Last batch of Continental Do pictures

Here are just a few more pictures from the Saturday Continental Do activities. The first one is from the Q&A session on Saturday afternoon.

Larry Kellner (CEO) and Jeff Smisek (President) answering questions

The rest of the pictures are from the dinner party that night, which was held in a hangar. Could there be any more awesome of a location? Not only that, but there was a 737-900ER for us to play around with.

Hangar and 737



Given that the theme of the Do was “Fun & Games,” Saturday night was action-packed. First was a round of “Let’s Make a Deal,” where someone won 250,000 miles, and someone won some soup.

Fun & Games

Let’s Make a Deal

Clues for “Let’s Make a Deal”. The “First Class” item ended up being soup, while “Many Uses” was miles

Next came “The Price is Right,” which was also extremely well done.


Last came a round of a “Family Feud” type game, hosted by Larry Kellner himself. The winning team won a million miles.


The winners

You’re awesome, Continental, from the management team to all the incredible employees that volunteered for this awesome event. It was a weekend I’ll never forget.

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