Lufthansa Flight Attendants To Strike AGAIN!

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It hasn’t been a pretty month for Lufthansa, to put it mildly. Lufthansa is at odds with their flight attendant union over a new contract, and that ended with Lufthansa flight attendants going on strike for nearly a week earlier in the month.

The effect of the strike varied, as some days only some aircraft type were grounded, while other days virtually every flight out of Frankfurt and Munich was canceled.

Nowadays I don’t really understand what strikes accomplish. At least in the case of Lufthansa, management almost never budges. Their pilots have been on strike an average of almost once a month over the past couple of years.

The flight attendants had an especially long strike, though it didn’t seem to accomplish anything, as no progress was made with the contract. So then what…?


Well, it seems the solution for Lufthansa’s flight attendant union is to strike again. Lufthansa’s flight attendant union has announced their intentions to go on strike November 26, 27, and 30th. Via Lufthansa’s travel information page:

Against the background of the announced strike by the Independent Flight Attendant’s Organization (UFO) on Lufthansa flights on Thursday 26th of November, Friday, 27th of November and Monday, 30 of November 2015, Lufthansa is trying to keep the effect of the strike on its customers as low as possible.

At the moment no concrete strike actions are announced, hence the effect of these strike actions on flight operations cannot be estimated at this point in time. As soon as these effects are known, Lufthansa will set up a goodwill policy for all booked passengers. Passengers booked on a flight which has to be canceled due to strike actions, always have the opportunity to rebook once or cancel their flight free of charge.

Flights from Lufthansa Group airlines Lufthansa CityLine, Germanwings, Eurowings, Air Dolomiti, Austrian Airlines, SWISS and Brussels Airlines are not affected by the strike actions and will therefore operate as planned.


We don’t know which routes will be impacted yet, but if history is any indicator, this could cancel a large portion of Lufthansa’s mainline flights.

Bottom line

If you were planning a transatlantic Thanksgiving getaway on Lufthansa, you may be out of luck. We don’t know exactly which flights will be impacted, but I’d start looking at backups if you’re scheduled to travel over one of these dates.

We can hope that management and the union can come to an agreement, but if history is any indicator, it ain’t happening. Which makes you wonder what their next step would be after this strike… maybe it’s time for Lufthansa to finally hire Akbar Al Baker to negotiate on their behalf? 😉

Are you scheduled to fly on Lufthansa over the coming week?

  1. Yes, risk of getting stuck in Dubai as otherwise planned to leave on Friday. But again, Dubai is not the worst place in the world to be stuck.

  2. It takes two sides for an agreement and it takes two sides for the lack of an agreement, so I don’t know why you single out the Union for blame here, management is just as responsible for not coming to a compromise solution here.

    And really, try to get some perspective. These workers are struggling to improve the basics of their lives while you whine that your 500th transatlantic F leisure trip might be delayed and then joke about bringing in rights-abusers. Get a grip.

  3. @Yohan

    Do not blame Lucky and get a bit informed. They are not striking for any basic rights. They are striking for benefits after they retire from the Lufthansa…

  4. @Miro

    Nothing was said about rights, improving your deal with a company on how its going to effect your life is not a small matter, you dont get to decide whats important and strike worthy.

    Blame might not be the right word, but I would also rebuke the framing of the post, I too got the impression that he would just like them to stop because there are people not going to be able to enjoy their F class champange and caviar.

    Lucky can say what he wants here and people are free to point out the character of the post as they see it.

  5. Please let’s all get over the poor FAs at LH and their “atrocious” working conditions. To be sure, LH management are no saints, but these people are not striking for a decent living wage – they want more free stuff for when they retire! And so, slowly they kill their own airline’s future and mortgage their younger co-worker’s future for their own greed, as people leave to fly the ME airlines. Well done!

  6. >these people are not striking for a decent living wage – they want more free stuff for when they retire!

    It’s funny. For a relatively short period of time in human history, there was an implicit agreement between company and employee: the employee would give thirty or forty years of his life to the company, and in exchange the company would take care of the employee after he retired. When exactly did loyalty and good faith become not the norm?

  7. Fricking unions. Those FAs should be happy they have a job. If they are not happy with salary and benefits, try finding a job that pays they what they think they are worth. If they find that better-paying job, WIN! And if they don’t, I guess they are not worth it.

    Fire them all if they don’t do their job.

  8. I find this absolutely inexcusable: these flight attendants aren’t struggling to live, or don’t even have basic rights (like QR FAs do), and they’re inconviencing thousands of passengers and putting the airline’s name in bad light every time they do it. Jeez.

  9. @Steven L … My dad and his generation are the only people I know who have (had?) pensions. My generation: No such thing. You get paid for your work and when you’re old you sod off and take care of yourself.

  10. Yep, flying them on the last leg of a vacation return from NBO. Flying United/ET codeshare flights from NBO to Ethiopia, Ethiopia to Frankfort, GER, Lufthansa Flight to BOS…..unfortunately, all in economy, United award flights…lucky me!…lol Well, I hope Frankfort is too bad an airport to be stranded in!!

  11. wow.. i’m currently in europe with my family and am supposed to be flying back on 11/28 from FRA to TPA… i wonder if that will be affected..

  12. I have stopped flying LH as endured strikes during last two flights with them. Personally LH should move their operations over to one of their many non-union airlines and let LH go into bankruptcy and its union members get what ever benefits are left after bankruptcy . So much greed. German workers are so unionized. The plus is non-union cheap airlines are driving the expensive union ones out of business. Cheap fares for us. Airlines nothing more than flying bus companies .

  13. I have lots of opportunities to fly LH and I generally pay for J seating. However, I always choose another carrier and will continue to do so.
    You can only piss off your customers so many times.
    I predict LH will go the way of Swissair, Sabena, and other European carriers are now in the dustbin of aviation history.

  14. It is really not easy to make ends meet as a flight attendant. They do not get paid very much and are only paid during flight time. I am not a flight attendant, but I know people who are. They make about as much money as a cashier. That’s about it. (unless they have a really old contract from the 90s).

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