Last Day: Redeem Marriott Bonvoy Points Before Devaluation

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If you have any Marriott Bonvoy points that you’re looking to redeem for a hotel stay, it could make a lot of sense to make that reservation today.

Two significant changes are happening to Marriott Bonvoy as of tomorrow, Tuesday, March 5, 2019:

  • Marriott will be introducing Category 8 hotel pricing at 62 hotels; up until now Marriott has only had pricing up to Category 7, meaning that the cost of top hotels will go from 60,000 points per night to 85,000 points per night, which is a cost increase of over 40%
  • Marriott’s annual award category changes will kick in; in total about 380 hotels will be changing price, with about 40 hotels decreasing in cost, and about 340 hotels increasing in cost

You can find all the award pricing that’s changing at this link.

Later in 2019 Marriott will also be introducing peak and off-peak pricing, though that’s not kicking in as of tomorrow. With peak pricing we’ll see the absolute highest cost redemptions (Category 8 during peak season) increase to 100,000 points per night.

As a reminder, here’s what the award chart will eventually look like:

So this is your last day to lock in a booking before the price changes. Marriott even lets you lock in a points advance booking, where you can book now and then accumulate points later, which can represent a good deal. You just need to have enough points for the stay at least 14 days before you check-in.

These category changes are based on when you book rather than when you actually stay, so it can make a lot of sense to lock in some stays for the coming year.

The challenge is that Marriott is still having IT issues, and in many cases hotels aren’t showing awards when they’re supposed to. In some cases this can be solved just by phoning up Marriott, while in other cases it’s not quite so easy to solve…

Anyone locking in some last minute award bookings today before tomorrow’s award pricing changes?

  1. Best beach Marriott property outside the US that is within a 6 hour flight of US?

    Best romantic priority outside the US within a 10 hour flight from Dallas?

    Want to make a couple of last day reservations for my 30th anniversary next February

  2. Later in 2018 Marriott will also be introducing peak and off-peak pricing, though that’s not kicking in as of tomorrow. With peak pricing we’ll see the absolute highest cost redemptions (Category 8 during peak season) increase to 100,000 points per night.


  3. A lot of the hotels that will be placed in the new category has already closed of their availability for points a couple of weeks back since the step over to Bonvoy. I find this practice to be quite irresponsible of the hotels and that Marriott is not doing anything to close this.

  4. I wish I could be so confident that tomorrows points increase is the only one in 2019 but I cannot.

  5. Thanks Lucky. Just used my titanium free stay and 35k points to book 2 nights at the Westin in Osaka 🙂

  6. I wonder what’s easier. A points advance or ACTUALLY GETTING ANY POINTS CREDITED FOR PAST STAYS.

    Sorry to yell, it’s the Titanium in me.

  7. The competition is fierce. Quick searches for Christmas vacation this year turned up Le Meridien in Bora Bora showed “redemption with cash upgrade” only 🙁

  8. Thanks for the reminder! I just used “book 4 nights get 1 free” to book 5 nights in Paris at the Hotel Di Berri off the Champs Elysee for 240,000. Trip Advisor quoted $630/night.

  9. Not all hope is lost. Just redeemed 68k pts for StR DV retailing for 3.5k+ over NYE. Showed no availability at first but then looked for upgraded options and unlike BoB or Maldives their points upgrade was only 8k pts + 40 USD per night. If that’s not the deal of the century I don’t know what is 😉 Tip: if flex calendar awards are not showing search specific dates. That’s how I found availability. Happy hunting.
    Tip #2 – Gritti is now available for first night of Venice carnival for 60k – cash rates of 1000+

  10. Really want to book something for a nice beach vacation over NYE but can’t decide. Have been looking at Dubai (easy for me to reach from Europe) and saw a good points value for Grosvenor’s House, but there is a mandatory 500$ dinner. 😉 Any recommendations for NYE?

  11. There so sceeedvup took me over 2 hours and 3 call to get my Bodrum sedition Lockedvin for a 7 night stay in Sept. dumpling the whole lot soon as my point are burned up

  12. Thank you for posting this. I have a 7 night cat 5 certificate that I was able to use on Westin Osaka. I had to do it over the phone with Bonvoy agent attaching the certificate manually – whatever that means – but now I have a confirmed res for 7 nights.

  13. Still waiting for Mega Rewards to post from January.

    Higher prices make burning easier.


  14. I booked some good deals before the stroke of midnight, but as a Gold with the Marriott flub-up with the RC card. Hoping once all is fixed my reservations will indicate I am Platinum again without having to call Marriott once more to apply status.

  15. My reservation I made last night is now showing the new points amount of 340k….

    Not happy.

  16. Ended up booking a 6 nights stay at the StR Mauritius over NYE, excited!
    @Glendon: proper amount of points was deducted and is also showing the 300k points on the reservation.

  17. The link you had did NOT have RItz Kyoto and other properties going from 60k to 85k. This makes “you can find all the award pricing that’s changing at this link” very misleading. I went off this link to make speculative bookings, only to see today that a lot of properties went up in price from 60k to 85k and weren’t on the list.

  18. All my points advance reservations made before 3/4 now require the new rate. Marriott didn’t even email me the confirmations when after booking. Go figures!

  19. “You have not earned enough points for this stay.” Oh yeah, now I see it’s increased by 20,000 for the 2 nights I DID have enough points for at the Residence Inn Fort Lauderdale Pompano Beach in April. I called reservations and am supposed to get a call back within 5 business days. I booked this hotel back in Aug 2018 BEFORE they changed to Bonvoy. I hope they will honor my originbal reservation…

  20. SPG/Marriott/Bonvoy should be ashamed. They are treating long term loyal customers in a very near sighted, greedy, unethical and unprofessional manner. I suspect that their brand will nosedive. I have been a loyal member for a long time and recently forked over $450 for the new and improved card.
    Any worthwhile property does not have ‘points availability’ and as someone pointed out, it is just a ‘coincidence’ that these are the same properties that upgraded categories and all of a sudden have availability but at a much higher ‘point rate’. (post 3/5)
    That being said… those points are worthless. It is such a hassle that it is next to impossible to incorporate points into any worthwhile vacation. I am having to pay cash to get the dates/locations I want – and travel sites often have rooms for substantially less.
    Bonvoy needs a reboot.. starting with a ‘thank you for being a loyal customer’, followed by a ‘we apologize for taking you for granted – all our marketing consultants were fired’, followed by a ‘we rolled back our rates to previous point levels’. Otherwise, customers will vote with their dollars.

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