Learn from my mistake re: American Million Miler status “gift”

My dad passed million miler with American a couple of weeks ago, which means he gets Gold status for life, which isn’t bad. Gotta love that American still allows all earned miles to count towards million miler status, and not just actual flown miles.

Well, little did I know there was a “gift” that came with the status, other than some cheap luggage tags. Apparently for passing 1MM members also get some upgrades. Those with a US address get eight 500 mile upgrade instruments, while those with international addresses get four systemwide upgrades!

Man, why didn’t I know that before? We could have easily changed his address to Germany (where my Aunt lives), but I guess we’re out of luck now.


  1. I’m surprised you didn’t know that. Yeah, it is a loss, but the next one (at 2 MM) are systemwide upgrades for all mailing addresses.

  2. Lucky–

    Several years ago when I got my MM status on AA (by virtue of my Lifetime RDMs on TWA transferring over), I seem to remember some posts on FT indicating you could swap a pair of the 500-milers earned at achieving MM for a Systemwide. Not sure if it was true then, but I’d say your father should give it a try.


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