Don’t Do This: Man Protests Cancelled Flight By Setting Fire To Luggage

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Delays and cancelled flights happen. They can be very frustrating when traveling and its natural to feel angry against the airline (or airport) that caused it.

But don’t do what this person did.

An unnamed man was flying a domestic PIA flight PK607 from Islamabad International Airport to Gilgit, Pakistan last Thursday.

The flight was at first delayed because of technical issues, and then cancelled due to bad weather.

The affected passengers were provided with hotel accommodation, and their flight rescheduled to the following day.

End of the matter, right?

Well in this instance a passenger decided to protest the cancellation by setting his own luggage on fire inside the terminal building.

Here is a video of the incident:

Islamabad airport protest

Islamabad airport protest

Posted by Updates on Thursday, November 15, 2018

You can see a fellow passenger attempts to calmly extinguish the blaze, but the extinguisher is kicked out of the way by the man.

No one was hurt and the fire was extinguished by airport firefighters.

Bottom line

While PIA has publicly said they ‘forgive’ the passenger for protesting in this way, I suspect the airport authority and local police will not be nearly as understanding.

Whatever the reason for the delay or cancellation, and no matter how frustrating the experience must have been, lighting a fire inside the airport is possibly the worst way to go about protesting it.

What is the strangest way you have witnessed passengers handle a delayed or cancelled flight?

  1. The man is saying he is minister of tourism, I don’t think the police or airport authority will be able to do anything to him. PIA might have forgiven him just coz he is minister. Any Minister in Pakistan has too much power. I don’t think they are even going to file a police complaint against him.

  2. @EJB

    It’s hard to tell from the tone (Urdu is my 3rd/4th language) but it seems like he was acting as the person’s spokesperson. Certainly he was addressing the tourism minister and a PIA executive (not by name) and explaining why it was being done.

  3. This story has been in the press since 15th November. Today is 20th November. If news items are going to be covered here, could they please appear when fresh, not once they have gone stale?

  4. In this video, minister of tourism Fida Khan is protesting in the Islamabad International Airport by burning his own outwear. In fact, he himself asking officer to arrest him. But, airport security seems to have no authority to touch minister.

    Just recently people of Pakistan elected new prime minister Imran Khan, who happens to be is honest person. He is trying to bring good future to the country but, some of his ministers are stupid.

  5. Seems someone need to look at this from a different view and take immediate action.

    Pakistani official traveling with flammable bags
    Setting stuff on fire trying to make a point
    Burning in aviation

    Osama hijack planes with flammable jet fuel
    Blowing up building trying to make a point

    And there are few things in common.
    They are mad.
    They like to disrupt the lives of innocent people.
    They make the rest look bad.

    This is so close to terrorism. There is no room for doing this in aviation and all airlines and airports should ban this person forever.

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