LaGuardia Airport Closed Until 7PM, Expect Delays Elsewhere

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As if the weather on the East Coast wasn’t bad enough (sorry, I can’t relate, it’s 70 and sunny here in Southern California), it looks like you can expect even more travel delays in the NYC area today.


A Delta MD-80 skidded off the runway at LaGuardia Airport. Fortunately there were no injuries, though LaGuardia Airport is shut down until at least 7PM today.

So if you’re supposed to fly into or out of LaGuardia Airport today, or any other NYC-area airport, for that matter, you may want to check your flight status.

Here’s an Instagram video one of the passengers took of the plane:


And here’s the ATC audio of the situation (it starts about 2min40sec in).

Thank goodness there were no injuries!

Is anyone flying into/out of the NYC area today, and if so, has your flight been impacted?

  1. Can you do like a reader hangout in southern california sometime? I.e. in LA…at a bar? That would be fun.

  2. as i sit on vacation 500 miles away reading this, i’m glad i bit the bullet and moved my 6:30pm flight on DL to one night earlier. and (feels weird saying this) kudos to delta for declaring today an impacted travel date 48 hours in advance, allowing me to change my itinerary for free.

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  4. ABC[ee]D…you’re awfully close. I’m laughing in my office. It never hurts to try…you never can tell…………….. (still laughing)

  5. Lucky was suppose to fly today from JFk to SFO on delta. All flights cancelled. Rebook to tomorrow

  6. Ouch… It’s a bit scary to see an airplane hanging out over the fence so close to the water like that… I was at LGA twice last month and will go back another time at the end of the month…

    Glad there were no major injuries.

  7. …so unsuccessful in commandeering this comment section. damn. (commandeering seemed like a better choice of word than hijacking…)

  8. @ No Name — I have seen it, yep, but can’t say any of the individual properties interested me that much. Might have to take a closer look.

  9. Flew into JFK around noon. Luckily, no delay. Notified by the pilot that we were hold for about 10 minutes before landing.

  10. Wow, glad no one got hurt! I’m supposed to fly to LGA on Delta in September. Hope it will be less dramatic 🙂

  11. “We could OF ended up in the water”?!?! Is basic grammar still being taught in grade school these days?

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