Lufthansa Frankfurt To Tampa Flights Starting Fall 2015

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Woohoo, dreams come true! Except when they do they’re rarely as you imagine.

I lived in Tampa for over a decade, and when I did I had three realistic “dream” routes out of Tampa International Airport (key word being realistic, though I would’ve certainly taken an Emirates A380 nonstop flight to Dubai as well):

  • Alaska to Seattle
  • American to Los Angeles
  • Lufthansa to Frankfurt

The first two came true. Alaska launched service between Tampa and Seattle back in June. Too bad I don’t really have a need to fly to Seattle anymore. And American’s flight between Tampa and Los Angeles launched just last week.

Lufthansa was more of a stretch, but I figured it was always a possibility. What could be better than taking a shower at home and having caviar a couple of hours later enroute to Frankfurt. Or for that matter, going to the First Class Terminal in Frankfurt and then taking a nonstop flight home. Sounds good, right?

Well, there’s great news and not-so-great news. The great news is that Lufthansa will be starting 5x weekly Airbus A340-300 flights between Frankfurt and Tampa as of September 25, 2015.

Lufthansa A340-300

Per, the flight will initially operate with the following schedule:

LH482 Frankfurt to Tampa departing 11:00AM arriving 3:50PM
LH483 Tampa to Frankfurt departing 5:20PM arriving 8:45AM (+1 day)

Then starting October 25, 2015, the flight will operate 4x weekly with the following schedule:

LH482 Frankfurt to Tampa departing 2:35PM arriving 7:55PM
LH483 Tampa to Frankfurt departing 9:25PM arriving 12:40PM (+1 day)

The bad news is that this flight will be operated by Lufthansa’s new low cost configuration, Jump. The A340-300 will feature 298 seats, spread across three cabins:

  • 18 business class seats
  • 19 premium economy
  • 261 economy seats

This does represent a pretty substantial increase in capacity over Lufthansa’s more “traditional” configuration. Lufthansa’s A340-300s with first class feature just 241 seats, so this Jump configuration represents a ~20% increase in capacity.

Based on the press release I believe Lufthansa will be installing their new business class seats on the Jump A340-300s, which are fully flat. While not an amazing product, it is a huge improvement over Lufthansa’s old business class product.

Lufthansa’s new fully flat business class seats

So yay… I think!

  1. Awesome, TPA is my home airport! So how much is a United star alliance biz class again one-way award again? All three of these additions really excite me too. Wonder if it has anything to do with the renovations planned at TPA?

  2. It would be interesting to understand what is behind this decision. Not sure there are many business travelers that would take that route and for leisure passengers MCO would probably make more sense.

  3. I am very excited about this route. As a business traveler based in Tampa, I almost always have to go to NY or Chicago when traveling to Europe or Asia because our only two Europe flights are BA to Gatwick (only useful if you are going to London) or Edelweiss (Swiss) to Zurich which can work, but tends to price ridiculously high. I’ve been hoping for a Lufthansa flight as well, and will certainly use it. To answer Santastico’s question, there is a significant amount of German tourism on the West coast of Florida (Air Berlin already serves RSW) and there are growing business connections as well. Given the significant routing options that FRA provides, I think this flight has the potential to do well (especially once they replace the fuel-hog A340s).

  4. And they already fly FRA to MCO, so this is just instead of increasing frequency to MCO, I would imagine

  5. @ farnorthtrader — While the airports aren’t that far apart, I do think Orlando and Tampa/St. Petersburg/Clearwater are very different markets. One is for families going for Disney, and the other is for people going to the beach or on a cruise.

  6. I was a flight attendant for Condor-Lufthansa in the 90’s and our flights from Frankfurt to Tampa were always packed. I’m sure this will be the case again.

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