Lufthansa’s latest ad (in German)

Check out Lufthansa’s latest (brilliant) ad, which is in German:

C’mon, that’s easily one of the most kick-ass ads ever. And for anyone that doesn’t know who the kid denies the autograph from, it’s the captain of Bayern Munich and the German National Team.

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  1. On a very off topic note… I was watching a documentary on on Hitler was able to come to power and they showed him getting on a plane with the following “label”

    Luft Hansa – just like that with the space included.

  2. @Fred,German Expat: There was an airline called “Deutsche Luft Hansa” that ceased to exist in 1945. Today’s airline “Deutsche Lufthansa AG” was founded in 1953 and acquired the brand name, but has no connection otherwise.

  3. K521, legally this is correct, the new Lufthansa company has was newly founded but it did buy the name rights from the old ‘Luft Hansa’ and they reference their history back to the original company to 1926. So curious whether they will celebrate 100 years in 2026 or 2054/2055.

    The discussion is if you see it in the ‘legal’ sense (the old company was liquidated in 1951) or in how Lufthansa sells their own tradition.

    Here is the official Lufthansa web site with their history dating back to 1920’s.

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