Cute: KLM Crew’s Emotional Song To Passengers

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Airline employees face complete uncertainty about their careers at this point, and at the moment we’re seeing many airline employees operate their last flights for the time being, as companies are starting to furlough staff.

A Twitter user shares an awesome song that a KLM purser sang for passengers on a recent flight, and it can’t help but warm my heart.

Before singing, the KLM crew member provides the following explanation:

“In this difficult time I would to say goodbye to you in a different way. We are, this flight crew, rather emotional of what is going to happen with KLM, and with everything. We have a blue heart, and we do not know when to show this again to you. Nowadays music brings us together, and that’s why I will sing a song to you to say goodbye, and wish you all the best, and love, and stay healthy from us, KLM crew.”

Then she proceeds to sing “When Will I See You Again?”

Here’s the video:

Well done!

  1. KLM is amazing and The Netherlands is an incredible country with wonderful people. What a great person that flight attendant is.

  2. Makes me want to fly with them (for the first time) when this is over. And I LOVE that song. Enter “three degrees” in YouTube and there it is.

  3. Way to go to the KLM flight attendant. This makes a person feel good. I will fly with thos airline for sure

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