Malaysia Airlines’ Incredible Triple Miles Promo

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I feel like it’s pretty rare nowadays to see airlines offering promotions that truly influence consumer behavior. With flights mostly full, airlines just don’t need to be that generous to get butts into airplane seats. Instead they’ve generally been cutting elite benefits and mileage earning, with no end in sight.

That’s why it’s worth noting the spectacularly good promotion that Malaysia Airlines has just launched.

Malaysia Airlines Enrich is offering triple elite miles, elite segments, and award miles for travel that’s booked between October 9 and October 15, 2018, and completed by March 31, 2019.

This incredible promotion is valid for all flights that are both marketed and operated by Malaysia Airlines (this means that codeshare flights and flights on other airlines don’t qualify). This promotion is open to all Enrich members, and there’s no registration required.

For context, here are Malaysia Airlines’ elite tiers and requirements:

Here are how many elite miles you usually earn by fare class:

Here’s an example they provide of just how quickly you could earn status with this promotion:

As you can see, you could earn top tier oneworld Emerald status with Malaysia Airlines with a single roundtrip ticket between Kuala Lumpur and London. Now, their pricing is outrageously high in that market so I don’t think that’s something many people will be doing. However, there are plenty of great business class fares where you could earn top tier status with just a couple of trips.

Even the most discounted business class fare would earn 480% miles during this promotion, which is pretty incredible.

I’m not quite sure I’m ready to go for status with Malaysia Airlines Enrich, but otherwise I’d be seriously considering this. Just the oneworld privileges could make this worthwhile for those with upcoming flights on Malaysia Airlines.

Big picture it is worth acknowledging that Malaysia Airlines doesn’t have great award redemption rates. But when you’re earning miles at three times the usual pace…

Does anyone plan on taking advantage of Malaysia Airlines’ incredible triple miles promotion?

  1. This would be great if it were on ANY other airline. I know this fear is, perhaps, irrational but when I think Malaysia Airlines..I think about two specific flights. I don’t know if there are enough miles (or elite status) in their FF program to get me to go after this promo. #justsaying

  2. The question is whether it’s worth it keeping elite status with MH and having lots of miles with them considering the brutal devaluation they’ve had in the past…

  3. I don’t worry about the 2014 crashes when I think of Malaysia Airlines. What I do dwell on, however, is how crappy their business class product and service is, and their hot mess of a hub at KLIA. I bought a couple J-class roundtrips this year due to unbeatable promos, but I will never make that mistake again.

  4. Did some digging. SYD-KUL-LHR for 5731AUD, J return. With the 3x promo, and 1.6x fare class multiplier, this should be enough miles to get Platinum (ow emerald) in a single booking!

    KUL-LHR base return is 13174
    KUL-SYD I’m not sure, but it’s definitely at least 7660
    (13174+7660)*3*1.6 = 100,003

  5. So that people know how MH’s is holding up:

    Recently flew NRT-KUL in First Class. It was an absolute joke. Super casual, and sexist service (friendly Canadian girlfriend not once acknowledged). No beverage menu available. $300 champagne kept warm. Only 3 passengers in the A380 cabin. Had to set up our own place-settings. Crew woke us up by telling each other loud stories. First Class menu items “not available”, but saw the crew eating first class meals in the galley.

    I’m probably going to send off an email. The whole flight would be an embarrassment for J, let alone F.

    —Justin Ross Lee

  6. @JRL I experienced the exact same in MH First Class but from KUL to NRT. The service was the worst ever. Even in Economy Class you get better service. I felt like if the crew was bullshitting me. However, the flight improved a bit when I complained. But still, come on! Fortunately I paid via a super promo with miles. If I would have paid for that ticket, the 3.5k it was back then, it would have been even worse!

  7. Flew Malaysian earlier this year in J was rubbish.

    Honestly prefer the experience in Air Asia X premium (apart from the Qantas lounge access) despite only getting an angled flat seat with AAX

  8. If one would go for this offer, and get the Platinum status in Enrich.
    Do they have soft landing from Platinum to Gold?

  9. Not sure if MH still does this but I remember back 4-6 years ago it would have an annual 50% off award redemption promo.
    I flew on MH First CDG-KUL on the A380 back in 2014 and had a great inflight experience.

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