Malaysia Is Closing Their Lounges At KLIA For Several Months

Malaysia Airlines is in the process of refreshing some of their lounges at their hub at Kuala Lumpur International Airport. The airline operates out of two terminals — there’s the main terminal, used primarily for regional flights, and then the satellite terminal, used primarily for longhaul international flights.

Up until earlier this month, Malaysia’s regional lounge was closed for refurbishment. It has now reopened, and based on what I’ve heard the changes are fairly minimal. What I didn’t realize is that they’re now also closing their lounges in the satellite terminal, which are their biggest lounges serving the most passengers.

The Malaysia Airlines Golden Lounge in the KLIA satellite terminal will be closed for renovation through January 29, 2018. Given the constant delays there are with airport work, I’d be surprised if that work is completed as scheduled, so personally I wouldn’t bet on it reopening as scheduled.

Malaysia Airlines outlines the three lounge options that passengers have in the interim:

The only real “accommodation” here is access to the Malaysia Airports CIP Lounge (which isn’t nice). That’s because Malaysia passengers always had access to the Malaysia Regional Lounge, and also always had access to the Cathay Pacific Lounge due to both airlines belonging to oneworld.

While Malaysia Airlines’ First Class Lounge wasn’t all that great, at least it was typically quiet, so access to it was a nice perk for oneworld Emerald members (Malaysia doesn’t have many actual first class passengers, given that they only offer the product on the A380, and soon the A350).

If you’re flying Malaysia over the coming months, I’d do everything in your power to minimize the time you spend in the lounges. I expect the lounge options available to passengers will be way overcrowded, given just how many people Malaysia’s satellite lounge usually serves.

Here’s to hoping that Malaysia Airlines at least takes the opportunity to do a good job refurbishing their lounges. The Malaysia First Class Lounge has potential, though up until now Malaysia hasn’t done anything with it. I’d love to see the lounge offer improved a la carte dining, nap rooms that seem less like prison cells, and a general refresh of the design.

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  1. I am departing from KLIA in 1 week time from now. I am on Qatar Airways flight in Business Class and also Privilege Club Silver Member. Which lounge do you recommend me to use?

  2. @Jack, best to use the Malaysian Airlines regional lounge as it is the one that has just opened after a three month refurbishment.

  3. was in the golden lounge 3 weeks ago (the one that now is being refurbished) thought it was dire and very very dirty. 1 week ago was in the regional lounge which was fine but did become busy. you also have to get the internal train to it and the directions are not clear. the cip lounge is like a former Soviet union breifing room in facilities and size. The issue people may face is that the regional lounge is not 24×7 and closes for part of the night. if I had to do it again I would book the internal airport hotel for the 5 hour overnight stop I had. at around £58 for 6 hours it would have been the best option.

  4. Im in HKG now, on my way to KUL, im oneworld Emerald so I’ll be sure to give you some feedback, I have 4 hours at KUL! I hated it when the lounges were open, so god knows what it’ll be like this trip, stand by callers

  5. @Jack. There is now a brand new premium plaza first lounge (opened in July 17) which Qatar now uses for its premium passengers. Qatar previously used the Malaysia Airlines lounge but switched to Plaza Premium lounge cause I guess they realized the Malaysia Airlines lounge sucks.

    With the new plaza premium first lounge, there is table service with an ala carte menu and draught beer. It’s much quieter than plaza premium as that caters to the general crowd with credit card that gains you access to lounges.

  6. For my 4-hour evening transit at KUL last week I spent most of my time in the refurbished regional lounge, and it was extremely pleasant, if not slightly dark. Food and drinks were excellent and I was surprised that there were so many staff around waiting on the guests (as opposed to the DIY nature of most other airport lounges).

    The crowd only started building up towards the end when passengers for the red-eye flights started strolling in. Despite the crowd, there’s plenty space for everyone. Here’s a tip: the showers are huge but waiting time may be long, so book your place in queue with the attendants as soon as you can.

    I popped by the CX lounge for a while but it was miserable in comparison. The upside was that it was very quiet and had a good view of the tarmac.

  7. It’s not that surprising. The Malaysian are typically feckless and lazy,even the the most simple task is beyond them.The Malaysians couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery.

  8. Just been through KL three times in the last two weeks. Managed to arrive the night the First class lounge closed for refurb. The Golden lounge has has a good makeover and is well staffed but last night there wasn’t a free seat, and it is a big enough lounge. Tried the CX lounge, I’m Oneworld sapphire, my wife is emerald, flying Malaysian Business and we were refused entry, “lounge full”. The CIP lounge alternative in the Satellite is woeful. At different times of day the Golden Lounge is good, the food selection and showers/bathrooms a huge improvement over the old lounge. Looking forward to the refurb of the first lounge!

  9. The regional lounge is your best bet as the food and beverage offerings , while not fantastic, are decent enough. The CX lounge is average at best and the large crowds at the Plaza Premium lounge put me off.

    Given that Emirates has a codeshare agreement with MH, I’m surprised there’s no reciprocal arrangement in terms of using its lounge. I preferred it to the Golden lounge when I used to fly EK out of KLIA

    Does anyone know if it is still operating?

  10. The regional lounge is good and depending on the day and time, gets really crowded. I am there almost every week, and a temporary “home” away from home.

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