freeing me from the burden of always choosing them. Now I wil have options and can simply choose the most competitive price ticket.

    However I haven’t heard anyone mention the new “annual fee” and it makes me wonder if I imagined it. Has anyone else seen or read this change?


  27. “However I haven’t heard anyone mention the new “annual fee” and it makes me wonder if I imagined it. Has anyone else seen or read this change?”

    Sam, I had to pay $50 USD to join MP – then they completely stuffed up my application during which time the joining fee increased to $100 USD; the membership team tried to slug me with that even though my initial application for membership was made prior to the price increase. After a LOT of jumping up and down, they agreed that I could pay the original lower joining fee. I read in my welcome pack that if I don’t earn enough Club Points within the year, I have to pay another $100 USD just to remain a member. Why would anyone want to do that? I don’t know of any other FF programs (at least not that I’m a member of) that charge an annual membership fee? Thanks, but no thanks Cathay.

  28. I have been loyal to Cathay for 10 years ……….giving them all our company business
    the problem this is a one way street …………..try using some of those loyal miles to get a flight, you will quickly find you don’t stand a chance………so much for loyalty

    As of yesterday I instructed my staff and Travel agent to use any other airline before Cathay.

  29. Agree with all the negative comments.Will book with Singapore or KLM next time.I had 130 points which were reset to zero so no chance of getting the 100 points.Will only get 30 points for 2 long haul flights.Singapore do not reset to zero,points are kept for several years and can be used to discount fares even years later.Also joining Krisflyer is free not $100 as with Marco Polo and everyone can choose their seats as soon as flight is booked.

  30. I have been a Silver Member for a few years. I usually fly HK-DFW twice a year and HK-Sin a few times a year. I am very disappointed that they have made it far more difficult for us Silver folks and today I discovered that they stopped letting us even switch seats online once ticketed. I have decided to totally drop Cathay and use my Priority Pass membership (Free with Amex Platinum) for lounge access. To me the most important is to be able to pick the best seats and to have access to showers on longhaul flights. My biz will now go to SQ.

  31. Thanks for your comments. I am Gold until 31 Mar 2017. I expect to have American Platinum (Sapphire with One World, same as Gold with CX) by 31 December so will drop CX and Marco Polo but still enjoy lounge access and baggage allowance on CX.
    I wonder if there is a significant drop in Silver, Gold and Diamond members that CX may re-visit their new elite membership requirements. We’ll have to wait till mid 2017 to see…but CX has never released hard numbers on the amount of elite members.
    If they see therir passenger levels drop they may be more willing to do something to attract elite members, or they may simply decide the whole elite program is too costly and let elite membership bexome a rarity rather than a reasonable reward for loyal customers. Time will tell.

  32. Thanks for the article and comments. I was considering changing to Cathay after a few bad experiences with China Airlines (I am Emerald with CAL, equivalent to Gold with CX) but found out the $100 fee after filling in the application form. I don’t want to pay for a loyalty program when I am a business class / first class passenger; that is ridiculous! I liked CAL for a while but, had too many issues with CAL the last 2 years, the strike of last month when my flight was canceled by an email ending with :”have a pleasant journey” being my final disappointment. I will look at SQ now, that also works for the route I fly from Asia to the US. Thanks for the suggestion.

  33. Why does Cathy not credit additional point earned beyond the 1200 point mark for diamond status? They should credit all additional points beyond 1200 to retianing one’s status into the next calender year.

  34. Don’t be so sure about the Club Points you will earn on a particular flight, because only certain fare groups within each fare class will give you CPs; so you could be flying rtn HKG-SFO and would earn 20 CPs, or none, depending on which economy class fare group your ticket is. This is definitely not intended to encourage loyalty. Then again, on second reading of the CX blurb, it does say the old system does not reflect the “contribution to the airline”, and the MP programme is to reward “valuable customers” not “loyal customers”. We all got it wrong, CX never mentioned loyalty.

  35. I have noticed on my recent statements that i am missing points and miles from each trip .
    In my last two trips from Sydney to HK I have purchased Economy class fair but higher fair so that i could use my points to upgrade to Premium Economy .In both occasion I used my points to upgrade one way
    Does this means if I use my points to upgrade on each flight Cathy do not reward Clubpoints and Asia miles for original ticket ? (Economy ) I understand up grade component should not be reward it , but , in this case economy sector that have purchased should still earn points ? or any up grade do not earn points?

  36. Cathay Pacific have completely lost the plot. I’ve now switched to BA for my Asia – London flights.I’m in Penang and take BA to London from Singapore. BA use the A380 on this route and it’s for more comfortable than the overpriced Cathay offering.

    W John Charman.

  37. I tried to upgrade flying Washington DC to Bangkok buying economy in the expensive month of December wanting to upgrade to Premium Economy and returning in April using my miles and was told that, even though I am flexible for the return date, every day of April was blocked for this type of upgrade. What kind of Loyalty Rewards Program (I am Silver) blocks an entire month from upgrades?
    Bill G

  38. I left CX in 2016 for American. It’s a lot easierbto maintain sapphire status and I get many more upgrades then I was recently getting with CX. The golden years for Marco Polo members with CX were 2008 -2013 before they introduced Premium Economy. Now CX offers very little for the higher prices and very less personal service. I am simply using up my esrned miles before they expire in 2020…..which is another negative…You never have miles expire with American as long as you fly once per 18 months. CX miles expire in 3 years whether you fly or don’t fly. Perhaps after 3-4 years of losing customers the brass at CX will re-examine their changes. However if the intent was to reduce the number of MP members, I believe they are succeeding.

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